NAB Cup Semi: BBBB Hall sees Dogs Home in Tacklefest

Steve Healy

A seventh NAB cup game decided by 14 points or less took place tonight, between a rampant Bulldogs outfit and a young and surprising Port Adelaide side. It was a game of tough contests aplenty, where the umpires put the whistles down and both sides put in an input of 164 tackles.

It all started well for Port. The Dogs won the toss but the Power won the opening battle. Gray snapped one through to put them on the board in an instant, while Tredrea converted a set shot from 50 in style. Barry Hall, last week’s revelation, took his first of nine marks but dragged the set shot at goal from 30 violently to the left. A few minutes of hard, ragged footy followed, with Brodie Moles once again showing his worth to the team. The Dogs lifted, but Hill and Murphy just couldn’t convert goals. Cloke almost kicked a remarkable one from the throw in, which just clipped the post. He followed it up by marking the kick in, and bending it from left to right magnificently for the first goal in what seemed like an eternity. Port had the edge; the Dogs didn’t have the goals. It came though, just before the quarter time break. An indiscretion from the Port Adelaide Captain saw Griffen drill home a nine-pointer from 25 metres out. The siren signalled the end to a good first term, the Dogs trailing 1.0.3 12 to 0.3.3 21.

The Dogs started the second term in style, a long kick inside 50 from Griffen to Hall on the lead, and a hand pass to Cooney, a clumsy one at that, for a goal. At the other end, a dubious free kick was given against Lake for a push, which saw impressive youngster Daniel Stewart drill a goal from a tough angle. Tom Williams kicked it out on the full in the back pocket, which saw Paul Stewart casually walk around and snap a goal to put the away team 16 points in the clear. It didn’t look good for the Dogs at this stage; it could’ve had something to do with leaving Hargrave and Higgins in blue vests on the pine. Behinds from Griffen and Hall followed before Hahn marked beautifully and sent it straight through the middle. The Dogs kept going. Minson sent the ball from half forward to a two on one in the pocket. Hill was the only Bulldog; he took the mark fabulously, and gave it off to Griffen who kicked the goal. It was unselfish acts galore tonight. Gray snapped a goal against the flow of play for the Power, only to be answered immediately by a rampant Akermanis on the run, who had a great night, 17 possessions, 11 tackles and a goal. The quarter ended with a goal on the siren to Hall, his first, putting the Dogs seven points ahead. 1.5.8 47 to 0.6.4 40.

A couple of missed opportunities early in the third came back to the haunt them when Pearce kicked a goal from outside 50, levelling the scores. Murphy evaded two tacklers before sending a long ball down the throat of Higgins. This was exciting stuff. Higgins, who had just come on the ground along with Hargrave, kicked the goal, and it was back to a goal the difference. Hall snaps a goal from a Chaplin out on the full. But, not for the first time of the night, the tide turned. Daniel Stewart put home two successive goals for Port, and newcomer Mitch Banner put the boys from Alberton in the lead. Ward delivered to Hall at the other end, who kicked a much needed third goal just before the buzzer. At three quarter time both sides were deadlocked, 1.8.13 70 to 1.9.7 70. It was hard to pick a winner from here.

Ebert threaded one home for the Power, before Big Bad Barry replied, kicking his fourth. He marked in the forward line again, could’ve kicked a fifth, but kicked across to Moles who guided it through to put the Doggies in front. Neither side could manage a goal for a while, but it appeared that the Bulldogs had the psychological edge. Eight points up, the Bulldogs fumbled horribly in defence, gifting a goal to (Former Lion) Harding on the run. There were four minutes left on the clock. Port pressed inside their attacking zone, and a brilliant tap from Brogan to Harding saw a second goal from him in a minute, and more importantly, a Port Adelaide lead. But it was Harding who dragged the ball underneath him in the centre, which gave the Dogs a chance to clear. Higgins marked at half forward, before sending it to the tip of the square. Hall flew in the pack, clutching the mark wonderfully, before handing it over (for the third time tonight) to Lake who kicked the clincher. That was it, The Dogs won.

Barry Hall was the star; he took nine marks, kicked four goals but could’ve easily kicked seven or eight. Despite this, I still think the Power deserved the victory. Nevertheless, you can’t help but feel gratitude towards the Western Bulldogs, who are competing for their first piece of silverware since 1970 next Saturday Night.

Western Bulldogs 1.0.3 1.5.8 1.8.13 1.11.17 (92)

Port Adelaide 0.3.3 0.6.4 1.9.7 1.12.8 (89)

Super Goals

Western Bulldogs: Griffen

Port Adelaide: Pearce


Western Bulldogs: Hall 4, Griffen, Hahn, Cooney, Moles, Akermanis, Lake, Higgins.

Port Adelaide: D Stewart 3, Gray 2, Harding 2, Ebert, Banner, Cloke, P Stewart, Tredrea.


Western Bulldogs: Hall, Griffen, Hill, Cross, Cooney, Harbrow, Lake, Morris, Akermanis.

Port Adelaide: Boak, Cassisi, K Cornes, C Cornes, Pearce, D Stewart, Gray.

My Votes: 3. Barry Hall (WB), 2. Travis Boak (PA), 1. Ryan Griffen (WB).

Umpires: Donlon, Rosebury, Stevic.           Crowd: 10,531 at Etihad Stadium.

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Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. Damian Watson says

    Good work Steve,

    Nice use of stats, yeah Daniel Stewart was a good target up forward, there is no doubt he will be pressing for selection, the tackling wass outstanding as well.

  2. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, it was really great how the umpires let the game go for heaps of it. Really fierce tackling, cross, akermanis and Picken had 31 tackles between them. Interesting to note that Port have scored 12 super goals in their last 5 nab cup games, I think

  3. Steve Healy says

    Bloody 5AA commentators, Jurrah dislocated his shoulder, what liars!

  4. Damian Watson says

    What is the diagnosis Dr Healy?

  5. Steve Healy says

    He definitely dislocated his shoulder, and he will have scans today.

  6. Dislocated shoulders are worse than a broken arm Steve.

  7. Did anyone else see what Danni had to say in the Herald Sun today ? lol.

  8. Steve Healy says

    6- Yeah I know, I’ts just bad that they got it wrong.

    7- WHat?

  9. Damian Watson says

    Was this in the paper or on the website again?

  10. Hahaha ahh i saw a picture of Danni at the St Kilda v Collingwood game last year, she looks half asleep

  11. 8- It was 1 of those issue things talking about the hunks of the game and theres a little piece that goes.
    I went to the Pies family day and Jack Anthony is a absoulute stunner and then theres Sean Rusling.
    Danni via web.

  12. 9-Paper

  13. Steve Healy says

    Did she send this picture to you Josh?

    Why does that paper do all those favours for Danni?

  14. 13: Nah it’s on Facebook.

  15. Steve Healy says

    ohh, there it is, lol her eyes are closed

  16. Steve Healy says

    Grandma’s here

  17. Gday Grandma

  18. Steve Healy says

    were gonna have a barbeque for lunch, a bit of finely cooked meat!

    I wonder if you can see Danni’s birthday poster in the crowd on the highlights of the game

  19. Talkin bout lunch Dad and I are gonna have our Sunday special Souvalakis from Kebabalicious, will be delicious as always.

  20. 19: I think Harley is coming over later

  21. Steve Healy says

    19- sounds delicious

  22. 20- Ahhh little Fuz ay tell him i said maloyd called him Scuba.
    21- They are and the nice people at the shop always give us free stuff, good old mates they are.

  23. Anyone see JTH on TV this morning?

  24. Damian Watson says

    Damn I missed Offsiders again! I always miss the episodes when JTH is on.

  25. Damian Watson says

    Anyway I’m off for a ride.

  26. What’s the weather like in Melbourne today?

  27. Danielle says

    omg lol thats such a dogey photo!
    didnt u guys even think that maybe i had my eyes closed b/c i didnt want to see what was comming ahead!!! lol
    nahh a saints supporter took that photo but was stupid enough not to notice i have my eyes closed and take another one!
    whos facebook is it on?

    lol jeff do have the link to my HS comment?
    they seriously LOVE me at the HS!

  28. Fiona’s.

  29. Danielle says

    28- lol thanks josh, im gonna go and kill her on tuesday!

  30. I get adventerous on FB when i’m bored so yeah, but still kill her. Do what you want.

  31. Steve Healy says

    26- sunny, a few clouds in the sky. Beautiful day.

    Let me guess, its absolutely bucketing down in Waaia?

    I don’t think you look bad in that photo Danni, even though you have your eyes closed

  32. 31: It’s a good day, a bit chilly.

  33. Danielle says

    31- rofl steve, u have got ot be kidding me! i mean yeah it shows off my eyeshadow but..seriously its a dodgey photo!

  34. Does the link from the homepage to my St Kilda v Freo report work for anyone?

  35. Steve Healy says

    34- Nah, if I click on your name on the almanackers list its not even there either, its weird

  36. Steve Healy says

    33- I’ll stand by my words Danni

  37. 35: Damn, hope it works soon.

  38. Danielle says

    Lol, okay Steve.
    I was reading this thing the other day about all these dudes complaining and saying that they like girls more without any makeup and I seriously find that weird cos when ever I see a couple the girl has a painted face on and her dude looks very happy with himself. You guys don’t make any sense

    Ps- what a way to turn 17, thanks a lot princess Riewoldt!

  39. Steve Healy says

    I hope the Sydney V Roos game is avalible to listen to online, cos I need Friday night footy

  40. 38: I don’t like girls with makeup. Well, they don’t look bad but just the natural look that God gave them is fine. Although i will admit some girls need plenty of makeup.

  41. Steve Healy says

    38- I dont care either way, to tell you the truth

  42. Danielle says

    40- there we go, perfect example
    first u say that they look better withot but then u say some need plenty! lmaoo
    i dont get it!

  43. Danielle says

    41- lmao and then u get steve u who doenst even care! this is gold!

  44. 42: No i mean girls look fine from my point of view, but some girls are completely fugly and will most likely dip their face in a pool of foundation.

  45. Steve Healy says

    Im not lying, I really dont care. I mean go ahead, put make up on, but I won’t respect you any more or less either way

  46. I hate how my Mum brushes her hair when we go to the Waaia shop. No one in Waaia will care if you have messy hair! Most of them don’t even have hair.

  47. Danielle says

    44- the only time i did that was for school photos so i dont look pale, and it worked. lol

    45- lol love to see what kind of girl steve ends up with..i cnt really picture her yet..

  48. Danielle says

    46- lmaoooo well i dont leave the house without atleast eyeliner and mascara on.

  49. Steve Healy says

    Danni, did the storms damage any windows in your house?

  50. Danielle says

    49- no but my brother kicked the soccer ball throught the garage window the other day lol

  51. 47: I wonder what some of the girls at my school would look like if they didn’t put makeup on.

  52. Danielle says

    51- lol well when i dont wear any, cos i have decided to sleep in instead of get up and make myself look good all i get is
    “danni, wow u look dead”
    “geee, danni u look really tired”
    and even
    “are you alright, u look a bit sick”

  53. Danielle says

    32- app theres gonna be another strom today

  54. My hair looks best after its been deliberately done, then messed up again.

  55. Steve Healy says

    I havent washed my hair for weeks, its called an experiment

  56. The hair looks the best three days after its been washed. Then when i use hair wax it sticks straight up in the air for a couple of hours then it resorts to being my normal hair that i had at the North v Cats game.

  57. Danielle says

    54- lol ill bet :P

  58. Danielle says

    55- lmaoo steve

    56- josh i can tell u put effort into ur do.

  59. Steve Healy says

    I never use wax, gel or a brush. My only things that control my hair style are my hands and a towel

  60. 58: Effort? That’s an understatement

  61. Danielle says

    60- lmaoo josh i can see us fighting over a mirror!

  62. I’m up to 114 hours of driving now, I drove into the city today, we passed the Clyde.

  63. Lol haha i’m always getting told off for spending too much time looking into a mirror, whether it be in the car, at home or in a shop’s window reflection.

  64. 62: Go past it again and get my footy would ya?

  65. Steve Healy says

    Here’s my advice: Spend less time looking in a mirror and worrying about what you look like, and spend more time concentrating on the important things in life: Footy.

  66. Danielle says

    62- lol your so lucky!

    63- OMG me too! i stop and look into other peoples car windows in the carpark to check myeself out.

  67. Danielle says

    65- lmaoooooo

  68. 66: i think i did that once and saw someone looking straight back at me.

    65: Footy’s finished for the week Stephen.

    Status – working on a new article

  69. You two sound like my brother, he cares about his hair.

  70. Haha Danni, my phone comes with a mirror.

  71. Steve Healy says

    Josh, I’ve been told this many times and said this many times:

    Footy never finishes

  72. Danielle says

    70- OMG NO WAYY!! :)

  73. Danielle says

    i have this lip-gloss that comes with a mirror, last year i even had one up in my locker. thsi year i carry one in my pocket.

  74. 72: Yes way, it has a chrome top on it when its flipped shut and you can see yourself easily in it. Little did i know i bought a girls phone when i purchased it though, oh well it’s been a good to me.

  75. A good reason for me to not worry about my hair is that most girls are too short to see a lot of it.

  76. Steve Healy says

    I’ve never understood mirrors, I mean if you look through them, you’re not looking at yourself, your looking at the complete opposite of you, so therefore, if you try and make yourself look better, your making yourself look worse. That’s my theory

  77. 76: Hahahaha

  78. Danielle says

    75- lmaooo Adam u have nice hair but i recond it would look hotter if it was messier instead of neat.

    76- …..okayy.. lmao like i said i cnt wait to meet ur girl steve

  79. My mum and my brother are obsessed with their hair. I can understand why my mum is, the “caring about hair” gene is common in females, but my bro?

  80. Steve Healy says

    well, I’ve gotta find a girl first, I dont know where to look apart from the girls toilets in public places, which would give me a bad reputation, so I dunno Danni.

  81. Danielle says

    80- lmaooo hahahahahahahahhahaha!!!
    steve, CHADSTONE is like girlcentral!!

  82. I’ve never been to Chadstone.

  83. I’ve never been to Chad’s Stone

  84. Danielle says

    82- cool :)

    83- really?its shopping heaven! :)

    ohh and steve, maybe if u didnt look to much at the game, you might find a girl at the footy, halftime is alwayd good to browse

  85. Steve Healy says

    At least your phone isnt bright pink, lol, then it would be obvious.

    Yeah, well I’ve got other things on my mind when im at chadstone, like going to McDonalds and seeing a movie, but when I do see some good looking girls, I give a long glance.

    lunch time, cya

  86. Haha you know when Steve is interested in you, when he is staring at you for ages.

  87. 86: Enjoy your finely cooked meat Steve.

  88. Danni do you know:

    a) How far Eltham is away from Chadstone
    b) How many shopping centres there are closer?

  89. Danielle says

    87- thats really bad though, we get creeped out when guys stare for ages…

  90. Danielle says

    89- lol
    a- no
    b- no

  91. They should build a shopping centre in Waaia..

  92. 92: Thought they already had one:

  93. Danielle says

    lmao i can imagine steve just starting, not showing any emotion just staring, how creepy, he should really not do that. lmaoo

  94. Ha Ha Bulman, more like this:

    But in 10 years Waaia will be a moderate sized town with a population of 300,000, we need to accomodate now.

  95. Danielle says

    93- OMG sovereign hill!! I love that place, so much hot guys

  96. Once again in the words of Brian Taylor, ITS ABSOLUTELY PISSING DOWN!

  97. Danielle says

    status- swearing at english essay

  98. I can relate.

  99. I love remembering that we get the day off tomorrow.

  100. I’m driving to Malmsbury tomorrow with Dad.

  101. Danielle says

    100- yeah i love remembering how every teacher thought “ohh long weekend more hw for u!”

  102. Simon Taylor broke his leg yesterday. Stupid North Melbourne, they were supposed to target Gibson!

  103. ..And Sewell has a broken collarbone

  104. Danielle says

    101- lol i have no idea where that is.

    103- gasp! so mean

  105. Mean is leaving your club for a ‘better’ team.

  106. Herald Sun Poll today:
    “Is Etihad Stadium the best venue to watch footy?”
    So far:
    61% said NO
    39% said YES :o :o

  107. Steve Healy says

    103- thanks for that information Josh, thats absolutely terrible news for the Hawks.

    No, its more like staring with a smile

  108. Etihad and the MCG, you can’t split them from my point of view. Although the G has better bigscreens and i’d rather be in the elements instead of under a roof.

  109. Steve Healy says

    107- It should be about 90% no, 10% yes

  110. Danielle says

    108- lol are u sure….. ??
    lmao i remba when u were staring at me at the launch it was kinda, no expression wierd lmaoo

    106- thats true..

    107- yay lol

  111. Steve Healy says

    you can easily split them, the MCG is an iconic ground, better facilities, easier to access, built on better ground, bigger, and it has the character that Etihad doesn’t. Etihad definitely needs bigger screens, and better quality

  112. Danielle says

    wait a right! ur too shy to smile at girls steve!

  113. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Danni, I won’t do that again, sorry

  114. Steve Healy says

    no, i’ve smiled at girls before, but generally im too shy in front of girls ill admit

  115. MCG is the godfather of stadiums in Australia, it has far more history, and far more atmosphere. Etihad is a younger brother who tries too hard to impress people.

  116. Danielle says

    114- lol thats alright, just practise.

    115- yeah i had that idea, i mean u hardly spoke 2 words to me.

  117. Danielle says

    116- lmao i love the G :)
    once i walk onto the grounds i can forget about everything, it makes me feel happy. ;)

  118. Steve Healy says

    You cant compare Etihad to the G, I mean, I love Etihad, its a good footy ground, but jeez, the MCG is just amazing, you cant say Etihad is better

  119. Steve Healy says

    117- Did I? I probably wasn’t aware of it

  120. SHIT! We’re getting attacked by weather! I’d say this is worse than what Melbourne got, can’t hear anything because of the hail stones. We had a possum at our front door scratching to get in, then it ran away. Jeez!! Our roof is gonna collapse.

  121. Danielle says

    120- lmaoo at first josh was doing it, but he was more subtle, but you were kinda just really staring so i felt a tad awkward, thats when i walked up to you guys, so ud stop standing there just kinda staring. lmaoo

  122. Steve Healy says

    121- This is what I went through yesterday Josh, my bedroom roof felt like it was gonna collapse too. How big are they Josh?

  123. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Danni, I need to redeem myself next time I see you, which could be a while

  124. Steve Healy says

    118- Amen

  125. From the Herald Sun:
    “Many football fans, including former AFL chief executive Wayne Jackson, prefer watching games at Etihad Stadium than any other venue. Part of this is do to with fixing the initial problems, as well as the comfort levels of a stadium with a roof and an up close feel.”
    Then it says:
    “So too, is the cat the ground has a history. New stadiums are shiny, but it is only when they can boast a past that they form a part of the future in the minds of fans.”

  126. Steve Healy says

    which herald sun prison escapee wrote this?

  127. Glenn McFarlane.

    MCG – over 150 years old
    Etihad – not even 10 years old

    What history?

  128. Bloomin heck, the weather is crazy up here, our backyard is flooding!
    By the way my souvalaki was incredibly delicious lol.

  129. Danielle says


  130. Steve Healy says

    The MCG is easily the best building in the world, therefore you cant compare it to anything

  131. Steve Healy says

    Gee it sounds like Waaia/Numurkah could be under water soon

  132. Danielle says

    gee i hope Josh and Jeff anf Greg are okay

  133. lol we keep trying to get the dog in the house but he is too busy barking at the thunder.

  134. Steve Healy says

    I hope book world and the strip club are okay in shepparton

  135. Steve Healy says

    i miss the hail, come back to melbourne please!

  136. Imagine if the storm had hit in the middle of a horserace.

  137. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,

    Just had a small ride about 25km, we rode past Scoresby which was the worst affected suburb from the hailstorm yesterday, I can guarantee their are tarpaulins over the rooves of each house.

    Gee I hope Josh and Jeff are alright.

    Yeah I read that article in the Herald Sun, celebrating 10 years of Etihad Stadium, I don’t remember Gerard Whately being escorted off on live TV by a sercurity guard.

  138. Damo – Wrong. 1 year of Etihad Stadium.

  139. Damian Watson says

    Fine- 3 years of colonial Stadium
    5 years of Telstra Dome
    2 years of Etihad Stadium

  140. Has 2010 already happened? Jeez I must have slept through it all.

  141. It’s funny how the name of the MCG has lasted over 150 times longer than that of what the Herald Sun claim to be Victoria’s best place to watch football, Etihad.

  142. Damian Watson says

    This is the second year under the rights of Etihad stadium, don’t get sarcastic on me! lol.

    Yeah and in Docklands’ brief history it has had more contoversies in regards to it’s surface, ticketing, scheduling and conditions.

    It would have been more effective if they kept Waverley Park!!!

  143. Steve Healy says

    its pretty ridiculous that a stadium cant keep a name for longer than 5-6 years

  144. Steve Healy says

    Well, they built Etihad stadium on concrete, there was always gonna be problems with the surface.

    They should’ve kept Waverley park, I know it was built in a rain belt and had poor facilities and hard to access, but it had character

  145. Damian Watson says

    Kardinia Park 1941- 1996

    Shell Stadium 1997-2001

    Baytec Stadium 2002

    Dalai Lama Stadium 2002

    Skilled Stadium 2002-Present

  146. Steve Healy says

    Thanks for that Damo, lol.

  147. Damian Watson says

    145- Certainly agree with you Steve, although Waverley Park did have the best facilities in the country for a period at one stage they planned to play Grand Finals there.

    The Government should have provided public transport towards the ground, that’s what killed the poor old stadium in 1999/2000, it’s lack of accessability.

  148. Damian Watson says

    Football Park 1974-2002 Stadium Australia 1999-2002

    AAMI Stadium 2003- present Telstra Stadium 2002-2007

    ANZ stadium 2008- present

    Anymore Steve? lol

  149. Steve Healy says

    I was hoping they could play some challenge matches there in the future.

    They should bring Visy Park back to an AFL stadium, and consider Casey Fields

  150. The grounds that are used for cricket don’t tend to change their names, cricket is a very purist sport.

  151. Danielle says

    i have always wanted to buy my own footy ground so that Collingwood could train on it :)

  152. Steve Healy says

    Princes Park?

  153. Damian Watson says

    Well Collingwood will have Olympic Park soon, they shunted out Athletics Victoria which my race walking friend is ropeable about, bloody Eddie!!

    I think Waverley still has a capacity of about 2000 so the Box Hill Hawks should play home matches there.

    Princes Park 1897-1993

    Optus Oval 1994-2007

    MC Labour Park 2007-2008

    Visy Park 2008- present

  154. Damian Watson says

    Steve isn’t Melbourne using the new Bubble Dome as it’s administartion and at times training facility?

  155. Damian Watson says

    Here is a great video of the flooding yesterday in the CBD:

  156. Danielle says

    Damo, tell the truth, do you miss fev?

  157. Damian Watson says

    Well in terms of our forward structure, yes we need an efficient goalkicker.

    Personality wise? I’m glad he is out of the club! His rap sheet is longer than the Flemington strait.

  158. Danielle says

    158- lmaooo!!!
    dont worry u should just put good old duckie at forward! :)

  159. Damian Watson says

    Where does the nickname ‘Duckie’ originate from? did you make it up?

  160. Steve Healy says

    I have real worries about Carlton’s future at the moment. Sorry Damo

  161. Danielle says

    160- yeah i made it up :)
    when he first came to the blue bryce had really fluffy duckie hair.

  162. Steve Healy says

    someone said I looked like a duck before

  163. Danielle says

    163- hahahah nawwwwwwwww!! ur so cute steve! serioulsy so cute!

  164. Steve Healy says

    so are you Danni.

    Bell’s gonna miss 8 weeks, the extent of Jurrah’s injury is still not certain

  165. Danielle says

    status- singing ‘im waiting for u right outside, the place we first locked eyes’

    :) i love music

  166. Danielle says

    165- lmaoo steve can u please explain how im cute? please !! :)

  167. Steve Healy says

    I cant think of a good explanation, but you just are

  168. Danielle says

    168- lmaoo hahahah come on steve!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!! :)

  169. Damian Watson says

    Well judging from the reports i have I think the extent of Bell’s injury was worse, I thin k he ruptured his ACL so Jurrah should be back within the first 4-6 weeks of the season.

  170. Damian Watson says

    That little bow-tie you wore to the Family Day was cute lol.

  171. Danielle says

    171- nawwwwwwwwwww DAMO!! :)

  172. Steve Healy says

    Danni, are you doubting me because you don’t think you’re cute?

  173. Danielle says

    do ya think Jack thought it was cute?
    OMG IF HE DID!! :)

  174. Danielle says

    173- I dunno…

  175. Damian Watson says

    I’m not sure, maybe.

    Judging by the photo Dayne Beams was just content on signing the jumper.

  176. Steve Healy says

    175- Well, I think you’re cute because your small, energetic and friendly, and you also look cute

  177. Danielle says

    176- lmaoo im telling u he was like a rockstar..he didnt really say anything!
    whereas JACK…oh god… :)

  178. Danielle says

    177- nawwwwwwww lmaooo thanks steve :)

  179. Danielle says

    damo dontya love the one of Rusling!! hes smiling at me!!!!!!!!!

  180. Steve Healy says

    any time :)

  181. Danielle says

    i know this will sound very awkward to u guys but seriously all the photos i have of Jack, just wnna rip his shirt off!
    mannn hes hot!!

  182. Damian Watson says

    Just looking at the waether radar and I think we are going to recieve the storms that Josh and Jeff endured.

  183. Danielle says

    183- well atleast im not driving

  184. Steve Healy says

    yeah its grtting pretty dark outside.

    All the Collingwood players in your photos look pretty friendly to you and the other fans Danni

  185. Danielle says

    185- yeah they are..lmao i still laugh at the photo with rusling cos i dont think he thought i was gonna talk to him. Hes signing anf all of the sudden im like “Sean, hou are going?” lol he kinda looked shocked lmaoo

  186. Danielle says

    you guys..havent heard from josh or jeff in a while…im getting worried..

  187. Steve Healy says

    nice, Danni.

    Yeah, that might be caught in the flood, hopefully for them the waters moving south and they’ll be in Melbourne in no time

  188. Damian Watson says

    Did you guys get any other damage from the hailstorm?

    I know Steve had a broken window and I don’t think there was any damage to your cars Danni?

  189. Steve Healy says

    I think we were lucky to have just one broken window judging by how big some of those hail stones were. I went to church today, the local church had several windows badly broken

  190. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I thnik the worst for Josh and Jeff’s area is over, I wouldn’t be suprised if they had any damage.

  191. Danielle says

    189- nope no damage

    hmm i hope they are okay

    andrewswallow twitter- Next door neighbour forgot to take his clothes off the line yesterday…big mistake

  192. Steve Healy says

    have their been any reported deaths/injuries from the hail?

  193. Damian Watson says

    There have been a coupkle of serious head injuries but no deaths have been reported. I feel sorry for those who are on holiday this weekend some will be traumatised when they see their houses.

  194. Steve Healy says

    192- hahahaha.

    I suppose you guys have leaves and branches on the roads and footpaths all around your streets?

  195. Danielle says

    195- i havent been outside
    but when i was driving the other day, this car that overtook me had all these leaves all over its back was really funny

  196. Steve Healy says

    were the streets of Coburg flooded when you were driving?

  197. Danielle says

    197- lol yeah there was heaps of water, i was basically surfing really.
    i was like i hope one is walking cos i made massive waves!

  198. Steve Healy says


    Damo, are you going to Carlton V Adelaide next week?

  199. Damian Watson says

    Well it’s going to hard because I have school and it’s in that 4:00 timeslot so probably not. I’m busy Saturday as well so I might miss some of the NAB Cup Final.

    I was just watching the news and suburbs like Ferntree Gully,Boronia and Lysterfield had the worst of the storm, their rooves collapsed and this was only 5-10km away.

  200. Steve Healy says

    Why is that area always the worst affected with everything? Its always in the outer eastern suburbs

  201. Damian Watson says

    Yeah because we are in the epicentre of the rain belt.

    How long do you think Simon Taylor and Brad Sewell will be on the sidelines for?

  202. Steve Healy says

    Hopefully i can go to Casey fields on Saturday for Melbourne V West Coast

  203. Danielle says

    203- mitch brown!!!!!

  204. Steve Healy says

    Taylor could miss four months with broken fibula, Sewell will definitely miss the start of the season with a broken collarbone

  205. Danielle says

    ….the storms here!!! :(

  206. Steve Healy says

    yes, Mitch Brown Danni.

    Whats happening Danni? Hail? Thunder? Rain?

  207. Damian Watson says

    Is there any hail or just heavy rain?

  208. Danielle says

    thunder, strong wind, and its starting to rain.

    Steve, wave at Mitch for me!

  209. Steve Healy says

    its just started to rain here.

    Ok, Danni, lol

  210. Danielle says

    210- your not gonna wave are u?

  211. Steve Healy says

    I dunno, I might if I remember, I dont even know if im going yet

  212. Danielle says

    oh, okay lol

    status- wearing collingwood jumper :)

  213. What is with these storms? LOL. Tourists coming to Melbourne this weekend won’t believe we’re into our 14th year of drought ;-p

  214. Danielle says

    hey Susie, yeah i know what u mean but us MAY babies prefer this weather, personally i cnt stand the heat and would love to live in rainy England

  215. There’s nothing I love more than a good thunderstorm, Danni – it’s par and par with a good footy match. I’m just concerned my roof is gonna cave – the entire face of my house has been turned into a water feature, and the place ain’t young. It’s about 30 years old… LOL

  216. Danielle says

    216- see you problem lol

    i miss a cold night at the G…..

  217. Steve Healy says

    only 30 years? My house is about 60 or 70 years old, at least.

    217- So do I danni, So do I.

  218. Danielle says

    after serious consideration i have decided the my future fiance MUST propose to me at the footy MCG only, must be a night game..i like Friday night…CAN U HEAR ME JACK?

  219. Power is FINALLY back on, been off for about two hours. We had bucketloads of rain, heaps of hail (i took some pics, i’ll send them soon) and our oldest tree was blown out of the ground. A few other trees fell over too, we got a broken window behind our bar in the loungeroom, and unfortunetly a couple of dead kittens. I know Danni and Susie may not want to read that. Oh and as Mum and I were looking out the front door at all the hail, we saw a possum come out of the garage roof and climb across the wires connecting the house to the garage and it kept falling and crawling back up and falling again, the poor thing was white with all the hail and rain. Luckily it made it, and we found a wounded magpie in the backyard so we brang it inside. It will not shut up and its so annoying, so i’ve named it Danni.

  220. Danielle says


  221. Danielle says

    Wait…rewind..dead kittys?????????
    :( omg….. noooooooo

  222. 221: Wha?

    222: Ah well, they were only a couple of weeks old so i wasn’t that attached to them.

  223. Danielle says

    221=- was about the magpie

  224. Danielle says

    guys check ur emails

  225. I dunno why you get excited about that lol. But i was able to save about 7 kittens, i bought them all in, wrapped them in a towel and was putting them in front of the heater when the power went out. I’ve been walking around the house doing nothing for the past two hours.

  226. Danielle says

    226- hello theres a magpie named after me! thats so cool!!! :)

  227. 220: No!!! Poor kittens :-( That’s really, really sad :-(

    But hilarious about Danni the annoying magpie :D

  228. Steve Healy says

    Im sorry the kittens died, and it could also be a bad omen for Geelong.

    I wouldve named a wounded magpie Sean Rusling

  229. Danielle says

    228- im so excited! lol
    is it a baby Magpie? can someone explain to me why baby magpies are bigger thna adult ones?

  230. Steve Healy says

    230- are they?

  231. 226: Naw, Josh. You’re so good with the ickle creatures…

  232. Danielle says

    :( OMGG hes so adorable!!! i seriously have a little cry everytime i find out he gets injured…. :(

  233. Danielle says

    231- yeap my cousinds found a wounded baby magpie and took it in, i wnet ot visit them and saw it. cutest thing ever, called it Buckley! lol
    they really are but i dnt know why

  234. Steve Healy says

    Well, they cant be bigger than adult ones when they are concieved

  235. Danielle says

    235- yeah i dunno but one things for sure, they are soo cuteeeeee :)

  236. 234: This magpie was small but not big, but the mother magpie that attacks me in the morning on my way to school is about the size of a Hawk.

  237. Steve Healy says

    It appears that your right Danni, the young ones in the photo do look bigger:

  238. Danielle says

    238- yeap i wouldnt believe it if i hadnt seen the one my cousin found.
    it was hilarious, we were all sitting in the garage, pretty much ahving a party and the baby magpie is siting there in small blankets watching us!

  239. Steve Healy says

    saw the pictures Danni, I dont think you look that much younger, but its hard to judge since ive only seen you once in the flesh

  240. Check your emails

  241. Danielle says

    240- lol its prob cos i have lots of makeup on, i was going to a party.

    241- yes sir

  242. Danielle says

    lol i have a picture of me as a one yr old! i was that old when i went to my first footy match. wanna see?

  243. Sure

  244. Steve Healy says

    I swear Danni you live in the fanciest house i’ve ever seen.

    Pretty impressive Josh, we kept some hail stones in our freezer, a couple bigger than the ones that your holding.

    There’s a lot of lightning around now

  245. Danielle says

    geee Josh! thats bad as….
    bloody hell look at the ice!

  246. Danielle says

    245- lol, mum loves glittery stuff.

    okay i sent the pic lol

  247. Steve Healy says

    what an adorable baby!

  248. Danielle says

    248- lmaooo yeah i know huh? i was cute as.

  249. Danielle says

    Steve imagine that baby at the footy! lmaoo dont knwo what dad was thinking

  250. Steve Healy says

    That would’ve been before Nathan Buckley played his first game for Collingwood

  251. Danielle says

    251- geeeeee lmao i feel so old now!! hahhaha if only i hadnt lost my cute baby nose! lol

  252. Damian Watson says

    I didn’t go too my first footy match until I was almost 5 years old.

    It’s starting to pour, I was going to use BT’s line but Josh seems accustomed to that lol.

    Bad luck with the kittens, yeah I thinhk the hail in our area was a little larger.

  253. Damian Watson says

    1993- a good year for Carlton, until Grand Final day of course!

  254. Steve Healy says

    yeah it is starting to pour.

    I don’t think you’ve changed all that much Danni

  255. My first match was between North Melbourne and Brisbane Bears i’m pretty sure..

    Susie, i’ll be putting the pics is sent to the guys on FB so have a look if you want.

  256. Steve Healy says

    was that the 1996 prelim final Josh?

  257. Danielle says

    255- so ur saying that i havnt changed from the time i was ONE to 17???
    lmaoo i think i look completly diff, i used to be blonder, app mum said u couldnt see my eyelashes…

  258. Damian Watson says

    Mine wasn’t until R14 1999, it was an awesome day even though my memories are fading and I can’t recall it well.

    That would have been a good game Josh, too bad you weren’t at the MCG seven days later.

  259. 256: I’ll check them out

  260. Danielle says


    Is Etihad Stadium the best venue to watch AFL footy?
    Yes 52.52% (250 votes)
    No 47.48% (226 votes)
    Total votes: 476

  261. Steve Healy says

    YOU ARE KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  262. Danielle says

    Nope, i just went on to see if my beloved Ralphy has anything new up and that when i saw it…..

  263. Just asked my Dad, don’t you love it when he goes off into a big talk about footy from the 90’s? :)

    My first game was in fact against Fitzroy in 1996, so i was half right with the Brisbane Bears lol. And i also saw North v West Coast at Princes Park in the 90’s once, but my first real match i went to where i could walk and talk was against Essendon in 2000 where Carey and Lloyd had a shootout.

  264. Steve Healy says

    Judging by your knowledge from that area, you need some big talks lol just kidding

  265. Danielle says

    i could talk and almost walk at one, i seriously a smart baby. and i called my parents by their names instead of mummy or daddy lmaoo

  266. Damian Watson says

    North-Fitzroy 1996- that was probably a Friday Night match.

    Remember this is only based on a survey, everyone that is sane enough knows that the MCG provides a greater spectacle when viewing the footy.

    Steve here is a link to the last few miutes of the match last week, and of course Ryan murhy’s winning goal:

  267. Steve Healy says

    Im not sure when I started talking or walking, probably not for a while lol

  268. 266: You rude child! Haha, Atticus! lol

  269. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Damo, I wonder if we were shown on screen at any stage during the game?

  270. Damian Watson says

    My parents claim I was a smart baby, they said I could name every car manafacturing company by the age of 3 and a half, probably where my passion for cars stems from.

  271. Damian Watson says

    *Ryan Murphy

  272. Just curious, Steve and Damo (and possibly Susie) have you guys seen every team play live? The teams i’ve never seen are Brisbane Lions, Collingwood, St Kilda and Sydney, although i haven’t seen West Coast and Essendon in this era.

  273. Steve Healy says

    I could sing every club’s theme song, recall heaps of players names, and even recall scores of games when I was 3 or 4. And I also knew what 15.15 and 27.13 and 25.18 were and stuff like that. So yeah, just goes to show that I’ve only really had one passion for my whole life, although I did like trucks when I was around that age as well

  274. Danielle says


    271- i used to yell out “DADDY BEER!” everytime we passed a pub that had a beer ad outfront. lmaoo

  275. Steve Healy says

    273- OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. Steve Healy says

    275- hahaha thats so funny

  277. Danielle says

    271- naww baby muzza

    omg hav u guys ever watched Superwog on utube…its scarily accurate, lebo muzza style.

  278. 271: That’s impressive. Like, scarily impressive.

    Apparently I had a really good memory as a kid. Mum would read me a novel, get three quarters of the way through, and for whatever reason we’d stop. Eight months later we’d pick it up, and I’d tell her which part we were up to, right down to who had said what on the last page we’d read. I often wonder what happened to this wonderful memory of mine.

    I also had a big vocabulary, apparently. And didn’t shut up.

    And I didn’t suffer fools. If adults were idiots, I apparently told them right to their faces. Rather awkward for my mum and siblings, LOL.

  279. Danielle says

    277- lol i know, its dads fault! he used to sit me infront of the telly as a baby to watch the footy with him and hed drink a beer and ofcorse all those beer ads!! lmaoo

  280. 273: Yes. Several times over, LOL. Even been to Sydney a couple of times to see the game.

  281. Danielle says

    279- lmaoooo! hahahahaha

  282. Damian Watson says

    279- hahaha I was the same, the truth comes out a little easily at that age.

    I’ve seen every team play live aside from Fitzroy, Brisbane Bears and of course University lol.

  283. Damian Watson says

    There is one thing left to do before I die: Travel to all of the 12 original VFL grounds, like Billy Miller, I’ve probably only been to Carlton and Richmond’s original home ground.

  284. Steve Healy says

    Damo, how was your footy knowledge at 3 years old?

  285. What was i good at when i was young? Hmmm…i was an expert screamer. Still am in fact. Apparantly i was the worst kid to take to the footy, a movie etc. because i would distrupt things. And of course my footy knowledge didn’t kick in until i was 8.

  286. 283: LOL, too true. I’m a little ashamed of the kind of stuff I’d say at that age, I could be really mean. Mum said I actually told her once:

    “I can get away with saying anything, because grown-ups think I have no idea what I’m saying.” :-S

  287. Damian Watson says

    285- Very poor to say the least, I probably only knew the names of a few teams, of course I didn’t have a strong football upbringing. Channel 7 raised me in that department.

  288. 284: I’ve already planned to go around Australia and watch a game of AFL from each ground.

  289. Damian Watson says

    Really? you didn’t scream too often at the footy lol.

    283- Exactly!

  290. Steve Healy says

    I was born a footy lover, simply put. I used to play pretend games with blocks on the loungeroom floor when I was 3, id make the red ones melbourne and the blue ones carlton and id make goal posts with the bigger blocks at both ends, there’d be 18 players on the field for each team, 4 on the bench, and I’d commentate and keep score in my head.

  291. Steve Healy says

    I’ve always wanted to go to Adelaide or Perth or somewhere for a few weeks and see how they follow footy there, but I dont really ever wanna live outside Australia.

    Josh, sounds like you were one of those annoying kids who ruin the footy for everyone who’s sitting around them

  292. Damian Watson says

    The only footy artefact I grew up with as a toddler was a 1996 Adelaide Crows car that was given to me by my uncle. Thank goodness I didn’t make the transition to become an Adelaide supporter.

  293. Danielle says

    291- lmaoooo ROFL hahahahhah steve, sooo cute!!!

  294. 293: Dad got me a ladder magnet thing with the 2002 AFL Fixture on it, and i used to copy the ladder every Monday morning from the back of the HS onto the magnet. I’ve stopped doing it unfortunetly as i lost some of the team magnets.

  295. 292: Is that a nice way of telling me not to go to the footy with you guys anymore? :|

  296. Damian Watson says

    295- Yeah I recieved the exact same ladder as part of the Auskick pack in 2002.

  297. Steve Healy says

    The funny thing is I cant even remember doing a lot of this, but I have glimpses of memories and my parents always tell me

  298. Danielle says

    292- nahh that me actually!
    lol my cousins move seats AWAY from me cos im embarassing

  299. Steve Healy says

    Oh! I remember that ladder!

    well, you can still come if you’ve controlled this screaming habit of yours lol


  301. 295: I used to do that pre-magnet days, when it was cardboard cutouts. I’d usually crack the sads about the midway-point of the season (this was back when Geelong sucked royally) and just make up my own fantasy ladder. Geelong was always on top, Collingwood, Hawthorn and St Kilda always shared the bottom three. And yes, team names would always go missing, rather like the teams themselves ;-p

  302. Steve Healy says

    I started collecting footy stickers when I was 3 or 4 as well, I used to love the stickers, footy stickers were way better than cards at their prime

  303. Steve Healy says

    302- Where were the Dees, Susie? lol

  304. 302: Ahh same, i’ve got millions of notepads floating around with fake ladders and the scores of the finals matches, but funnily i’ve never made North Melbourne win a flag, probably to make things all that more realistic.

  305. Damian Watson says

    I just realised that I should consider if any damage was done to the school due to the hailstorm.

    It’s weird how that never crossed my mind.

    Has anyone sworn at the footy in anger of the play only to find that there are people staring blankly at you? lol

  306. I think they were second or third, mainly because I didn’t see them as a threat ;-p

  307. Danielle says

    306- no people only stare at me when i yell things like
    “woooo go sexy thing!!”

  308. 306: I think they are starting at you blankly coz your wearing a Carlton guernsey lol.

    I was thinking before about the school, but apparantly Numurkah wasn’t hit with the hail stones. But there is no school tomorrow anyway.

  309. Steve Healy says

    305- Yeah I was the same Josh, I still do all these fake scores, usually on loose bits of paper so it gets my room messed up. Like on my desk i’ve got a Geelong V essendon game (meant to be the one in Round 1 this year), THe Cats won 26.8 164 to 12.19 91, I also did all the stats for all the Geelong players

  310. 306 – Nah, but I used to get odd looks for screaming myself hoarse whenever Stokes or Byrnes got near the ball, back before they were “popular”. Pfft, some people are such bandwagoners ;-p

  311. Steve Healy says

    307- They were a threat in 1998, the year of the great qualifying final, Damo do you remember Melbourne V Adelaide in 1998? ;)

  312. Danielle says

    311- LMAOO i dont think i could help myself if i were to go to a Collingwood Geelong game, theres no way ill be silent if Mackie or Mooney are near! lmaoo so hot!

  313. 309: Staring*

    Yeah i started doing fake match reports like the ones we write on this website, and i included the teams as a new addition to my fake games but like i told you on FB i didn’t save it.

  314. 310: You are legendary :-D

  315. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Damo a lot of the time I get carried away at the footy, a lot of the time without even realising it

  316. My friend is a Geelong supporter and him and his Dad absolutely hate Shannon Byrnes. Why? He’s a good player, sure he might be a bit clumsy but he sure does have skill.

  317. Damian Watson says

    Gee my memory’s fuzzy Steve, what was the score and who were the most effective players?

  318. Damian Watson says

    By the way I was referring to comment 312.

    I remember collecting those footy stickers, great fun back in the old days lol.

  319. Well thank god for that our power came back on an hour ago after almost 3 hours without it and within the first 10 mins my laptop died :/ then my ipod died :/ very boring.

  320. 313: LOL. You should’ve seen the looks I was getting at the Collingwood/North Melbourne game last year.

    My friend was Collingwood, so I went with her and her mates. Only one guy was North, the rest were all Collingwood. I started cheering for North because I felt sorry for him. But I had to cheer for the Pies or my friend was going to kill me – she’s vicious.

    So I was getting all these funny looks from Collingwood and North Supporters around me, who couldn’t figure out who I was going for (I was a girl, I knew most of the players for both teams, and I was quite loud). I just grinned at them and flashed them my Geelong guernsey under my coat. They glared and turned around to watch the game again.

  321. Footy stickers were better than cards, but the cards are still alright. By the way they should be starting up again fairly soon.

  322. Damian Watson says

    It’s that One Day in April!

    Footy fans be grateful!

    I forgot the rest of the song.

  323. 317: Until 2009, he was officially the most inaccurate kick in the AFL. They had an article on it and everything.

    But he is fast, a ferocious tackler, and he gets higher than the rucks when he jumps.

  324. 323: Don’t get Jeff started..

    While the power was out today i started to re-read The Footy Almanac 2007

  325. Steve Healy says

    Sorry guys, my sister and parents were in an argument I always have to intervene when that happens.


    318- hahahahaha

  326. 323- That one day in April that every footy player dreams of, the day you find out your on a footy card !

  327. Danielle says

    321- hahahhaah thats gold! lmaooo

    you know you make freinds with the randoms around u? well me and this fellow collingwood fan started talking and eventually cheering together, my cousin rocks up as at half-tim thinkin ive known the girl all my life lmaoo
    anyway she love dale and hes hanging around where we are sitting up near the front so she sreams “DALLLEEEEEE YOUR SEXYY!!” AND he looks up at ME!! he thought it was me and i was like..omg lmaoo i just shock my head and pointed at the girl next to me lmaoo

  328. Steve Healy says

    Brynes had a ripper of a 2009.

    Between rounds 9-13, he averaged 24 possessions and kicked 17 goals

  329. 325- to late lol

  330. 328: Hahahaha, but admit it: Dale Thomas just KNEW that’s what you were usually like. I bet he’d be so disappointed to learn you preferred Jack Anthony, LOL.

  331. Steve Healy says

    Are you still friends with this girl Danni?

    I’ve never been to a Collingwood V Geelong game or a Collingwood V North Melbourne one

  332. 329: You don’t need to tell me that, Steve :-D He’s my equal favourite. Along with Harry Taylor (and Stokesy, prior to the current dilemma)

  333. Danielle says

    331- lmao he was such a DIVA at the family day!!!!! and those sunnies he was wearing, not for him!! lmaoo
    JACK was just stunning and a flirt! damn him! :)

    332- nah havent seen her since lol

    i have been to a Collingwood v Geelong game and a few Collingwood v North games
    i have never been to a collingwood V melb game

  334. The weirdest game i’ve been too has been Hawthorn v Adelaide and Carlton v Fremantle. Weird as in they weren’t crowd-pulling games and didn’t involve North Melbourne, but i went to Richmond v Hawthorn which attracted a decent crowd so you can’t call that weird.

  335. 333: Ablett isn’t your favourite? Don’t blame you, he’s a poofter. Oh by the way were you at the game between Cats and North a couple of weeks ago?

  336. Danielle says

    infact steve, i have never been to a Melbourne game.
    ive been to Carlton, Essendon and even North games without collingwood playing.

  337. Most volatile game I’ve ever been to, in terms of the crowd: Carlton vs. Collingwood. Last year. I didn’t wear my Geelong jumper to that. I valued my life.

    Though the Round 17 Geelong vs Hawthorn game was pretty nasty, too. In fact, very nasty. Geelong and Hawthorn people hate each other quite as much as Pies and Blues fans hate each other.

    And Danni, I know what you mean – he was 20 feet in the shade, wearing sunnies. What the heck? My Collingwood friend asked him what was up with the sunnies. He said it was bright out. Pfft. LOL.

  338. Damian Watson says

    The Hawthorn-Carlton match last year was weird to say the least, I just walked out of the MCG not quite believing what happened.

  339. Steve Healy says

    Harry Taylor is an admirable player.

    I’ve been to heaps of games not involving Melbourne.

    Danni, how can you not have gone to a Collingwood V Melbourne game? You’ve never been to a Queens birthday match!

  340. Danielle says

    338 OMG SUSIE!! did u read my report on that day? i asked him the same thing and he said the same thing!! YET he still didnt take them off!! DIVA!!!! DIVA-DAISY! :)

  341. Hawks V Tiges in 08 was a weird game. . We won for a change. Something that wasn’t weird about that game was that the big fella Richo dominated.

  342. Damian Watson says

    The Carlton-Bulldogs match that I ventured along to as a 6 year old in Round 19 2000 had a tense atmosphere at the end of the match I remember the Carlton supporters were fuming at the umpires as they went down the race.

  343. Danielle says

    340- NOPE… :(

    Oh and Susie, i thought if anyone, Jack would be wearing Sunnies, cos hes that type you know, likes attention but when he was i understood he has a “im too sexy for my sunnies’ concept about his life :)


  344. Steve Healy says

    I remember that game, Richmond won 16.9 105 to 10.16 76.

    I haven’t seen Port Adelaide play since 2007, actually.

  345. Damian Watson says

    Wasn’t that the defining match where Richo played on the wing?

  346. Danielle says

    Meanwhile I get Dale who looks like a Rock star in his black sunnies to which I say to him
    “Eyy Dale, what’s with the sunnies mate? You look like a celebrity!”
    Lol he laughs and his only excuse is “Yeah, it’s too bright out today!”

  347. 336: He WAS my favourite, ages 11 – 13, when he was young and blonde and gorgeous and an Ablett.

    Then I turned 14 and gained perspective. As a player, I LOVE him. He’s the best in the land (obviously). But in truth, as a person, I’ve never really cared for him. He’s a bit of a loser, LOL.

    And yes -_- I was at that game. It was the first time in a LONG time that I’ve actually felt confident we have a key forward. Tommy Hawkins is gonna have a big year. If Ablett stops kicking the ball over his head. And if he plays more than 20mins game time.

  348. Steve Healy says

    346- No Damo that was the Hawthorn V Richmond in Round 6 that year

  349. Damian Watson says

    Oh my apologies, I got them mixed up.

  350. 346- What Steve said lol, He took a shit load of marks that day if i remember correctly alot were uncontested in the back line though.

  351. Danni, that’s hilarious. You should write a parody to that song … you know, “I’m too sexy for my shirt” … for Jack: “I’m too sexy for my sunnies” ;-p

    Daisy must have been copping it a lot that day, LOL

  352. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I remember, the last time I saw Port play was 2007, and it was against the Dogs at the then Telsra dome. That was a brilliant game, the roof was closed, it was absolutely bucketing down in Melbourne that day, and at the same time the Pies were playing St.Kilda, the game where they won by 9 and Thomas kicked that famous non-goal

  353. Damo, do you know who the commentator is who calls Murphy kicking the final goal in the North v Fremantle game? One of the best i’ve heard.

  354. Damian Watson says

    Matt Campbell former Bears player.

  355. Steve Healy says

    351- Yeah, I think Bowden and Richo had 21 marks each, Bowden had 38 possessions too

  356. 353: Heritage Round

  357. Steve Healy says

    457- Yep, Port wore the Magpies jumper and the Dogs wore the old style footscray one

  358. 9.30 thursday, my life will be coplete again.

  359. Danielle says

    Susie- heres some of my work
    Evacuate the dancefloor:
    Turn up the music
    Let’s get out on the turf
    I like to move it
    Come and give me some more
    Micks yelling getting crazy now,
    Out of control
    We love Jack Anthony
    He never misses it.
    Steal the ball
    Kill the umps
    Feel it, were gonna win
    Time is right
    Keep it tight
    Cause it’s pulling you in
    Wrap it up
    Can’t stop cause it feels like a Premiership!
    Oh, oh, evacuate the goal square
    Oh, oh, kick it to the goals
    Oh, oh, stop Toovey is killing me

  360. Damian Watson says

    Steve do you remember the match between Melbourne and Richmond in 2006, I think Bowden recieved 40+ possesions but came under a lot of criticsm for not using them effectively.

  361. Danielle says

    Tik tock version-
    wake up in the morning feelin like
    Grab my footy im out the door im gonna hit the ‘G’
    Before i leave give a kiss to my number 9 Jack
    cos if he dont kick a goal i wont let him back….

  362. Damian Watson says

    354- Matt Campbell was the caller

  363. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, that was a friday night game and the Dees won 52-70, and Robbo took an absolute screamer

  364. 360: I’d buy that single! That’s very well done, LOL

  365. Damian Watson says

    Danni have you ever thought about a career in the footy songwriting business? lol

  366. 362: I think you’ve found your calling, Danni. Writing footy parodies to hit songs.

    The Coodabeen Champions would be proud :-D

  367. Danielle says

    lol thanks guys
    hahah damo my english teacher says i have future in advertising. lmaoo

  368. Danielle says

    heres the big number

    Hey Pretty Baby With The number nine on
    You Give Me Fever
    Like I’ve Never, Ever known
    your aura shines with your strong hotness
    I like the look of your
    Hair, your smile, your chest
    I feel your hotness from miles around
    Keep kicking goals so we can hit the town
    Just smirk my way
    and ask me this
    “helloooo who’s number nine?”
    The Way You Make Me feel
    you got your flirting On
    You Knock Me Off Of My Feet
    Our losing days are gone.

  369. Steve Healy says

    how funny was that triple M footy song from last year? hahaha that was so hillarious

  370. I made a Richo song last year but it’s got nothing on Dannis work lol.

  371. Damian Watson says

    Footy! It’s what it’s all about, it’s what we live for, come on shout it out!

    Is that the song you were referring to Steve?

    I’m a big fan of the Coodabeens! what is your favourite song from Greg Champion Susie?

    I like ‘The Thing about Football’, from memory it was a big hit in the 1990’s.

  372. Steve Healy says

    I remember the Tigers grog squad sang:

    Richo Richo man, I wanna be a Richo man

  373. Steve Healy says

    thats it Damo, the verses are really funny.

  374. Danielle says

    371- lol ahh shuks!
    i think josh metioned it.

  375. Damian Watson says

    Does anyone appreciate The Footy Show’s parody songs? Their words aren’t exactly hilarious but the clips are great.

  376. Danielle says

    373- lol we have one of those at Collingwood our is
    lol gotta love Tarks!

  377. Damian Watson says

    376- *lyrics

  378. Steve Healy says

    yeah there pretty funny Damo

  379. 376-I think there great.
    May aswell say my Richo song.
    Its to the tune of The Frays – You found me.
    I saw Cho, standing next to Simon Prestigiacomo,
    In the square giving someone a dirty stare,
    Really peed off cause they just won’t kick the ball to him,
    Then Wallace was like, Lets put him on the wing,
    And ever since then his been better then Cameron Ling.
    Thats all I remember of it lol.

  380. Danielle says

    380- lmaoooo thats so funny! hahhahah

  381. Steve Healy says

    I remember we made a waltzing matilda footy version in primary school, it went something like this:

    Waltzing matilda boo st.Kilda up with the Dees and down with the Blues. And thats all I remember lol

  382. Here’s a good footy song:

    Hearts to hearts and hands to hands
    Beneath the blue and white we stand
    We shout god bless our native land
    North Melbourne, North Melbourne!

    Out we come, out we come, out we come to play
    Just for recreations sake to pass the time away
    Lots of fun, heaps of fun you’ll enjoy yourself today
    North Melbourne boys are hard to beat when they come out to play

    So join in the chorus, and sing it one and all
    Join in the chorus, North Melbourne’s on the ball
    Good old North Melbourne, they’re champions you’ll agree
    North Melbourne will be premiers, just you wait and see!

  383. 381- Lol thanks Danni.
    382- We did that too !

  384. 372: That’s my favourite too!!! I had it on high repeat last week, they just don’t make songs like that any more. And no song has ever better captured the spirit of the footy fan – it’s not a comedy, like his other works, it’s just nice.

    I also like “I am the Footy Fan” – that’s just blooming hilarious :-D

  385. Steve Healy says

    You remembered the “Just” this time!

  386. Danielle says

    383- must admit..the last part of the Roos song is damn catchy!
    nothing beats

  387. I think the first part of the North song is the best when sung live, like on the video i have on my phone.

    I listen to the Coodabeen’s on my way home from Saturday footy.

  388. 383- YELLOW AND BLACK is the best bit in any theme song.

  389. 382: We had that as well!

    I think ours went something like:

    Waltzing Matilda, Down with St Kilda! Up with the Cattas and down with Roos

    I dunno, my memory is pretty foggy, but that rings a bell, LOL

  390. Damian Watson says

    385- It is one of those songs that I could replay continuosly, I’d even rank it higher than ‘Up There Cazaly and that’s a big call.

    Yeah I love listening to “I’m a Footy fan”.

    Years ago the Coodabeens did an hilarious segment called ‘Talkback with Tony’ where they had diffrent footy fans with funny personalities.

  391. Steve Healy says

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

  392. 390: WHAT!? Down with the Roos?? How dare you.

  393. Danielle says

    392- LOL i cnt picture u singing steve since u hardly speak aorund me in the first place!

  394. Steve Healy says

    390- hahaha yeah, St.Kilda is always gonna come first since it ryhmes with Matilda

  395. 388: Yeah, I was pretty impressed with it when they showed North singing it after a win a year or so ago …

    389: Richmond have to best club song of all teams. Without a doubt. I love going to the Legends match: everyone boos all throughout the Collingwood song, but EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE joins in the Richmond song, especially the YELLOW AND BLACK! part.

  396. Steve Healy says

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

    It’s a grand old flag it’s a high flying flag its the emblem, for me and for you. It’s the emblem of the team we love the team of the red and the blue, every heart beats true for the red and the blue and we sing this song to you (WHATTA WE SING), should old aquantince be forgot keep your eye on the red and the blue!

  397. 388- Do you listen to the Curtain Raisers on the way to footy ? and then the Buy Swap and Sell thing ?

  398. Danielle says

    396- lmao well Susie i do the booty shake during the Freo song, and air guitar!!

  399. Damian Watson says

    Here is a link of Talkback if you want to listen:

  400. Steve Healy says

    397- EASILY THE BEST THEME SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  401. Danielle says

    397-…..OKAY!!! LOL

  402. 398: Yep, love buy, swap and sell.

    Could have sworn some idiot just posted on the Almanac with some ridiculous song that passes to be the Melbourne Theme Song..

  403. 396- :) sure is

  404. Steve Healy says


  405. 405: I can’t hear you either, but i’m pretty sure you can SEE what i’m TYPING!

  406. I love the newest headline on the AFL website, it sure has a ring to it:

    Bell to miss eight, Jurrah must wait. Haha classic rhyming.

  407. Steve Healy says

    GO DEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  408. 403- Same ! It’s gun as everytime something awsum comes on im like to mum remember that number mum i want that lol.

  409. 395: That and the fact the nobody really likes them :p

    391: I know what you mean. Until I heard it again a few months ago, I thought nothing could overtake ‘Up the Cazaly’ and ‘One Day in September’ in terms of footy songs. But then I heard that and it brought all sorts of memories rushing back. That song IS footy to me, LOL.

    I love ‘Talkback with Tony’! Do you have the Coodabeens’ album? CD One is all their songs and parodies, CD 2 is highlights of ‘Talkback with Tony’.

    393: Josh, back in my day, the Roos were successful. So, naturally, all the kids who supported the other teams hated them ;-p

  410. Danielle says



  411. Pfft, the Roos are still succesful Susie!

  412. Gee, trying saying “still succesful Susie” out loud. It’s a tongue twister.

  413. Steve Healy says

    Jurrah sprints to find the ball,
    the game is on for one and all.

    The walpiri wizard, leaps across the grass, shouting:
    “Greeny don’t bother, I don’t need to pass”

    He runs to the 50 right against the line,
    the Dees in front, Jurrah sublime

  414. Damian Watson says

    Nah I don’t have the album but they have plenty of links on Youtube in regards to those classic segments.

  415. Steve, for what it’s worth, I love the Melbourne song. I hum it or sing it all the time, LOL. It’s very catchy.

  416. Damian Watson says

    411- Steve and I were singing that song at the end of the match last week.

  417. Danielle says

    414- NICE WORKKK! :)

    ipod- freo theme song

  418. 417: You guys were singing it?? That’s it, you two are off my christmas card list.

  419. Steve Healy says

    417- Yes we were if I call correctly.

    416- I know SUSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Danni, just made that up then lol

  420. 413: LoL, you invented the modern day “She sells sea shells by the sea shore”. Lispers the world over hate you now :p

    411: Danni, it is an awesome song. I rock out to it too :p But as far as club songs goes, it’s rather pitiful. LOL

  421. Status – Talkin to Greg, asking him how many lady friends his talking to. His answer SHUT UP lol.

  422. Danielle says

    421- lmaoo awww come on Susie! cnt u see Chris Tarrant doing the bootyshake to it in the rooms? lmaoo u know u can!

  423. Danielle says

    422- lmaoo thats means 893274938738949834 babes Jeff

  424. Damian Watson says

    Whatever happened to Fremantle’s bid to revamp the whole football club from a marketing point of view? They claimed they were going to alter the colours, song etc.

  425. 423: Indeed I can :p But does the bootyshake belong in footy? Really? LOL

  426. Danielle says

    426- it does when tazz does it!

  427. Steve Healy says

    Jurrah looks forward, waltzes up to the pack,
    placing his knee, on Armfield’s back.

    He soars the air, grabbing the sherrin in both hands.
    the ball sticks like glue, he gracefully lands.

    He looks at the sticks, 60 metres away,
    Lines up and BANG! What more can you say?

  428. Danielle says

    428- steve u clever muffin you!

  429. 425: That idea was as empty as their trophy cabinet.

    Seriously. They have an empty trophy cabinet – it actually exists. They got ‘tool of the week’ for it, because there they were, giving a press conference in this room. There was a wall-to-wall trophy cabinet, long, heaps of shelves … with nothing in it. Absolutely nothing.

    They’ve built this huge cabinet before they’ve won a single trophy. *sigh*

  430. Steve Healy says

    Its funny how I chose Dennis Armfield as the player, it just has that ring to it lol

  431. Danielle says

    430- lmaoo i think they should chnage the name to Toovs of the week! lmao

  432. Steve Healy says

    428- Through* the air

  433. 432: But what does that say about Toovey! :-0

  434. Danielle says

    Susie_ do u like Twilight?

  435. I was wanting Fremantle to win last night but how can they win when they rest Ballantyne, Mayne and Sandilands?

  436. Danielle says

    434- that my point! lmaoo toovs, toovs, toovs! he better prove himself to me this year

  437. 435: I don’t know how to answer that. You might stab me, depending on your stance. LOL

  438. 436: I hate Ballantyne. He’s a little rat.

  439. Danielle says

    438- lmaoo no i wont im not obsessed.

  440. Twilight is overrated.

    439: WHAT!? He’s like my favourite player.

  441. Steve Healy says

    Bate kicks to Watts, who goes to Wonaeamirri,
    he kicks it to the pocket, the Dees look tired and weary,

    The ball bounces, just inside the line,
    Jurrah pounces, we all feel fine.

    He doesn’t look back, snaps it straight through the gap,
    He’s a real genius, he’s no Justin Plapp

  442. 440: Then I hate it. Sorry. But I do. LOL. I’ve read it, seen the movies – my best friend is obsessed, so I had little choice. LOL.

    AND I work in a bookstore. So I’d be happy if I never saw another vampire book again as long as I live, hahahaha

  443. Danielle says

    443- lol not offended at all i was just wondering.

  444. Danielle says

    443- when we had ball practice with the guy school in year 10 my friend who was obsessed almost passed out when her partner said “can we please move away from the sun?”

  445. LOL, Josh – the first time I saw him was against Geelong last year. At Skilled Stadium. He kept staging for free kicks – and he was a terrible actor. And the umpires kept giving them to him.

    He had a free kick before the opening bounce of the game. He had his second free kick before the second bounce of the game. He had his third free kick before the third bounce of the game.

    Thank God he was so friggin inaccurate. LOL.

  446. Steve Healy says

    445- I dont get this twilight thing. I mean, never read the book, never seen the movie, I dont give a crap about any of that crap.

  447. 445: Haha, a guy said that??

    446: Yeah well, he’s not as bad as Stephen Milne so count yourself lucky.

  448. Robert Pattinson has nothing on Jeffrey Robert Paterson . .

  449. Steve Healy says

    Ballantyne is a rat but he’s a really good player, and I was right up close to him last Sunday

  450. Danielle says

    447- its more of a chick thing I doubt u will be swayed by a group of hot vamp dudes and hot werewolves

  451. Steve Healy says

    how can vampires be hot, they’re blood sucking freaks!

  452. 447- Same Steve, I dont see why anyone would rather watch that or read it when you could be watching or reading about footy.

  453. Danielle says

    448- yeah and she was determined to remeber if he had cold hands! lmaoo

    449- no way!! thats ur name!!

  454. 445: Hahaha, that’s funny ;-p Sometimes I fear I am a vampire :-S My skin is so pale it actually shimmers in the sun, LOL. And I have golden-brown eyes. They turn black in flurescent light and yellow in sunlight. My friends have been bagging me about it for years, but now that Twilight is out, all of a sudden, it’s: YOU HAVE CULLEN EYES!!!! LOL

    I suppose the books do have their merits, I used to like them, I’m just over them, LOL. Around Christmas 2008, when the books sold out everywhere, we were getting 80-100 enquiries per day about the books.

  455. Danielle says

    452- its b/c in the book vamps are portrayed as perfection, the most beautiful things u would ever lay eyes on.

  456. Steve Healy says

    453- Amen

  457. 448: No one is as bad as Milne, did you see his perfomance in the Grand Final? It’s become the poster image of the new rule against staging, LOL

  458. 454- It is, My parents named me Jeffrey Robert Paterson lol

  459. Danielle says

    455- lmaooo oh gosh!
    my friends forced me to read it, it wanst too bad and i like romance, i liked the movies but i was never obsessed.

  460. Danielle says

    458- i cnt stand Milne or Riewoldt!

  461. Steve Healy says

    Milne was so bad against the Dees in Round 22, I swear he took playing for frees a step further

  462. Danielle says

    ipod- micheal Buble! :)

  463. 461: Cmon Danni, you have to admit, Riewoldt is one of the best players in the league. He is the reason i’m tipping the Saints to win on Saturday

  464. Danielle says

    464- FARK NO!

  465. Steve Healy says

    I cant stand Tippett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  466. 461- I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, the only thing i like about Milne is the way he sings the theme song.

  467. Danielle says

    466- naww steve

  468. 466: Cmon Steve, you have to admit, Tippett is one of the best young forwards in the league.

    Milne has been impressive this NAB Cup too.

  469. Steve Healy says

    Brent Moloney is the best theme song singer, yes you could argue the Dees sing it better only cos they win less

  470. 461: I used to feel sorry for Riewoldt, after the whole collarbone thing.
    After last year, though, all sympathy is gone. The number of times he stuffed his own teammates up… not to mention the lies after the Granny about his “injury”… LOL

  471. Steve Healy says


    WHY????????????????????????????????????????? WHY??? WHY???

  472. I’m back, and I second comment 447.

    My middle name is Kenneth.

  473. Steve Healy says

    WHY COULDNT GREEN CONVERT FROM 20 OUT DIRECTLY IN FRONT??????!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?>!?!?@!?@?!$@}@$3254;3o2q5jiq324j5vi4q325jcqoi34j5d4o3wijhn6f54ohn7gw543

  474. 470: Pfft, you’re kidding me.

    What about Boris Enright? The Tomahawk? Scarlo? They sing with the classiest facial expressions known to man.

    And what about Mathew Stokes? He never bother to learn the words, just “bom-bom-bom”s his way through the number :p

  475. 474: One word


  476. 474- Steveyy..listen to me…its okayy..i understand but u need to calm down

  477. Kenneth? really? u dont look like a Kenneht i was thinking Adam James or soemthing

  478. Jeff, just don’t alright.

  479. Steve Healy says


  480. Kenneth was my grandpa’s name. Well, actually my grandpa’s middle name.

  481. Sucks dosn’t it steve. Feel lucky you dont have Hislop.

  482. 480: Comment 476

  483. 475- i cnt say much since we dont allow the camera to tape our song inside the circle, which i agree with.

  484. Calm down Steve, it’s just a game, and an unimportant one at that.

  485. 480- well steve…im not sure but maybe its cos u didnt have superman, and i would have gladly lent him to you to take those two kicks but not allowed am i?

  486. Why would you agree with that? On the rare occasions Richmond sing the song, I love watching the players belt out the song in jubilation.

  487. Damian Watson says

    476- Josh don’t make me tell you again! lol

    Milne has been in good form throughout the Pre-Season and Schnieder hasn’t performed too badly either.

    I don’t think Steve would have been this ropeable had the Dees lost by 76 points.

  488. 481- ohh cool mines Joanne

  489. Steve Healy says


  490. Steve Healy says

    Mines Matthew.

    So im SMH

  491. Wish the Tigers would place Hislop on the LTI list and elevate Relton Roberts.
    Alliterative forward line: Mitch Morton, Troy Taylor, Relton Roberts

  492. 479- I was tempted. .8)

  493. Damian Watson says

    I have no second name whatsoever!

  494. 487- i mean inside the circle, not, not being able to see it at all!
    and tahts cos they should be able to have a personal moment without a camera in the way.

  495. 491- nawww lol i was goona name Pendlebury bear Matthew, but he just looked so much like pendles

  496. Damian Watson says

    Simon Taylor will be on the sidelines for the first half of the season.

  497. Does anyone know what Labour Day is? I’ve never understood why we all get a day off because of it.

  498. Danni, you’re acting like the footy players have cameras following them 24/7. Most young footballers in particular would enjoy being filmed yelling out the song with their teammates.

  499. 498- who cares, more sleep for me!~

  500. 494- Either did my pop

  501. 499- okay thats understandble but we dont wnat nay more DIVAS we already have Daisy!

  502. 497: There goes my bet on Simon Taylor to lead the league in frees against…

  503. 503: He’ll make up for it, don’t you worry.

  504. Steve Healy says

    503-Mitch Clark gave away the most last year, and he still starred in dream team and supercoach points

  505. i think the umps are very mean to Medders! hes just as TEDDY!

  506. Damian Watson says

    Labour day honours those who work and contribute to society by allowing them to have a day off.

    This will feature in my report lol.

  507. Steve Healy says

    the umpires are are very mean to the Melbourne football club, especially that runt Heath Ryan

  508. 505: True, but Simple Simon led on average for players who have played over 10 games.

  509. What did Heath Ryan do this time?

  510. The umps hated Richo so much. I dont know why !

  511. Maybe because of the fact he gave the umpire the bird on one occasion..

  512. Steve Healy says

    He’s a terrible umpire, I remember he was horrible in the Bombers v Dees game last year (Jurrah’s first game), I mentioned it in my report on this website

  513. Maxwell reminds me of myself when he yells back at the umps. im like that if i think something is right ill have a fighting match.

  514. 512- :/ bloody ump deserved it

  515. Steve Healy says

    514- We know Danni,we know, lol



  517. Damian Watson says

    What about poor old Greg Williams: He earnt 43 possesion in a game against Melbourne and didn’t poll a Brownlow vote ultimately costing him the 1993 Brownlow medal.

    and yes I relaise he has won two in his career but a third would have been spectacular.

  518. 516- lmao yay :)

  519. Damian Watson says

    517- I’m good friends with Darren Goldspink’s daughter.

  520. Steve Healy says

    He’s retired Danni, lol

  521. 521- I KNOWWWWWWWW!! :(

  522. 520- really? well he was the best!

  523. Steve Healy says

    520- As you told me at the footy Damo, didnt you tell that she’s good looking as well? lol

  524. 518- They hated Richo more.

  525. I wouldn’t wanna be an umpire’s son or daughter, you would cop so much flak from the kids at school haha.

  526. 524- ooooooooooooooooo DAMMMMMO!!!! :)

  527. My brother used to hold the mistaken belief that Darren Goldspink was an actor on the TV comedy show Skithouse. The guy he thought was Goldie was actually Damien Callinan.

  528. Damian Watson says

    Well she’s not too bad, certainly in comparsion to most of the girls at my

  529. Steve Healy says

    Worst Umpire- Heath Ryan

    Best Umpire- Brett Rosebury

    I’ve got good umpire knowledge, I pretty much know all the umpires

  530. Damian Watson says

    Do you know who Ian Robinson is Steve?

  531. I hate when your good friends with a girl and comment 527 happens.

  532. Remember seeing this a while back on Bigfooty, took a while to dig it up though:

    Simple Simon met an umpire
    At the centre square
    Says Simple Simon to the umpire
    I do not play fair

    Says the umpire to Simple Simon
    I will blow my whistle
    Says Simple Simon to the umpire
    My career is in the s***hole

  533. Steve Healy says

    531- rings a bell

  534. 532- LMAOO i know i know
    i was talkign to a friend about her friend that i ha dnet at a party, all i said was “yeah hes a nice guy” and she thought i was in love with the guy!

  535. I hate all the umpires who hate richo.

  536. So you hate all the umpires then?

  537. Woooooooooooo!!! I finally got a comment with 36 in it :O !!

  538. Steve Healy says

    533- Adam, if you want quality poems, see comments 414,428 and 442 (wow they were all 14 apart, I didnt realise)

  539. Damian Watson says

    527- Shut up Danni! lol, we are just friends she’s not the most diehard footy fan either.


  541. 537- Yessss(in dossys voice).

  542. Steve Healy says



  544. 540- LMAOOO hehhehe nah im just kidding damo! ;)
    although i seriously cannot wait to met steves toilet chick.

  545. 517: Really? I hate Goldspink. He always had it in for Geelong, and especially the Abletts.

  546. You go to a lot of parties Danni. The last party i went too was NYE. I remember a couple of years ago going to a party with Jeff and we were the only guys there lol. Weird night that was, the Cats absolutely smashed West Coast at Subiaco and during the day the Roos surprised all with a comprehensive win over Hawthorn.

  547. Justin Plapp Steve? That’s taking forced rhyming to a new level. The rest of it’s good though.

  548. Damian Watson says

    What toilet chick? lol Is she like that Moaning girl off Harry Potter?

  549. Steve Healy says

    well, I’ve gotta find a girl first, I dont know where to look apart from the girls toilets in public places, which would give me a bad reputation, so I dunno Danni.

  550. 547- lol not really…although i do have a friend party on sunday at a bar or soemthing

  551. Steve Healy says

    Im quoting comment 80

  552. 547- Wasn’t Dom there too ? Or was this another one ?

  553. 549- ROFL DAMO

  554. Steve Healy says

    548- Have you heard of him Adam. Former Richmond and St.Kilda player?

  555. 550- i told ya, steve food courts, cinema areas, the footy for crying out loud! lol

  556. I bet Moaning Myrtle supports University. They’re dead.

  557. Have I heard of him? Course I have, I remember he had quite a good patch in 1998, the year I first started following footy and Richmond.

  558. Damian Watson says

    Good old Justin Plapp, a friend of mine used to play with him in Tasmania I think.

  559. Steve Healy says

    yes I need to meet one at the footy, but it has to be at half time, and she cant force me to miss any of the action!

  560. Steve Healy says

    559- Who don’t you have connections with, Damo? Daniel Harford, Darren Goldspink, now Justin Plapp?

  561. Yeah Dom was there i just remembered.

  562. 560- thats what i said, half time is perfect to hav a browse. if shes really pretty ull notice her when she come to her seat b4 the match starts that was u can monitor how she supports her team and stuff.

  563. Damian Watson says

    What should be her criteria Steve?

    1. Needs to have a vast statistical knowledge of AFL Football

    2. Demons supporter

    lol I’m just kidding.

  564. Steve Healy says

    but if shes too pretty, shell be a distraction from the action

  565. 562- That wasn’t a great party was it, remember when we played poker, I like dominated lol

  566. Susie, how hot are RECORD selling dudes! seriously i have to check out a few b4 i decide who to buy one off!
    and once there was an ice-cream guy i swear BRETT DELEDIO’S YOUNGER BRO

  567. Steve Healy says

    564- That would help Damo, but I would love teaching a girl all my stats expertise

  568. Damian Watson says

    561- I don’t actually know them and I have rarely spoken to any of them so I wouldn’t call them connections lol.

  569. 565- LOL i dont htink that will happen with u steve… lmaoo

    i always notice guys when they come to their seats.

  570. 568- well u have to decide if ur only after a Dee.

  571. A guy in my brother’s basketball team lives next door to “Mark” Zaharakis but I’m not claiming a connection with him.

  572. Steve Healy says

    Im not only after a Dee, im after any girl who is good looking and can respect someone like me

  573. Damian Watson says

    561- Plus this particular friend of mine has played with Harf, mick McGuane, Plapp, Brett Moyle, Joel Smith, Patrick Bowden, Keenan Reynolds, Sam Cranage etc. but I have never actually met any of them, aside from McGuane.


  575. Although a Dees supporter would be a big positive, wouldn’t it Stevo?

  576. Steve Healy says

    My friend lives in the same street as Matthew Bate I think

  577. 573- im shocked that u didnt mention a small interest in footy. well that means u need to go to other teams games aswell a bit more.

  578. Steve Healy says

    576- Yes

  579. I once saw Rhyce Shaw at my local pub, and another time at my local gym.
    I had a friend in primary school who was the grandson of Thorold Merrett.

  580. 567: LOL! Danni, Danni, Danni – you’re still so young. I’m old, I have perspective – I always buy my record off someone who nobody else is going to. I’m a pity buyer.

    But I will admit there is a VERY fine specimen working at the Cats Shop/Membership stalls. He bears a loose resemblance to Max Rooke. Very loose. But that’s enough for me. I’ve talked to him a few times.

    He looks a little like the Wildman. He goes for Geelong, works for Geelong, in fact = I think I’m in love :p

    But Geelong have a tradition of lookalikes in the Cats shop. There’s a guy who works there who could be Stokesy’s brother.

  581. Steve Healy says

    578- That as well

  582. i had a strict collingwood dude only guideline, but for some random reason i changed my mind…i think it was cos i saw a really happy couple cuddling in an essendon jumper and the other in a collingwood jumper..and they looked happy.

  583. A girl who supports Richmond and loves and understands footy would be a big positive for me. There’s surely some out there.

  584. Steve Healy says

    I once saw Robert Murphy at a pub, oh wait, that was the almanac launch.

    Adem Yze’s son goes to my sister’s child care centre right near my house, Yze also lives in Ashburton.

    Gerard Wheatley lives in my street, and Anthony Hudson lives just around the corner

  585. Damian Watson says

    584- Same although supporting Carlton would be a good feature.

  586. Someone who looks like Rooke, and you call him a very fine specimen? Okay..Rooke’s definitely the weirdest looking guy in AFL, top bloke i’ve heard though.

  587. 581- LMAOOO really, i stand there looking for the hottest one and its HARD!! cos theres plenty!
    lol my uncle called over the ice-cream guy and said “are u realted to Deledio?” just so the guy could come near me and i was like dying.. lmao

  588. All this discussion about irrelevant connections with footy players reminds me of the TISM song “I Rooted a girl who rooted a guy who rooted a girl who rooted a guy who rooted a girl who rooted Shane Crawford.” Google it, the lyrics are entertaining.

  589. 584- i think i know someone..wait..shes Tiger but..shes not that into it..

  590. I just want a girl that can understand footy, and that i need to watch every game, lol.

  591. Damian Watson says

    585- I know it’s obviously hard and your street lasts for a few kilometres but have you ever met them Steve or glanced at them.

  592. 591- im your girl Jeff! lmaoo im only kidding!!
    im no ‘cougar’ sorry josh just one more time

  593. 593- Haa cougar classic, ‘Someones obsessed with my hair !’

  594. Steve Healy says

    592- He only lives a few houses to the left of ours Damo

  595. 593: !

  596. lmaooo so true Jeff!
    OMG i could do that line so badd! :)
    next guy taht says just HI im gonna say it to him.
    OMG i shoulda said it to JACK

  597. ‘ oh oh oh, its MAJAK, you knowwwww, never believe its not sooooooooo’

  598. Steve Healy says

    Majak Daw?

  599. Top bloke Majak is.

    Am off now everyone.

  600. Josh, Max Rooke is indeed odd-looking. But he has such a pretty face, LOL. He’s really odd, though. A great bloke, but speaking of connections…

    My mum works with someone whose son is friends with Rooke, and apparently whenever they go over to Rooke’s place to hang out, he makes them meditate first.

    More to the point, the guy at the Cats Shop fills my criteria:
    1. Cats Fan
    2. Geelong local
    3. More shy than me. This is important so that I can have the stronger personality so that I can say: I choose to attend football over the birth of my own child and have him agree.

  601. Steve Healy says


    I’ll probably have a late night tonight

  602. 600- yeah dont u knwo that song steve?

  603. cya adam.
    Ipod- In the air tonight – Phil Collins

  604. Steve Healy says

    Nup, never heard it.

    hahaha nice one SUsie

  605. 602- LMAOOOO!!!
    my criteria is easy

  606. Damian Watson says

    605- That is cosmic, I’m listening to the same song lol.

  607. NIGHT adammmm

  608. Steve Healy says

    Ipod- I haven’t got one

  609. ipod- I know – Drake Bell

  610. 608- NO EFFING WAY! lol love the drum part. DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO !

  611. Damian Watson says

    Have you seen the Cadbury ad with the gorilla drumming to the song? Here is the link:

  612. ipod- He dont love you- Human nature

  613. Steve Healy says

    613- Oh thats the song your talking about!

  614. 613- Sure have its gun as lol.

  615. Steve Healy says

    my head- Melbourne theme song

  616. I’m curious, now – what type of music are you all into? LOL. What’s “hip” with the kids these days?

  617. Damian Watson says

    I hate the music today I like 70’s 80’s and 90’s rock, I get sick of that hip hop and rap. My friend thought this was hilarious and bought me a Best Music of the 80’s CD for my birthday last year.

  618. 618- lmao i love my boys bands, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Kesha,


  620. Damo, good work :-D
    And Danni, why am I not surprised? LOL

  621. 619- Same i like all music though.

  622. Steve Healy says

    I dont like that much new stuff either, its all crap. Im not much of a music fan, although there are a few songs I like listening to

  623. Anyone here heard of Bodyjar? or Trust Company? A Day to Remember?

    Or are they too underground for you? :p

  624. Steve Healy says

    what does underground mean in music terms?

  625. I havnt heard of them Susie.

  626. Damian Watson says

    624- Yeah I agree with you Steve, I’m not a fan of the new music.

    Of course footy related songs are the best music you could wish to hear! lol

  627. 622- :) LOL

  628. It means obscure, LOL. The type of bands that play in underground bars. But all three of those bands have HUGE cult followings, lol.

    Danni – am I right in guessing Dean Geyer is right up your alley?

  629. Steve Healy says

    Songs that remind me of footy, like songs they play pre-game at the MCG, are my favourites

  630. Steve Healy says

    631- Neitz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  631. 630- deeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn
    *squeals* :)

    txt dean to 19 10 10!!

    oh yes.

  632. 631: I love those songs too :-D If I hear a song on a footy ad, or on those prematch promos, I have to have it. That’s how I became obsessed with ‘Holy Grail’ by Hunters & Collectors, LOL

  633. thnx for the memories, loves that for ch 10

  634. 634- Oh, so high !

  635. 633: I think he may be one of the best looking guys to ever live ever, LOL. And a great voice … his appearance on neighbours dinted his reputation somewhat, but first time I’ve ever heard him with an Aussie accent, LOL

  636. Steve Healy says

    634- Same any song that reminds me of footy puts a smile on my face, like that song for the AFL 2009 promo, I think its by a band called the Dropkick murphys, cant remember the name of the song

  637. Damian Watson says

    I remeber Channel 7’s footy theme song in 2000 was catchy, I believe the name of the song is ‘Stand tough’:

  638. 635: Me too! Spesh because it was the finals song. Everytime I hear it now it reminds me of the ’07 granny :-D

    And I love ‘Sweet Disposition’ for the same reason, ‘cept the year changes to ’09

  639. 637- ohh yeah!! he was jst stunning DEAN geyer!! i spent god know how much of my credit txting his name to vote for him on idol! omgg i cried when Racheal left him on know the airport epp. omggg :(

  640. has anyone heard Ashley-Escape the fate?

  641. 638: Shipping up to Boston. Using the music from the Irish Riverdance. Epic song.

  642. 30h3- starstuck- ft Katy Perry i like that song

  643. Steve Healy says

    thanks for the memories is ok, sweet disposition is one of my favourite songs

  644. 644- Its a catchy song lol

  645. Steve Healy says

    644- Yeah I dont mind that song

  646. I guess Danni and I are the only ones into ‘now’ music. My favourite song at the moment is ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’ by Cobra Starship=

    I like Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Simple Plan, Evermore, Dropkick Murphys and Cobra Starship. I like heaps of oldies too, my favourite old song would be ‘Better’ by Screaming Jets

  647. 646- lol i just have dance when i hear it

  648. 645: On top of it being a footy song, Sweet Disposition always makes me think of Spring (possibly because that was when I first heard it and the finals are in Spring)

    Anywho, I’m off all.

    Night night!

  649. Steve Healy says

    goodbye Susie

  650. 649- I only know like 1 part lol ‘tight jeans, double d’s makes a man go woo woo’lol

  651. night-night Susie

  652. night susie

  653. ‘Blah Blah Blah’ by Kesha. Trash song.

  654. Damian Watson says

    Cya Susie, I don’t mind Linkin Park or Greenday but I’m not exactly a fan of the other bands

  655. 62- lmaoo nice legs, daisy dukes makes a man go woo woo. lmaoo
    i love that song

  656. 657- lol its pretty gun.

  657. ‘you noe that type of shizz just dot work on me…’ lol

  658. well im off to.
    night fellas

  659. Hill top hoods are my favourite band easy

  660. Steve Healy says

    Cya Danni!

  661. Cya Danni.

  662. Damian Watson says

    Night Danni!

  663. Cya Danni.

    What’s your favourite Linkin Park song Damo?

  664. Damian Watson says

    Probably ‘In The End’ and New Divide.

  665. Steve Healy says

    Linkin Park are ok, In the end and numb are good songs

  666. Cool.

    Hilltop Hoods are alright, my Sister is tight with them.

  667. Yeah mines New Divide.

  668. Steve Healy says


  669. Footy Quiz it is.

  670. Damian Watson says

    I’m up for it.

  671. Steve Healy says

    im beginning to think this is MusicAlmanac lol

  672. Numb is my favourite

  673. Steve Healy says

    Should we move to Damo’s piece boys?

  674. Go ahead.

  675. Anyone like The Offspring ?

  676. Damian Watson says

    Well nobody has commented on it yet.

  677. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Pretty Fly is an hilarious song.

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