A tale of two newspapers

by Steve Healy

For many years, Melbournians have lived in a city of two major papers. The question moves from house to house. It is a question that breaks hearts, ruins friendships and causes long term arguments with peers. Which is better, The Age or the Herald Sun?

For me, the obvious answer is The Age, because I was brought up with it, and it has been delivered to my house every morning bar Christmas for as long as I can remember. At the moment, I long for footy articles to be featured (there haven’t been many in the last week or so) and read all of them. During the footy season, I’ll open the Friday Sport and look at the teams, umpires, betting prices and TV and radio stations telecasting each game, even though I already knew from finding out the night before.

On a Friday afternoon, I’ll take the paper in to my room, and draw up my score sheets for the weekend’s games.  In The Age, so much detail is put into the teams, there’s a field, with each player put in the right position on the field. It sounds so simple, but in the Herald Sun it is done differently. If you get the Herald Sun, you’d know what I’m talking about, if you don’t, you wouldn’t want to know.

The only times I read the Herald Sun are when someone’s left one on the train, out on the street, or, understandably, in the bin.

The Age has a great group of writers as well, including Martin Flanagan (who did some great articles on the Demons throughout the year), Garry Lyon, Caroline Wilson, Rohan Connolly, Bulldog Rob Murphy, former Hawk Tim Boyle, Barry Hall, John Harms and Paul Daffey.

Recently, I argued about this with my good friends Josh, Damo, Danni and Michael. Unbelievably, the Herald Sun had a 3-2 victory, with Michael being the other one preferring The Age.

Now I’ll point out some key differences: In the Herald Sun, the whole paper is one, including the sport, so there is no way of looking at just the sport section without ruining the paper. The Herald Sun’s sport section is bigger, even though half of it seems to be on Supercoach during the footy season. Most of the pictures are also black and white, which is where the Age wins out, despite having a smaller amount of pages.

Well, now I’d like to know everyone’s opinion on which is better, the Herald Sun or The Age?  It can be based on the sport section or the whole paper in general.

Newspapers are one of the foundations of living, memories are made from them, and traditions are started.

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. Steve, third paragraph. How are the teams layed out in the HS? Cmon tell us since you know? I get the HS but i still wanna know what your talking about. In the HS, there is a field, the players in their positions, the players numbers, the umpires, who is broadcasting it on TV and Radio, the odds, the ground details, the time, the last time they met, its got everything. Its also got a whole tipping page on the next page with each HS expert giving their tips and margins for each game, plus a reason for why they think the result will go which way.

    You only read the HS when its left lying around, on a train, or in the bin??? You mean you reach into the bin and grab it out?

  2. Also, on weekends, the sport is in the middle and you can just take it out and read it on its own. While during the week, you just flip to the back page, go backwards and the first 8 pages or so should be AFL so its easy to read

  3. WOOO HeraldSun!!
    Jon Ralphs MY MANNNNNNNNNN!!!
    love ya Ralphy!

    lol Josh!
    i love HS soo much i had the June paper in my room till September! Drives mum crazy but i dont like to throw my Herald away.

  4. I’ve still got the Monday sports section from Round 8, 2005 in my room

  5. ohh and The Age is for people who are snobs and want to make it obvious to others that they are smart enough to read the news, why else is it THAT annoyingly big?
    they sit there with it it spead out HUGE going: ‘LOOK AT ME!!! IM READING THE NEWS!!’

  6. Hahahaha 3 votes Danni

  7. And Steve, you said you’ve only read the Herald Sun once before when you found one at Maccas

  8. lol thanks Josh

    there is no way of looking at just the sport section without ruining the paper?
    I beg to differ, one thing i CAN’T stand is creases in my mags or newspaper, im a psycho in that way, ill skitz if my papers get creased. So there you go im proof, with my psychological paper problem that you can read the Herald Sun without creasing it.

  9. yeah i hate how one crease on a page and the whole thing is a wreck, but doesnt take much to fix,

    Danni, Dustin Martin just accepted me on Facebook. My 2nd AFL Player in my friends list! And he’s smiling in NONE of his pics, that some scowl.

  10. that same scowl i meant *

  11. hahhaah! lol hes just like me!
    Although I prefer my Jack Anthony pout

  12. Hmm and i may have just gotten an AFL players mobile number, delicious

  13. …really?

  14. Yeah..dw its a Port player so no one will care

  15. ..oh meh.

  16. Should i text him??

  17. ..lol i dont know, its it..kinda..stalkerish?

  18. Hmm i know, but he shouldnt have it on his facebook for everyone to see..

  19. I mean im not gonna stalk him, he’s def not my favourite player, i just reckon it’d be cool if i sent a text and he replied

  20. lol…okay then whatevs

  21. hahaha yeah, good old Maccas, go in, walk out with a Herald Sun.

    What I saw in the Herald Sun, is they put the players in categories: Like they just have forwards: 6 players. Centres: 6 players (including the followers), and defenders: 6 players. Is that how they always set it out?

    Which Port player, Josh?

  22. Nope, its usually set out like an oval and just the players names in their positions.

    I’ll tell you on msn, i gotta tell you some other stuff too

  23. By the way Danni, I didn’t get what you were trying to argue about in comment 5.

    Well, at least I know that in The Age you dont get 3 pages on Kevin Sheedy’s supercoach team. Who the hell cares?

  24. Steve, that’s only on a Wednesday

  25. Wednesday? what are the other days devoted to someone elses Supercoach teams?

  26. Oh yeah, and the stupid Herald Sun claim themselves as Melbourne’s number 1 paper!

    There are 2 words I can answer to that: Bull shit!

  27. Steve, it goes like this during the footy season.

    Monday-the wrap on all the weekends games plus the talking points and next weeks games
    Tuesday-all the stats and crap
    Wednesday-the great Supercoach players for the round
    Thursday-just footy news
    Friday-footy news, articles about the friday night game, interviews, more interviews, game-plan’s for the friday night game, the teams, the tipsters
    Saturday-the report on the previous night’s game, a review of the day’s games, interviews, the teams, inclusions
    Sunday-interviews, interviews, yesterday’s game reports, talking points etc

    And after that, the week repeats itself and it never gets old, my favourite day would be Monday and Friday papers

  28. Well, I never get sick of the age either.

    Monday- reviews on Sunday’s games, scores and stats etc, scores in the round, ladder, injuries etc, and talking points of the round on the back page

    Tuesday- Articles on injuries, sometimes about the weekends games etc.

    Wednesday- pretty much the same thing, plus country footy by Paul Daffey and an article from JTH

    Thursday- same, but I think Bob Murphy does on article on this day

    Friday- great previews on weekends games, teams etc., and speculation of weekend’s games

    Saturday- teams from games and reviews of Friday’s games

    Sunday- reviews, injuries, goal kickers stuff like that again

  29. oh come on Steve dont be blonde, you know exactly what i meant in comment Maxwell!

  30. Sounds like a bad read

  31. no, I didn’t know what you meant in comment pre-draft McLean!

  32. okay, for those that read The Age and dont know what comment Maxwell means what im going on about is the unnecessary size of the paper.
    it just looks so obvious that a person is reading it. like people who read the HS are smart too, but we happen to be more subtle in showing that we like to keep up with the news.

  33. I knew what Danni meant in comment Warren!!!

  34. Like today, i was happily in a cafe in Bendigo reading the HS on a relitively small table with 6 other people, and i was able to read the paper without any problems and hardly any space was taken up. But if i was reading the Age, it would have been spreading into the next tables lunch

  35. lol Warren
    exactly Josh!
    and if you fold it in half i can sometimes, depending on the handbag i carry, fit the HS in there.

  36. The Age is a tiny bit bigger than the Sun, if any bigger. Apart from on Saturdays

  37. looks like Steve gave me minus 1 votes for that one.
    eyy Josh?

  38. What?? Its massive compared to the Sun! It covers the whole kitchen table at my place!

  39. and you know what else.
    i will read the WHOLE HS
    But i only read the Sports stuff in the Age.
    that says something!

  40. Yeah, Steve cant give out votes to the opposition mind you ;)

  41. hahaha very funny Josh

    Gotta go cya guys

  42. I dont read the whole HS, but i do flick thru from start to finish and read what intrests me, and i always read the middle pages bit where all the discussion and stuff is

  43. lol i love that smiley ;)

  44. Are you serious? I never read anything else other than the sport.

  45. This website has a shocking array of smiley’s in my opinion. The ones on superfooty would much rather be suited on here

  46. That’s coz the Age has no news at all

  47. :(

  48. lol! hes got a point!


  49. I’ve got news for the Herald Sun: Piss off

  50. …..and now ive seen a fiesty blond snob!

  51. You sure you havent recently escaped from the Collingwood cheer squad Steve? Coz your acting like it

  52. followed by an insult straight from Waaia

  53. I was baggin Steve, not you Danni, i wouldnt bag a fellow HS reader

  54. Okay,Josh that wasn’t totally believable but…
    For the reading of Ralphy I will let it go

  55. Hmm Damian Barrett is the best writer for the Sun, he also goes for the Roos so thats a bonus.

  56. hmmm
    Sometimes i try to read articles in the sports section without checking if its by Jon Ralph. ill read and be like
    ‘this is really good, i agree’
    and then..yeppp turns out to be Ralphy!
    you should try it.

  57. Hmm its hard when they’re name is pretty much staring at you while you read the artice lol but i’ll give it a go tomorrow

  58. Great test century just made by Shane Watson

  59. ….well thats no shock! i mean..hes just so pretty!

    status- History French Revolution revision

  60. It is a shock, our first century for this season

    status- doing nothing

  61. did you read the article on the ducklings on the HS website!!

  62. Nope, i’ve got the Sun but havent seen anything about ducklings

  63. Status – just had tea, delicious

  64. Status- jst saw pic josh sent of TinTin.
    Whos the blonde chick..probs his gf.

  65. You just saw that? I sent it last night

    HE has more if you want me to send them

  66. nahh dont think that would really make my day..lol TinTin with his pretty blonde, no thanks.

    status- wishing i was bakc in year 7

  67. He has other pics of him and some little kid.

    status – waiting for new years eve

  68. lol..thats weird
    CollingwoodFC requested to follow me on Twitter.
    its like they know that the only reason i use it is to keep up with my Collingwood boys and fav celebs.

    status- still making history notes

  69. Ben Warren requested to follow me on Twitter..

  70. lol see i told you, its freaky!!
    its like THEY KNOW!

  71. No me and Warren r good mates

    Why do you wish you were in Year 7? I hated it

  72. cos it a walk in the park compared to the hell im about to go though.
    i thought year 11 was bad, year twelve MUCH worse.

  73. Steve Healy says

    guess who’s home from the cricket?

  74. …ummm Watson??

  75. Steve Healy says

    not quite

  76. the guy from the Titanic, you know that captain dude??

  77. Did you meet up with Gigs Steve?

    How crazy was Watson’s 100? He took his bloody time, and i thought for sure he was caught when he finally made it

  78. Steve Healy says

    Oh yeah, that guy does look like Ricky Ponting! I’ve noticed that too.

    Yeah, it fell straight through the hands, nah Gigs sent me a text explaining that he couldn’t make it to the G

  79. status- hungry but unsure of what i want to eat

  80. I just had hot chocolate

  81. yesterday i went to have coffee at my normal hangout, but before i went in what did i do?

    and what did i order with my coffee?

    if you answer this correctly you know me very well

  82. Steve Healy says

    you jogged, and you had a muffin?

  83. Umm..went shopping, and you ordered Superman with that coffee?

    I might go have another hawt chocolate

  84. OMG JOSH!!
    one out of two correct.
    steve..lol none correct

  85. Steve Healy says

    what, I thought I had it in the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok, did you order a waiter with the coffee?

  86. Ohh,, chocolate fudge cake with the coffee?

  87. Josh! YOU KNOW ME SOO BAD!! :)
    1. i went into the store a few blocks near the coffee shop and bought a black skirt
    2. i ordered a huge piece of Chocolate cake with my coffee

    Steve.. you have some work to do

  88. I only know coz i remember you sayin something recently about chocolate cake

  89. yeah but i could have done anything before the coffee, shopping is just ONE of many possibilities but U GOT IT!!

  90. Your a girl, of course it was shopping

  91. Steve Healy says

    oh come on! I was close

  92. ..STEVE why whould i jog and then have a muffin?
    and WHy would i have a muffin when i can have a piece of cake!!??

    nah not always Josh! could have been a driving lesson

  93. Well if it was a driving lesson, you wouldnt have made it to the coffee shop coz you would have crashed. Pfft, women drivers

  94. excuse me!! but Hailey said she didnt touch the pedals not even one for the whole time i was driving and i get told off to SPEED UP!!

  95. Alright, what did i do after i left the Bendigo bakery yesterday and what did i order at the bakery?

  96. Steve Healy says

    there are 2 women driving the car! even worse!

  97. Steve Healy says

    you went home and you ordered bread

  98. No i didnt order bread, and yes i did go home but what exactly did i do while in the car?

  99. you read the HS cos its not as HUGE as the Age and you enjoyed it very much.

  100. …doughnuts? jam doughnuts?
    lol thats what i would order

  101. I did read the HS while in the bakery, but didnt order it. And no, not donuts. Jeez people, you dont know me at all

  102. Steve Healy says

    just a guess… you slept in the back seat?

  103. Hmm you read my facebook didnt you, you get points deducted for cheating Steve

  104. Steve Healy says

    I know, you didnt order anything, because you kicked out for reading that crap

  105. ..oh so it wasnt sweet..it was savory?
    i should have known.
    did u order a Pie?

  106. Steve Healy says

    but I saw that about half an hour ago, im not getting any points deducted

  107. Steve Healy says

    did you order Danni?

  108. cheese and bacon roll????
    dont say salad roll please dont!

  109. lol Steve, who has not ordered me!?
    well besides Josh

  110. Why would i order a collingwood supporter?

    Alright i’ll put you outta your misery, i ordered a pie with orange juice, and layed down in the back of the car with my North Melbourne guernsey over my head to block out the sun while listening to the cricket on the radio

  111. OMG GO ME!!!
    I knew it would be a pie!!

  112. Steve Healy says

    Danni, go to your room!

  113. Hey that’s weird, technically i did order a collingwood supporter (pie)

  114. Steve Healy says

    jeez Josh, your a bit slow

  115. why steve?
    and i am in my room

  116. Whaa?

  117. Steve Healy says

    oh ok that joke didn’t work then

  118. for nce its the blond that has me confuzzled

  119. your both confuzzling :(

  120. lol well josh.
    i just dont get why steve told me to go to my room? ive been a goodgirl

  121. I dont get that, and i dont get comment 119

  122. lol this is all Steve’s doing!
    he can explain it!!
    im just as lost as you

  123. What do you mean Danni?

  124. Steve Healy says

    ; ; I
    ; I /`
    ; I / `
    ; I / ___’
    ;—— I / ` M JURRAH!

  125. ………ummm
    is Steve okay???

  126. Is that supposed to be an ‘L’ in front of the Jurrah?

  127. i have no idea…i didnt know steve spoke alien

  128. Steve Healy says

    hmmm that didnt work

  129. You never work Steve

  130. Steve Healy says


  131. Steve Healy says
  132. …..okay steve, Step away from the vodka

  133. Haha trippy

  134. Steve Healy says

    To tell you the truth, I havent touched vodka

  135. Steve Healy says


  136. I’ve touched UDL’s mostly 8)

    Hayley always got me to try Vodka Mudshakes i think they were called, i drank a whole bottle once, they were delicious

  137. lol im not a drinker but on some rare family occasions with my parents permission, ive had Cruisers but i dont like beer its too..manly lol

  138. Hmm i dont like beer to much either, its alright tho

  139. hhahahaah Josh!
    knew you would admit your alco splurge!
    next you can have champaign at ur sister’s wedding.

  140. Hmm yeah i’ll be 22 by then

  141. Steve Healy says

    the only alcohol I’ve had is beer, and I love it!

  142. lol i like chilled white wine.
    you know i can picture Steve drunk at teh footy, wouldnt be much different to normal..even might lay down in the middle of the MCG at halftime.

  143. Steve Healy says

    Yeah thats me Danni haha

  144. I cant believe how all those blokes at the footy carry all those beers without spillin em.

    One thing that i hate is a girl drunk

  145. nah, there are heaps of spilliges at the footy, i’m a regular, i’d know

  146. lol i know it looks so unattractive cos we look all nice and pretty and then if they get drunk it jusr looks really bad.

  147. this one Carlton bloke sitting behind me already tippsy screaming his head off decides to stand up and his beer splashes and JUST misses me!! JUST and i turn around to give him a dirty look and hes all

    love? what right does he have to call me love? i was going to tell him where he could put that love!!

  148. Spilliges on the field?

  149. i havnt seen any field spilliges, well not when i go anyway.

  150. yeah you’ve told us that before Danni lol

  151. yeah, though id repeat since it goes with the drunk footy men topic.

  152. I’ve been to 49 games in the last 2 years, I think

  153. I’ve been to 6 games in the past 2 years

    Danni, you know if your able to come on Feb 21 yet?

  154. yeah, i told you i cant come :(
    remember ill have atleast 2 or 3 sacs that week according to the planners we got for our subjects.

  155. Actually, i’ve been to 52 games in the last 2 years, I just counted

  156. Ohh that’s homosexual

  157. Come to think of it, you probably wont hear much from me on here when i get back to school. Ill still send in pieces but it wont be like this.
    I’ve only got that ONE year to buckle down well so i have to do it right.

  158. Hmm i reckon next year might be my last year of school at Numurkah

  159. No, Danni! We can’t afford to lose you! The fab 5 needs to stay strong.

    I’ll be on this website regularly until the day I die.

  160. And the passion award goes to:

    Steve Healy!

  161. ohh…now steve loves me!
    lol atleast you will heard frm me in the pieces i send in.
    Josh dont do it, please you might regret it one day.

  162. Nah i mean i’ll quit Numurkah high, then go to a Shepparton school maybe where things r a bit tougher and they are more focused on our careers. It all depends on what 2010 will be like

  163. yep, the Almanac is what I live for, school is an obstacle

  164. Ohhh thankgoodness, you have no idea how harder it would be to get a Journo degree without uni.
    Its possible but MUCH harder.

  165. Meh, i’m Josh Barnstable, anything is possible

  166. anything’s possible when you worship the footy almanac!

  167. lol wow Josh, i wish i was like that.
    im more like…zommmgg I cant do that, this is me were talking about, ill never be able to do that!

  168. But here’s the thing i dont understand. I work with 3 radio stations, it’ll be 4 next year, am i able to just commentate AFL games coz of my experience or do you need a degree? Same thing with writing, the Shepp News know my talent and have talked to me a lot

  169. steve u sound like one of those soft toys that say cheesy stuff when u push a button.

  170. Like tickle me Elmo

  171. oh, holy footy almanac, guide me through life!


  172. well Josh all that will make you look VERY good But yes you NEED A degree. You get an Arts Degree and then you could major in Bachelor of Jounralism.

  173. lol tickle me steve.

  174. i hope u dont pray that during mass Steve..lol

  175. lol imagine a tickle me Steve doll, he would sing the Melbourne theme song, shout “JURRAH” and the wallaby saying.

    Ahh, i know i asked for it but this journalism/degree talk is so confusing

  176. hahahah lol i want one!! i want a tickle me steve toy!!

    yeah i know, thats life and this year as a year 12 i get one on one time with our career advisors.

  177. I agree Josh, don’t make me confused Danni!

    I don’t think that prayer has worked so far.

  178. I got a careers class next year, its called Down the Path so i’ll make sure to listen in that class

  179. yeah i had that in year ten you know when i thought i was going 2 be a solicitor!
    i just wanted to wear the cool outfit and black highheels, and walk into a court room with my heavy suitcase, designer sunnies and latte from Starbucks….is that too much to ask?

  180. You can still do that on the Fab 5 Footy Show

  181. …but wont i look a bit you know..too professional? in the black lawyer chick outfit and all.

  182. status-sunburnt

  183. status- yawning

  184. status- sneezing

  185. ooh, blessyou my Joshy!!

  186. Thanks, i’ve truly been blessed. Lol thats what me and my ranga friend say at school

  187. status- hungry

  188. lol so i wonder hwo was thinking of you, you know cos you sneezed! :)

    me too steve, me too

  189. I dunno, probably Warren coz im thinkin of him..

  190. status- Jurrah

  191. STOP!

    Jurrah Time! Do do do do…cant touch this!


  193. That should be Jurrah’s new goal celebration

  194. don’t get it

  195. now i REALLY Want a tickle me steve doll

  196. they need to be made first Danni

  197. nawww… i cnt wait that long

  198. I want a Mr. T doll

    Get some nuts!!

  199. maybe ill stick my face on a teddy bear, shove a tape recorder inside and paint a Melbourne jumper on its chest. lol

  200. LOL i want a Superman cape!!!

    hahahah Steve..yeahh maybe i CAN wait for the real thing afterall

  201. I’d sell way more dolls than Mr.T

  202. Teva trevor

  203. status- admiring my handwriting

  204. who?

  205. lol, you just said that to make us feel bad, didnt you danni?

  206. Its a saying that goes around my school, whaTEVA Trevor. Trevor’s in there coz it rhymes, so yeah thats what teva trevor means.

    My handwriting is good, isn’t it Steve? Plus my awesome drawing

  207. no, im writing up my notes and i just have to say that i really do like my handwriting.

  208. gee, it sounds like if I moved to around your area half the time I wouldnt understand what everyone’s saying

  209. lol 2mro ill scan a piece and send it to you.
    it looks even prettyer on lined paper.

  210. what are you writing about? It must be good if your gonna send it to us

  211. nope, sorry its jst my history notes.
    but still it LOOKS pretty!

  212. Write something that the Fab 5 would appreciate

  213. excuse me! you dont have to read it!
    its just for looks if you are a person that doesnt appreciate great history!

  214. Sorry, sorry

  215. ..thats a good boy!
    History is important.
    for one to understand thier future they must first understand the past.

  216. I know my history, 40/40 on Aussie history test remember

  217. …argghhh Aussie history
    the worst and most boring History ever!
    why read about that when you can read about 6 million deaths caused by one media controlling dictator or even a King forced to reign too young who ends up having his head chopped by the guillotine?
    Now THAT is history!!!

  218. Nope, Aussie history was interesting, probably my favourite class.

    Well, time for me to hit the ol’ dusty trail. Night

  219. Eek! I think im gonna diiieeeee!

    I just sent a message to Kane Lucas on facebook sayin have a good year next year and he sent one back sayin cheers mate. Wow

  220. ..hhahahahahah now you know how i feel when im dyiiiiiiiiiiiing! lol
    thats awesome.
    i just got my first glimpse of Kevin and Dani Jonas’ wedding photos and i Dieeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddd

  221. Steve Healy says

    Well done Josh, wait till next year, I dont think he’ll be replying then.

    By the way, great pictures of your house, even though they’re still loading, ill just be safe and say there good.

  222. What do you mean? They’re crap haha

    Nah im gonna keep in contact with him lol

  223. Steve Healy says

    yeah, but the more famous he gets, the more selfish he’ll become. probably.

  224. He’s a Carlton player, he won’t be selfish…………………………………………….

  225. Steve Healy says

    yeah good point, lol

  226. Did use totally love the picture of my goat?

  227. Oh there was a baby lamb down the street today


  229. Joshy!! Don’t say ‘use’ or ‘youse’
    ARGGG it kills me

  230. why? what do i say?

  231. How do you write like that? it would hurt my hand

  232. you, youse!! OMGG

  233. lol dont you love it??

  234. I dont see how you can put so much effort into school work, do you get extra marks for looks?

  235. well you can get graded down if your handwriting is really bad.
    what effort? that my normal writing!

  236. Parma for tea tonight…wait for it….

  237. delicious????

  238. There it is

  239. wow what a guess

  240. Steve Healy says

    that handwriting looks fake

    no honey, its real!! that just one page of like 12 history notes.

  242. Steve Healy says

    I don’t know how you get marked up for that, I can’t even read it!

  243. i dont get marked up!
    really cant you read it steve?
    isnt it pretty???

  244. Steve Healy says

    well it looks very fancy, good on you for that, but I’ve never understood the point of fancy writing since it’s really difficult to read. That’s why I write like how I do, it is really clear and readable, my hands aren’t steady enough to write like that.

  245. Lol steve, that’s cute.
    I think the reason why you guys write badly is cos you type most of your stuff.
    My brother has REALLLYY BAD writing its just like Mikey’s!
    I tell him off cos all he wants to do is type up his stuff, but the thing is, with exams you have to handwrite everything so you need to have legible writing.

  246. Steve Healy says

    don’t you type most of your stuff?

  247. sometimes, not a lot.
    infact as weird as this sounds i prefer to write because i like to look at my handwriting, when i turn i page it feels all bumpy from what i’ve writen on tehg other side. i love using colourfull gell pens!! :)

  248. Steve Healy says

    Actually, i’ve probably improved my handwriting, cos I always do scoresheets and write down numbers and stuff.

  249. lol my writing for matchreports is shocking, only cos i hardly look at the paper and im writing too fast so i can keep up with the game.

  250. Steve Healy says

    yeah, that tends to happen with me as well.

    It’s so hard, if im doing a match report and a scoresheet for the same game! I have to write things down on two seperate bits of paper

  251. im obsessed with finerliner black felt-tip pens! they are my favourites!!

  252. lol i only need an A4 sheet and i use both sides for one match, plus the small patches of drawings around all over the place.

  253. Steve Healy says

    nah, im not in to those.

    I’m in to a black pen that works! I get through about 10-15 a season cos they keep running out

  254. wat how could not be into them!
    i thought you were an arty dude
    im deffo into black pens more than blue.

  255. Steve Healy says

    regular black pens work for longer and don’t smudge as easily.

    Only 45 days until the nab cup starts! I can’t wait!

  256. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I always use black on my scoresheets, if I used blue pens that would be sacreligious!

  257. 45..omggg YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
    Thats not to bad..omg Steve why did you have ot say that..now im dyiinnnggg for it to start!!!!

  258. Steve Healy says

    yeah, im really excited after saying that as well

  259. Steve Healy says

    come to think of it, the Almanac launch was 41 days ago, and that seemed like yesterday

  260. NAWWW 41 Days ago and Joshy was so bloody shy!! Mikey on the other hand, had no problem

  261. Steve Healy says

    and me and Damo were in between?

  262. lol nahh i could hardy hear you when you spoke! and my Damo!! lol

  263. Steve Healy says

    fair enough

  264. lol i remember Haylee saying to josh when i was with them, “so are we over being shy yet?”

  265. I use finelinner black and blue pens for my scores. Do you guys write out your match reports? I just type mine up as it comes into my head. And yeah i have neat handwriting, but for the last time it wasnt neat at the launch coz i was so shaky!

  266. Steve Healy says


  267. i just type mine frm the notes.
    lol nawww JOSHYY!!

  268. Steve Healy says

    and in the card, Josh. lol

    No I never write my match reports

  269. LOL hahha joshyy!!

  270. I write my fake season scores in my notepads, i’ve got about 35 notebooks full of scores.

    Tea time

  271. Whats so funny?

  272. Steve Healy says

    does everyone call dinner “tea” in the country?

  273. I’ve never called it dinner

  274. Steve Healy says

    I’ve never called it tea, never will

  275. lol thats cute, it sounds very english..’tea’

  276. Steve Healy says

    I know, thats the last thing you’d expect from in the country.

  277. lol i wonder if there are plenty of hawt dudes in straw cowboys hats and jeans with no shirts walking around in the country.
    if there are..ill be there in 2 minutes

  278. Danni, your 5 minutes late

  279. Hmm that was a delicious tea, except for the part where i bit my tongue. That was undelicious :(

  280. lmaaaaaaaoooooo nawwwwwwwwwww

    wait..those counrty dudes exist?

  281. Yeah they’re walkin around Waaia as we speak

  282. omggggggggggg
    im comming! josh pick me up

  283. Nah u can drive

  284. …all the way?????????
    okay steve u pick me up?

  285. If you really wanna listen to the melbourne theme song on repeat for the 150 minute drive?

  286. ….no

  287. then there’s Michael, and if his driving skills r as bad as his kickin skills..

  288. I downloaded the Melbourne and Western Bulldogs theme song today, adding it to the Freo theme song.

  289. lol okayy damo??

  290. He’s not here at the moment

  291. Steve Healy says

    nah I cant drive, unless you mean pick you up and carry you, if you mean that, I hope youve been jogging lately!

  292. Steve Healy says

    hang on, Damo’s mant to be back today

  293. hahah!! lol sure if you think u can carry me all the way to Joshy’s house

  294. Then chuck her in the cactus that u saw in my pictures

  295. Steve Healy says

    Nah, I didn’t see that cactus, it didn’t load

  296. Your homosexual then

  297. riteeeeeeee
    hey honeybirds arnt fat birds so weight cant be a problem

  298. Damian Watson says

    hey guys, how was your Christmas?

    I’m finally back from Bogan Central lol, I had an eye infection so on Christmas eve I had to wear an eye patch ( blending in with the locals).

    Thanks for the e-mail Danni. Did I miss anything?

  299. Damian Watson says

    By the way Steve, the Herald Sun is a tabloid newspaper so the articles are divided up perfectly and are more appealing, whereas the articles in the Age are filled with slabs which is why the Herald Sun has the No.1 status.

  300. Steve Healy says

    Damo!!!!!!!!!!! welcome back, mate.

    Christmas was great, I got a 2010 Dees jumper. I hope your eye’s better.

    You missed heaps, Ryan Houlihan and Eddie Betts were charged for assault at Crown Casino, and the Blues got in trouble during some party on a boat.

  301. Steve Healy says

    I disagree

  302. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I heard about that and I think Andrew Lovett is suspended indefinitely from St Kilda for some mishap.

    I stand by my argument.

  303. Damian Watson says

    How was the cricket yesterday? I think it was supposed to be free admission today.

  304. my favourite is back!!!!!!!

  305. Gday Damo

    Nice about the eyepatch, hope you got some snaps of it lol

  306. Damian Watson says

    Hi Danni, your midnight piece was funny.

    Nah sorry Josh we didn’t do too much on Christmas eve so I couldn’t get any pictures.

  307. Damian Watson says

    I’m going through the posts and comments.

    What website are you looking for Josh?

  308. nawwww thanks Damo, SEE MIKEY! SOMEONE APPRECIATES MY PIECE!!
    what, why wrong with your eye Damo??

  309. What’d ya get for Christmas?

    Despite barracking for the Herald Sun, there has been no news on AFL at all in the past 2 days

  310. I was looking for that free broadcasting website for AFL matches that you sent me but it doesnt seem to run any more so i’ve had to resort to that useless Bigpond

  311. …..
    ‘superman, superman, does whatever a superman does..’

  312. Damian Watson says

    Some of my comments aren’t getting through.

  313. Damian Watson says

    Something flew into my eye while I was on Kangaroo Island and I have a small infection on the inside of my eyelid if that makes any sense lol.

    I got a new pair of sunglasses and a revised book on the history of AFL finals matches, not that I’m a bg fan of presents.

  314. yeah that happens sometimes Damo

  315. Hey im gettin that same book tomorrow Damo, plus the Collingwood or Geelong novel.

    Everyone’s a big fan of presents lol.

  316. ommggg my poor bluebury!!
    i hope you get better soon!!

    nice, i got a pair of sunnies too.

  317. Damian Watson says

    Yeah the sunnies saved me while I was in Adelaide, it’s always warmer over there.

    Those two novels would be hard to split, i’d go for the Collingwood one because it goes right into the inner sanctum.

  318. Well the Collingwood one was $50 and the Geelong one is $35, but i havent seen the prices of the boxing day sales yet. I really havent decided which, i guess i’ll go for the thicker book

  319. …and they wonder why Damos my favourite!!

  320. I could go for the Geelong one since its written by Scott Gullan, one of the veteran HS writers

  321. dont kill me for this but i just thought u might be interested to see what im looking into after year 12:

    Bachelor of Creative Arts La Trobe University
    Length:3 years full-time or part-time equivalent.
    Campuses Melbourne (Bundoora)
    Course description
    This is an exciting cross-disciplinary degree that combines practical work with theoretical studies in five distinct areas: screenwriting and script editing, writing for the media – especially radio and video – performance and production, creative writing, and textual analysis and criticism. Students may focus on one of these areas or combine units from several of them, allowing students the freedom to design their own programs of study to meet their specific career aspirations.

    Mid-year entry is available.
    Course structure
    In first year, students complete a compulsory core subject, four subjects from a designated Creative Arts list and three electives offered by the Faculty. In second and third year students choose electives from the five areas listed, according to their specific interests. Students also complete a final core subject, Creative Industry Research, in third year.
    Contact hours
    Approximately 12 contact hours per week if studying full-time.
    Major areas of study
    English, cinema studies, creative writing, media studies and theatre and drama.

    ENTER 80.90
    VCE Units 3 & 4: Study score of at least 30 in English (ESL) or 25 in any other English.

  322. Sounds good, so if you went to that, would you stay there or go home each night?

  323. …i dont know!! :(
    i want to come home cos i would be far more comfortable and safe..but Bundoora?? i dont know what else to do.

  324. Where’s Bundoora? Is it near Waaia?

  325. Damian Watson says

    I think Bundoora is in the Northern Suburbs.

  326. …i dont know!! lol

    Bachelor of Journalism

    3 years full-time or part-time equivalent.

    Melbourne (Bundoora)

    Course description
    This course offers training for students who plan to work in the areas of print, television, radio and online journalism. It also provides a broad understanding of the operation and regulation of the media and its cultural, social, political and economic role in society.

    Course structure
    Students study compulsory core subjects at each year level. These include: Making the News, Writing for the Media, Press and Society, Journalism Research, Online Journalism Production, Broadcast and Journalism Practice. The third-year internship program is an invaluable opportunity for supervised work experience – students complete 120 hours’ attendance at an approved workplace and 3 x 3-hour workshops.

    Contact hours
    Approximately 12-15 contact hours per week if studying full-time.

    ENTER 84.10

    VCE Units 3 & 4: Study score of at least 30 in English (ESL) or 25 in any other English.

  327. okay so i WANT an 86 for my ENTER

  328. Damn, they sound fun. I want to do those things now

  329. yeah me too, and ALL i have to do is get my 86

  330. hmm lets look at prereqs
    Monash- 30 in english or 25 in any other english
    RMIT- 35 in English
    La Trobe- 30 in english or 25 in any other

  331. Steve Healy says

    so I need to get an enter score of 84.10. Dunno how on earth ill get that

  332. Steve Healy says

    I know where Bundoora is, its near my Grandma’s house. that wouldn’t be far at all from your house Danni, only about 20 mins

  333. Steve go on msn if ya can mate

    Guys, i just saw a website advertised on the TV, then heard it again on the radio, sounds like it would suit the Fab 5. http://www.mediacareers2010.com.au

  334. well what about me?
    i want an 86.00

    anyone seen a good movie lately im going out to the movies with a friend next week, any reccomendations?

  335. Avatar or Alvin and the Chipmunks

  336. I havent seen a movie for a few months

  337. Avatar- nahhh not my thing
    Alvin- maybbeee but lol me and my friend will be surrounded by 5 yearolds

  338. I wanna see ice age 3 again, that’s such a good movie

  339. Lol josh you would be one of those old dudes that sit in the back of the cinema that me and my friends laugh at for being that the same kiddy movie we are in, lol ice age 3

  340. im thinking maybe
    ‘the invention of lying’
    looks funny

  341. we’re all 5 years old at heart, Danni.

  342. Damian Watson says

    The Zombieland movie is funny.

    Don’t get me started on Alvin and the Chipmunks, their high pitched singing make me want to hang myself.

  343. …ahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhaha

  344. Omg funny you should mention that Danni, when me and my mate Harley went to see Ice Age 3, this 35-40 y.o was sitting behind us and everytime something funny would happen, he would break out into a hysterical laugh that just wasn’t funny to hear over and over. It got so annoying but everyone in the cinema was laughing at him lol he was the only bloke over 20 in the cinema i reckon

  345. hahah lol see Josh, i know what im talking about. they always sit in the back as cover but thier laughing gives them up.

  346. Imagine an 80 y.o cackin himself in a kiddie movie lolz

  347. yeah..seen it..well pretty much!
    i CANT WAIT TO SEE Toy Story3

  348. Apparantly i cried during toy story i think, that’s what Mum and Dad told me


  350. yeah, toy story’s a pretty scary movie, especially when the toys go into the other kids house

  351. You’ve defied gravity and again made your comment appear outside the box Danni, well done

    Actually, on second thought, it was Buzz Lightyear or whatever its called

  352. Um, I think you exaggerated that naw a bit too much Danni

  353. Damian Watson says

    yeah I remeber Toy Story, my favourite character is the potato head for obvious reasons.

    Hasn’t it been 10 years since the last one.

  354. yeah, and the first one was about 15 years ago I think

  355. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that sounds about right, has anyone watched a movie in Gold Class?

    Josh here is a more reliable site to watch live AFL matches and other sports live: wwww.justin.tv

  356. The cobram theatre is a joke, the screen is about the size of your average TV, it seats about 20 people, there’s crap food, the floor is sticky, the sound is crap etc.

    Cheers Damo

  357. None of those websites work for me, do they work for you Damo?

  358. Damo, does that website show previous games of AFL or just live matches? Coz i cant find any match replays

  359. Damian Watson says

    Nah this website provides LIVE matches, so they’re handy when your team is playing a game that’s on Foxtel you can just jump onto the site and watch the game live there.

    Unfortunately they don’t have match replays but during the season it’s a lifesaver.

    You click on live channels and go to sport. Whoops just realised I added an extra w on the link.

  360. Im texting my friend now and she’s watching Alvin and the Chipmunks at the cinema in Melbourne, she says its good

  361. Yeah i noticed that, i worked my way around it lol.

    Ah ok, i’ll make a mental note to remember that website for when the season is on.

    Damo, did you check out that website link i sent? I think you would get in easy

  362. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Southern Cross, those boot camps look intresting lol.

    I wonder if they would accept us.

  363. Im gonna fill mine out tomorrow morning and send off

  364. Damian Watson says

    Hopefully they might offer you a job in some sort of capacity.

    Anyway cya guys I’m off.

    Better get some sleep before New Years Eve!

  365. speaking of Italians on new years eve,

    I’ll be meeting my Sister’s Italian boyfreind tomorrow night, who arrived in Melbourne today.

  366. Hope Franseco makes a good first impression on you Steve

  367. I doubt it, ill try and explain footy to him

  368. hahahha lol is that his name steve francesco?

    no that NAWWWWWWWWWWWWW was real

  369. ohh my fav ToyStory character is Rex!!

  370. yeah his name’s Francesco. I doubt he’d understand if I tried to explain footy to him, he speaks little english.

  371. lol just show him pics of Jurrah, nod and point at them excitedly, that should work

  372. yeah lol, he’ll see the pictures in my room

  373. so does that mean your sister speaks italian? how else whould they communicate.

  374. Google translater

  375. yeah, my sister has been learning italian for a year and a half- ever since they met, and he’s been learning english.

  376. hahhahaha josh!

    Ohh cools.
    id laugh if he already knew who Jurrah was.

  377. he wouldnt have a clue.

    They met at world youth day last year, they only met cos they both couldnt get to sleep

  378. …omiigoshhhhh Steve!
    that is so cute!!!!

  379. Yeah, she went to Italy in Round 14 this year to meet him, so they’ve met once before afterwards. He lives in a castle as well, he’s family is like the italian royalty

  380. …….WHAT
    are you serious?? and you wait till NOW to tell me????
    omggggggg Steve!!!!!

  381. yeah I forgot that he lived in a castle. He has servants as well

  382. Sounds a bit like your life Danni

    The only words i can see him learning over the next few days is the Melbourne Theme Song

  383. Steve, stop ur killing me here.
    Well it seems like your sister has herself the perfect package
    Is he pretty?

  384. josh, how does that sound like my life?

  385. I’ve seen pictures of him, he’s short and a bit overweight and bald, but he’s got a nice face.

  386. oh, well i guess aslong as theres love and your sister is happy its all good.

  387. Yeah, it was funny, cos there staying at my Grandma’s house, my Grandma rang us and she said that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. hahahaha. My Grandma’s really funny, cos shes english shes got a funny english accent

  388. Oh me and Steve were talking before how it seems you live in luxury with your white furniture and fancy bathroom and all those bears

  389. …LMAOOOO you guys!! come on.
    yes we have white leather couches, glass tables with lots of flowers and candles and a pretty mirror (which is in the good lounge not the bathroom) we have two lougne rooms and evryday lounge which has black couches and our new tv and then the good lounge which we use when we have visitors (aka the one in the pic) yeah i have lots of teddybears but what does that have to do with anything?

  390. Teddy bears cost alot these days

  391. you have not 1…but 2 lounge rooms?

  392. ohh that reminds me.
    i had my heart set on this one teddybear, it was soo cute it had a full on princess dress in was teh size of pendlebury bear but mum wouldnt let me buy it cos it was $350, i really wanted it

  393. This is my house:

    4 bedrooms
    1 bungalow
    1 kitchen
    1 dining room
    1 loungeroom
    1 bathroom
    1 toilet room
    1 laundry room

  394. yea Steve i have 2 lounge rooms and a newly renovated kitchen yet i still havnt learned how to use the coffee machine lol

  395. was it a designer teddy bear?

  396. $350 for a f*cking teddy bear????????? I was JOKING about them being too pricey! So it really is real

  397. 3 bedrooms
    1 kitchen
    2 loungerooms
    1 toilet
    1 bathroom with both bathtub and shower
    1 launrdy
    pretty big backyard
    smallish front yard with a verandah

  398. coffee machine? Are you from the future?

  399. lol nah it wanst designer but it was frm a poshy store and made with really nice material…i really wated it!! the bigger one was about $500 but thats too much.
    whats real josh?

  400. Oh and both of my yards r pretty big, not to mention the open spaces of the paddocks.

    I’ve got a coffee machine, its called the kettle.

  401. no steve im from the present! lol
    i love the coffee machine

  402. I said that teddy bears are too expensive as a joke, but turns out that my statement was real

  403. 3 bedrooms + a garage converted into a bedroom

    1 loungeroom (a TV and a few old couches and junk everywhere
    1 room with the computer and piano and christmas tree (my cats lying down on the piano stool at the moment)
    1 laundry
    1 toilet
    1 tiny bathroom with only a bathtub, but you can have shwoers in it
    1 hall
    1 dining room, which is a pretty bad room, the roof is split open for crying out loud, and Dad uses paper to mend it
    1 junk yard of a back yard

  404. yeah, I use a kettle as well, I love coffee.

    $500 dollars. Are these bears real bears?

  405. I was only joking when I asked if it was a designer bear, I didnt think such things existed

  406. Imagine that, Danni cuddling up to her new “Josh Thomas Bear” when it awakens and eats her alive

  407. Josh Thomas is the same name as that guy who is on Talking bout your generation, I just realised.

  408. Yeah i knew that too, he’s funny, it must run in the name.

  409. Yes there are real designer bears, I want one!! Yeah next bear I get will be called Joshers

  410. status- ditched at 12:22 am

  411. Nah we’re both here

    Wow, its the last 11 hours of decade.

  412. meh, this year was bodgeyyyy cnt wait for it to be over

  413. Bodgey???????????????

    Its been the best year of my life!

  414. Year that’s cos u were in year nine, that was a great year.
    School and a lot of my family members getting sick and Collingwood fudging up again really ruined my year

  415. Collingwood is always going to fudge up so get used to it, and you starred in a book, met 4 great kids, etc. etc. what more do you want woman?

  416. Oh sorry i didnt read the family members bit, sorry

  417. Are you serious, Danni?

    You met us and came apart of the Almanac.

    this was the best year of my life too

  418. …Jack Anthony???

  419. Yes the Almanac and u guys were defiantly the highlight but trust me, overall it wasnt a good year for me, family wise.

  420. Well just hope for a better and bigger 2010

  421. Geez I love Jack Anthony to pieces! That goal he kicked, the sealer I swear I will never forget it.

  422. Yeah, the year didn’t start well for me, my Grandpa died last January. He was a former broadcaster/writer for Cricket and footy, he would’ve loved to have seen me in the Almanac.

  423. Status – listening to commentary of Nathan Thompson’s winning goal against Collingwood

  424. you mean SwallowPendlebury year!!

  425. gonna meet swallow and pendles this year comming I WILL

  426. That’s a shame Steve

    SwallowPendlebury year? DaWarren sounds better

  427. 2009 was the year of the Jurrah

  428. Im sorry steve.. :(

  429. more like the year of hawkins

  430. 2010 will be the year of the Jurrah as well.

    Yeah it was a shame

  431. nope 2010 is cliffjumping year

  432. The year of Cunnington, Warren, Ziebell, Anthony, Bastinac, Daw, Greenwood, Grima, Thompson, Tarrant, Swallow, Obst, McIntosh, Hansen, Wells, Thomas, Campbell, Garlett, Urquhart, Ross, Wright, Petrie, Black, Edwards, Pratt, Harding and McMahon

  433. Danni, it was year of the Jurrah based on football ability, not looks. Although I must admit Jurrah is better looking than all of your boyfreinds.

  434. The year of Malthobuckley

  435. Ouch, no he didnt!

  436. HA you wish Steve!!
    the only Dees prettyboy is Miller!!

  437. no one is as HAWT as Nathan Brown!!

  438. so you’re saying he is hotter than Jack Anthony?

  439. Ha i was in the butcher today and the guy who served us said he was going to take down the signed Brendan Fevola guernsey hanging on the wall in there and use it as a doormat lol.

  440. status- looking through yr.10 psychology notes that the girls wrote baour each other. mine all say that in nice, caring, funny, i make people laugh and…hah ull love this one.
    ‘Danni, i like you handwriting’
    HHAA NAWW i miss those days

  441. ..well yes he is. In looks Nathan is preetyer than Jack BUT now i love Jack more..u know since Nathan is happy with his blonde

  442. hahaha

  443. So if you had the choice you;d choose Jack?

  444. Well g’nite fellas, or should I say good morning! Lol
    I better get some sleep and read a bit of the English novels.

    Peace n light, Black n White

    :) Danniii

  445. …yes id chose Jack


  446. Night Danni, talk to ya next year

  447. Steve Healy says

    keep it true, red n blue

    cya Danni.

  448. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRScsCIy9WI this is friggin hilarious!

  449. carn North!

  450. Steve Healy says

    carn Marcus North!

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