NAB Cup, Round 1: It’s hard to imagine a better pre-season game

Could a NAB Cup game get any better? Two premiership contenders in battle, with Luke Ball playing against his former side. I am eager to see some other players, namely Simon Buckley (ex-Demon) and Darren Jolly for their new sides.

The surface of Etihad Stadium is the talking point during the week, after being pulverised by three AC/DC concerts. The whole Coventry End 50 is a replica of a local ground in a Northern Territory township at best, which is a major worry. It looked worse the night before at the soccer, but they seem to have fixed some of the problem by throwing some sand around.

The two captains Nick arrive at the centre of the ground. The Saints win the toss and kick to the grass end. Luke Ball stands in the centre of the ground, ready to get into the thick of the action. And he does, he gets the first kick of the game, so quickly and effectively that the Saints fans don’t have time to share their thoughts. The Pies get the first goal: Ben Reid gathers the ball at half back, before passing to Heath Shaw, who evades one and passes beautifully to Davis on the chest. Davis turns around and kicks it to an unopposed Leigh Brown, who lines them up from 25 out and kicks it through. Montagna hits McQualter and the chest and a goal is kicked. Youngster Nick Heyne, who is making an early influence for the Saints, drills one to Riewoldt deep in the pocket, and the superstar kicks it straight through the middle. Riewoldt kicks another, and is certainly looking 100% fit. The Pies look weary, and Schneider adds to the insult with a brilliant super goal on the run from 52. Medhurst marks and plonks one through from point blank range. McEvoy marks in the pocket and converts a great set shot, and Schneider kicks an equally good goal from a similar spot as his last one, only this time from just inside 50. At quarter-time the Saints are up 1.5.1 40 to 0.2.2 14.

The sun sets below the open Docklands roof as the second quarter begins. The Pies open the quarter with a couple of misses, before Toovey sets up Leigh Brown for his second goal. Sharrod Wellingham looks impressive for the Pies; Ball has so far been solid. Jack Steven is making a case to be in the senior squad for the Saints in 2010. The Saints hit back with goals from Montagna (result of a turnover from Ball) and another from Riewoldt. For the second time of the match, Leigh Brown marks unopposed inside 50, and as a result kicks his third goal. Lockyer kicks another and the margin is back to 18 at the break, the Pies are in a good position going into the second half. Heath Shaw has 18 possessions, and has been best on ground. The scoreboard shows 1.7.1 52 to 0.5.4 34.

The second half opens terribly for Collingwood. Leon Davis is free in the pocket, and under no pressure misses a simple kick. He looks as though he still isn’t over his poor finals form from last year. Koschitzke takes a beautiful mark in the goal square and bangs it through the middle. Blake kicks a super goal (barely) on the run, Riewoldt kicks his fourth, impressive youngster Rhys Stanley (who looks like the Saints next big thing) kicks one, and the margin has blown out to a massive 43 points. Dane Swan senses this and dribbles one through the sticks; Cloke finally kicks one after three misses, and the new Magpie Darren Jolly kicks one on the run from 55. Cloke kicks his second from the boundary line, and its back to 16 points. He almost kicks a third from a high, unbelievable snap, but it just hits the post. Jolly kicks his second goal just before the three quarter time siren, with the margin now at 10 points (2.10.3 81 to 1.9.8 71), after being at 43 in what seems like a split-second ago. It was all a result of Prestigiacomo being subbed on to the ground, in my opinion.  A thrilling last quarter is coming up.

The crowd is finally put to the test in the last quarter as Luke Ball marks inside 50. The roar from both camps is deafening. The 29,801 people hold their breaths as Ball’s kick works right and squeezes through the goals. The Collingwood players run from all angles to congratulate him. The game goes on, Milne kicks a goal, Leigh Brown replies, Swan misses a sitter and Sam Fisher kicks one through the middle. The Pies press, a rushed behind sees them one goal behind. Dayne Beams, who was Collingwood’s other sub, kicks a goal to square the ledger. Koschitzke just misses a pivotal shot from close range, before Medhurst puts the Pies in front in style. With two minutes left, and with all the momentum, Collingwood looks likely to win the game.

But despite this, there was plenty of time for the Saints. With the clock ticking down, Adam Schneider marks the ball free inside 50, an inexcusable mistake by Collingwood. But it was all a result of a beautiful piece of play from David Armitage, who looked as though he was going to go back from outside 50. Schneider steers the ball goalward, it starts right before swinging left into the crowd. The Saints are in front! They hold on. The siren sounds.

What a game.

St.Kilda 1.5.1 1.7.1 2.10.3 2.13.4 (100)

Collingwood 0.2.2 0.5.4 1.9.8 1.13.12 (99)

Super Goals

St.Kilda: Schneider, Blake.

Collingwood: Jolly.


St.Kilda: Riewoldt 4, Schneider 2, McQualter, McEvoy, Montagna, Milne, S.Fisher, Stanley, Koschitzke.

Collingwood: L.Brown 4, Cloke 2, Medhurst 2, Jolly, Swan, Ball, Beams, Lockyer.


St.Kilda: Schneider, Riewoldt, Armitage, S.Fisher, Montagna, Stanley, Gilbert.

Collingwood: Shaw, O’Brien, Ball, Cloke, L.Brown, Swan, Wellingham, Toovey, Jolly, Pendlebury.

Umpires: Rosebury, Meredith, Bowen, Jennings.            Crowd: 29,801 at Etihad Stadium.

My Votes: 3. A.Schneider (ST.K), 2. H.Shaw (COLL), 1. N.Riewoldt (ST.K)

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  1. Yeah I saw that in the Herald Sun, it did not escape my notice that Miranda was wearing number 9, but I don’t understand why it’s a competition.

    Have a good day doing homework?

    Good review Steve, I didn’t think Jack Steven was that prominent. Match seems a long time ago, thought Alastair Smith would have rated a mention.

    Btw, Miranda Kerr is smokin’.

  2. yeah i thought she was after Jack but clearly after watching the video i have found out.
    1.i can handle a footy way better than her.
    2. shes not after Jack cos she said Number nine was her fav number and didnt say he was her fav player
    3. when she mentioned him she called him John (which he doesnt like)

    so , false alarm hes all mine, SO BACK OF betches! lol

    yeah i finished off my business Sac notes and read my speech a few times. :)

    yeah i know shes gorgeous, that why i envy her in a good way lol. i dont hate her im just jealous! :)

    did u fellas have fun at the game?

  3. Yep, we sure did have fun, you’ll probably hear a fair bit about it from us all. I had to leave at half time though. Shame, I would have particularly liked to see the third quarter.

  4. oh thats good!
    i was happy to hear the roos won cos i was hoping Joshy would get to see a win.
    cnt say the same for Steve’s Dees :(

  5. Don’t speak too soon Danni.

    We all got to go into the dressing rooms at half time, and the others did after the game apparently, they saw them sing the song, but I wasn’t with them.

    On the way out I saw Majak Daw, had a short conversation and shook hands with him. Seemed like a very friendly guy.

  6. Just got home, all i can say is: GO ROOS!

  7. Steve Healy says

    Danni, you don’t realise how much we wanted you to be there!

    If you were there, the crowd would’ve been 12,990 instead of 12,989! 12,990 looks so much better, you ruined everything!!!!!

  8. 8- lmaooo im sorry!

    Must admit, i was very impressed with Ball, Jolly still needs to grown on me, either that or i was too busy reading stuff everytime he went up in the ruck. lmao

    just had a look at the photos.
    what a bunch of pretty fellas you are! lol

    Josh- MUFFIN looks like a grouchy model especially in the first pic! lmaoo smile JOSHY!!

    Adam- Looks like PENDLES!!got a nice frame going, now bulid up more muscle buddy, go and eat a whole cake! lol

    Mikey- this ranga shocks me, hes even prettyer than when i saw him at the launch! lmaoo nice jeans btw

    Steve- YAY hes smiling! lol aka future Jack Watts nawwww cupcake! lol
    dont die your hair steve…although maybe a dirty blond shade would look good. 8)

    Damo- nawwwww DAMOOO!! my non- muzza italian! lol Damo you look like ur about to play a game of tennis! :)

  9. Steve Healy says

    I am a dirty blonde, I havent washed my hair in ages.

    Why are you surprised that im smiling, I always smile

  10. 10- no you dont!
    lol..steve dirty blond and oily blond are two diff things!

  11. Steve Healy says

    whats dirty blond hair then?

    By the way, ive never known this, is it blond or blonde?

  12. a great teacher told me this, when correcting my Tarkyn Lockyer tribute! :)
    For males you drop the E off blond, so you are blond whereas Candy is blonde.

    dirty blond is a shade of blond that is blondish brown so that its not blonde-blonde but its not fully brown.

  13. Steve Healy says

    thats a terrible colour.

    Is that right, I thought they only do that in french.

  14. well hes an English teacher so i wouldnt doubt him at all :)

  15. Steve Healy says

    lesson in life- Never believe anything a teacher tells you

  16. lol, no that not a life lesson this is-
    life lesson; never give your summary notes to your teacher to check cos they will lose em!”
    lol once again my business teacher has lost my summary notes.

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