NAB Cup, Round 2: Freo beat Roos in a match worthy of the real season

By Steve Healy

I’m on my way to the footy again, for the second week in a row. Last week it was Geelong V North Melbourne, this week, the Roos are up against the Dockers. Both of which, twilight games at Etihad Stadium. Does it matter? I think not. I’m meeting up with Almanacker and friend Damian Watson. I get off the train at Southern Cross station, hoping that this game would display some good footy from two young and exciting teams.

Five minutes pass and Damo arrives, donning an Australian cricket team T-shirt, which is fine. I’m not even wearing my Dees jumper. We pay our $5 each to get into the ground, not bad, considering it’s the second week of the NAB cup, and you can sit almost anywhere besides AFL members. We settle down in the front row of the Coventry end pocket, right next to the Fremantle players’ race. There’s forty minutes before the match starts. The stadium is almost empty, top level closed. Damo and I talk about a range of things: school, family, old footy games, the Almanac, footy, footy and footy, which suited me perfectly. I put my legs up on the signage as the umpire holds the ball up for the game’s start. I decided to bring a camera for Roo Josh’s sake, but not take too many photos or I’d miss some of the action.

The Dockers combine superbly as the game gets underway. They are technically playing keepings off, the Roos look slow. Ballantyne combines with Mayne for the opening goal of the match, an outright example of the Dockers’ future. Damo points out: “We analyse the game so well, Steve.” “Yeah, that’s what happens when you get two guys who love footy as much as we do together.”

The game goes on, Harvey and Harding both kick crumbing goals for the Roos, and it looks as though they’ve got the attacking power. They are taking an open forward line to advantage, since the Dockers are always looking to attack the space and take risks. Ibbotson kicks a super goal on the run for Freo, and a collection of behinds follow for the Dockers. “They should be three or four goals in front,” I explain to Damo. Its quarter time and the score is 0.2.2 14 to an inaccurate 1.1.7 22.

The second quarter starts, Ben Warren kicks a goal for the Roos. I use my now-famous line: “See, I told you the Lockett end is the scoring end now”, oblivious to the fact that the Coventry end turf had now been re-laid. Ballantyne kicks one for the Dockers, Hale replies for the Roos, which is important, he needs to get in some form if he wants to cement his spot as the second key forward for the Roos. The game turns up a notch as Leigh Adams puts the Roos in front with a snap goal. Johnson kicks a goal on the run for the Dockers immediately, and Nathan Fyfe gets into the action in his first game with a goal. Mayne kicks his second, and the Dockers lead by a couple. Swallow kicks a stupid behind for the Roos, and the siren sounds. The Roos trail, 0.6.5 41 to 1.6.7 52. I explain to Damo: “It’s hard to pick a winner, but I’m sticking with the Dockers since they’re counter-attacking every time the Roos get close”. We go and get a pie for a half time snack. Damo admits that he’s never had a pie at the footy. Unbelievable. We arrive back to our seats and watch the AusKick game in front of us. The umpire is barely older than the players. Damo tells me that he has played a few times on the ground in his career; one was in Melbourne V Port Adelaide in 2004, in Port colours.

The second half begins. Liam Anthony, who picked up 38 possessions last week, crumbs a goal for the Roos. Morabito kicks a behind, but he is really impressing me with his over head marking at the start of this second half. Michael Barlow is stamping an influence again for the Dockers, as is Clancee Pearce. But Lower kicks a goal to level the scores, and the Roos hit the lead with a rushed behind. Mayne steers his third through for the Dockers, while Robbie Tarrant just misses his first attempt at goal in the AFL. Goals from Johnson and Murphy (who seems to think the Shaun McManus look actually suits him) put the Dockers up by three goals, and the Roos are in dangerous waters. The rain starts falling down, which is a real surprise at this stadium. Petrie takes a strong mark in the wet and the siren sounds. Petrie goals, which brings the margin back to 12 points (0.9.8 62 to 1.9.11 74) at three quarter time. All looks set for an exciting last quarter in the wet.

Mayne kicks his fourth and fifth goals, both showcasing his potential. Between the two, Hale kicks his second. Mayne lines up for his sixth, but handballs it into Scott Thompson, which could be game turning. The Dockers miss a couple of opportunities, before Hale takes a great mark for the Roos, and pops his third through the goals. Anything’s possible now. It doesn’t stop there. The Roos get the clearance, and Goldstein kicks a goal from 49 out on the run. The 7,877 strong crowd sounds more like 40,000. It’s the second week in a row Goldstein has kicked a pivotal goal. Petrie kicks his second, and the Roos are looking too strong even though they’re still one point behind. Damo and I are strongly barracking for a draw. Lower kicks a point and the scores are level. With 24 minutes gone and six goals for the quarter, there would still seem to be a couple of minutes left. The Dockers look fumbly. They can’t clear their defence. Two more behinds from the Roos come in the next two minutes. It’s make or break for the Dockers from the kick out. Chris Tarrant holds the damp Sherrin aloft. He bangs it down the middle; Sandilands taps it backwards instead of going for a mark. Ballantyne receives, gives off to Murphy who kicks it through the middle. I celebrate, the whole crowd is shocked. It has the atmosphere of a home and away season match. The ball is bounced. Siren sounds. What a brilliant game to attend.

We leave the ground, with the clouds dotting the sky overhead. We have a short kick of the footy on the concourse. On the train home, I show Damo my toy footy that I kick around my house. I rest it on my legs; it leaves my legs and goes a few rows back. We laugh at this incident, we recall the game, but I’m just happy that I didn’t lose something that I keep close to my heart.

North Melbourne 0.2.2 0.6.5 0.9.8 0.13.12 (90)

Fremantle 1.1.7 1.6.7 1.9.11 1.12.13 (94)

Super goals:

North Melbourne: None.

Fremantle: Ibbotson


North Melbourne: Hale 3, Petrie 2, Goldstein, Adams, Anthony, McIntosh, Lower, Harvey, Harding, Warren.

Fremantle: Mayne 5, Murphy 2, Johnson 2, Ballantyne, Fyfe, Grover.


North Melbourne: Harvey, Petrie, Hale, Greenwood, Harding.

Fremantle: Ballantyne, Johnson, Barlow, Mayne, Murphy, Tarrant, Pearce, Morabito, Sandilands.

My Votes: 3. Hayden Ballantyne (FRE), 2. Michael Johnson (FRE), 1. Michael Barlow (FRE).

Umpires: Vozzo, Margetts, McInerney, B.Ryan.        Crowd: 7,877 at Etihad Stadium.

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. Danielle says

    Nice work Steve.
    i think that i was a random sitting behind you at the game and didnt know u and Damo i would have fallen off my seat from you footy brain conversations. lol

  2. Steve Healy says

    yeah, hahaha, gee what a game it was

  3. Danielle says

    lmao Steve u and Damo are like the Footy versions of nerds in movies that can recall random facts and stuff about scientific theories.

  4. Danielle says

    omg they are hoping to play Jack against the Tigers…DONT DO IT!!!!
    theres no way im letting my fiance play!! :(

  5. Steve Healy says

    yeah, except I know more than Damo. Actually, we probably know about the same.

    why not? It’s not gonna hurt him, unless he gets injured of course hahaha. He could kick a bag of 10 goals or something, now thats valuable experience

  6. Danielle says

    5- COS :( i dont think he’s ready to get back out there… :(
    let him put his feet up till round one!

  7. Steve Healy says

    its proven that players who have a pre season perform better during the regular season.

    Intersting to see that Brisbane V Geelong has been relocated to Visy Park at saturday arvo.

    If the Pies think he’s good enough to play, then he is

  8. Danielle says

    7- steveeeeeeeeeeee :(
    i dont want him getting hurt..

  9. Steve Healy says

    I didn’t want Cale Morton to get hurt either. But Danni, you need to be able to trust your players to perform, its their job. Some of Collingwood’s top tier players need to play.

  10. Danielle says

    9- what a beautiful number :)

    i know..but i…lol i cnt help these WAG feelings! its killing me

  11. Steve Healy says

    10- cale Morton’s number.

  12. Danielle says

    Steve, tell me if i should cry okay.
    i got my oral result back
    i was aimming for a 17 out of 20
    but i got 15……..
    man it hurts!
    my speech was better than that!!

  13. Danielle says

    as soon as i saw my result i was like
    “ahhhhhh farkkk!!!!!”

  14. Steve Healy says

    Danni, I think your setting your standards too high, 15/20 is still good,I’d be over the moon if I got that for anything

  15. Steve Healy says

    hahaha, that reminds me, I once got 5% for a french test in year 8

  16. Danielle says

    14- Steve i didnt set em too high, i recon my speech was pretty good, my delivery couldnt have gone any better!! i had my heart set on 17 so you could imagine the disapointment of seeing a 15 looking back at me..

  17. Steve Healy says

    So you wanted a Dayne Beams but Leigh Brown glared back at you? Imagine if you got a Ben Reid

  18. Danielle says

    17- Steve its out of BEN RIED!
    i got Leigh Brown out of Ben Reid.
    if i got Ben Ried out of Ben Reid i would have cartwheeled down the hallway.

  19. Steve Healy says

    Maybe thats a sign that Collingwood’s success will come out of Ben Reid

    If you multiply the results by 2, you wanted a Toovey but you got a Macaffer and it was out of Josh Thomas.

  20. Danielle says

    19- you have got to be kidding me!

    status- shattered

  21. Steve Healy says

    I’m sorry, Danni.

    would you have been happy if you got a 9/20?

  22. Danielle says

    21- i think my parents would have killed me!!!!!

    thats alright..ill get over it in a few days

  23. Steve Healy says

    hahaha I can imagine a punishment from your parents:

    “Danni, because you only got 9/20 we’re only giving you $500 instead of $1000 for the next month!

  24. Danielle says

    23- very funny and no. lol i dont get punished mum knew from the second i walked through the door.

    mum- ‘…danielle..wats wrong, you got you speech back didnt you?”
    me- ‘..nothing..”
    mum- “danielle….”
    me- “yeahh..wheres the food?”
    mum- “come here..whats wrong.”
    me- “i got 15 okay!”

  25. 15/20? I can understand why you’re disappointed, you got Leigh Brown!

  26. Steve Healy says

    yes Adam, I’ve said that, have a look at comment 17.

    You dont get punished? what?

  27. Danielle says

    26- no i dont get punished for bad marks.
    i just get the “try harder next time” talk.

  28. And raw SAC marks don’t mean anything anyway, since SACs vary from school to school and some schools would mark harsher than others, it’s your ranking in your school that matters, not your actual mark. Maybe your teachers were just marking everyone harshly.

  29. Danielle says

    28- you would think so, i seriously thought my speech was worth a 17!
    Even my mum said it was good and shes really picky..REALLY PICKY

  30. Steve Healy says

    hahaha imagine this:

    Danni- I just killed someone

    Parents- Ok, try not to do that next time. Dinner time!

  31. Steve Healy says

    Adam, so did you read my article? Don’t do a Danni

  32. I wish you got 20/20 Danni. It’d be great if we both did in fact.

  33. Danielle says

    30- lol okayyy

    omg in homeroom (pc) im just standing there and my gangster homeroom teacher almost send me flying! lmaoo hes like
    ‘DANNI look where ur going!” and he did it on purpose, my only response was “your so mean!” followed by a pout lol

  34. Danielle says

    32- like i said CARTWHEELS!
    i wish u bette luck than what i got!
    grab urself a nice 18!! :)

  35. Steve Healy says

    Mitch Morton out of mitch Morton, Ben Reid out of Ben Reid. (Colin Garland out of Colin Garland for me)

  36. I’ll admit, I hadn’t actually read it yet when I first commented. I just went back and read it then. I think its only inexcusable when there’s no comments yet.

  37. At least it wasn’t Freo premierships out of Mitch Morton.

  38. Steve Healy says

    Adam Maric+ Brent Moloney- Clint Bartram- Nathan Jones

  39. Steve Healy says

    36- hmmm ok

  40. Danielle says

    so how many weeks should be teacher be out for laying that bump, cos hes an essendon supporter ill give his 8 weeks, i didnt even have the ball!

  41. Damian Watson says

    Great piece Steve,

    Depicted the atmosphere of the game perfectly, yes I know it’s weird admitting that I have never smelt let alone touched a pie at the footy lol.

    Don’t feel bad Danni, I guess some teachers are just a bit harsh although 15/20 isn’t that bad.

    I got my Math results back today.

  42. Steve Healy says

    Was it videotaped Danni? cos we’ll need to do trial by video, judging from the allegations I’d say 4 weeks, 3 weeks with a reprimand

  43. Danielle says

    A++++ or A+++++++
    i dunno how u guys do the smart at maths thing!! amazing

  44. Danielle says

    42- lmaoo nope, no video footage. i was just standing there minding my own business and i think he was handing out notes, then all of the sudden, BANG! lol

  45. Steve Healy says

    Im terrible at maths!

  46. Steve Healy says

    Where did he hit you Danni?

    Was it deliberate contact, was it head high? Since you weren’t expecting it he should be in trouble, but I’ll need more information until we can give him a stint on the sidelines.

    41- Yeah Damo, and I was equally amazed that you elected not to have sauce!

  47. Robert Hicks: Ben Griffiths proved that, Connors + Gilligan – Deledio – Thursfield = Dustin Martin.

  48. Danielle says

    46- deliberate shoulder bump and i didnt have the footy.

  49. Danielle says

    47- omg……im so confused!

  50. Pat Contin: You think I was going to use Melbourne players?

  51. Steve Healy says

    hahaha good work Adam.

    (Ricky Petterd+ Jordie McKenzie)
    __________________________________ Joel MacDonald
    (Nathan Jones X Brad Miller ) = __________________
    Lynden Dunn = Nathan Jones

  52. Danielle says

    51- :( im gonna cryyy

  53. Steve Healy says

    Rhys Healey: Yes I thought you’d use Melbourne players, look at comment Nick Westhoff how awesome is that

  54. Steve Healy says

    52- Why?

    Ok, you didn’t have the footy, so that would up his time on the sidelines. But he might not have seen you, since your about 6cms shorter than Tony Liberatore. Final result:

    4 weeks, 3 with an early guilty plea

  55. What’s wrong Danni? Don’t worry about the oral mark, 15/20 is probably better than average.

  56. Danielle says

    54- all this maths…im goona hide behind a rock till its over

  57. Steve Healy says

    Nathan Jones to the power of Jordie Gysberts+ Liam Jurrah

  58. Steve Healy says

    no its not, its player number knowledge.

    57- I was reffering to comment number 56

  59. Danielle says

    55- yeah i know, im just offended! like come on my speech was better than 15!! 15!!!!


    *looks at jack to feel better.*

  60. Damian Watson says

    Yeah probably not the biggest fan of tomato sauce.

    I got 91% on the test Danni which is probably an A+, I wouldn’t say I’m the best at Maths I prefer Advanced English which is actually Literature.

    Yeah I find the game re-location intresting as well, Visy Park will probably be lucky to be having 2000 in attendance with a Brisbane-Geelong clash.

  61. So would you prefer numbers to be destroyed altogether?
    “He lines up Matt White metres out on a Robert Hicks degree angle”

  62. Steve Healy says

    Danni, here’s a Collingwood number sum

    Simon Buckley- Travis Cloke= who?

  63. Richo kicks better from Relton Roberts on a tight angle than he does from Mitch Morton straight in front.

  64. Danielle says

    61- the only numbers i like are the ones on players jumpers!!!

    60- Damo..i dont know what to a genius

  65. Damian Watson says

    I wonder if Jack Anthony is smart? Harry O’Brien is probably the best intellectualy ion the Collinbgwood team.

    satus- listening to Van Halen

  66. Danielle says

    lol it would help if i did know simon Buckley’s number… lmaoo

  67. Steve Healy says

    60- Yeah, by the way, heaps of seats got destroyed from the kicking after the game, so itll be inteesting to see if they got repaired/replaced

    By the way, I get closee to the worst in my class regularly in maths results

  68. The time is now Polak:Gourdis

    I hate it when 7 start the footy at Riewoldt:Moore rather than (blank):Moore.

  69. Danielle says

    65- Harry is a VERY smart cookie, did u know he has a thinking chair where he sits and thinks.

    hhmmmm i dont know about Jacks smartness but i do know about his hotness

  70. Damian Watson says

    Danni, I hate Maths! I was actually suprised that I got 92 in Maths last year, I’m not actually that good.

  71. Steve Healy says

    Paul Johnson x Matthew Bate- How don’t you know his number, you’ve seen him play!

  72. Danielle says

    steve here a sum i can do

    = MAJOR FAIL!!!!!

  73. I’m an allrounder, I’m good at Maths and English. I have a good memory which helps.

  74. Steve Healy says

    The time is Bate: Tapscott

  75. hey guys and girl(s)

  76. Steve Healy says

    2(Stefan Martin): hahahah

  77. Even if I didn’t know Simon Buckley’s number, it’s not hard to guess. Which player would Steve be most likely to choose as the answer?

  78. Steve Healy says

    I have a good memory for footy related things, nothing else

  79. Thursfield x Griffiths: Don’t you mean Jones x Stefan Martin!

  80. Danielle says

    77- SUPERMAN???

  81. Danielle says

    hey DOM!! :)

  82. Thursfield x Moore: Don’t you mean (blank) x (blank)?

  83. Steve Healy says

    (Clint Bartram)(Liam Jurrah)+ Brad Miller: Yeah, sorry

  84. hey DANNI!!, Cotchin just resigned till 2013, wooo!

  85. Steve Healy says

    Garland X Watts: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Damian Watson says

    78- Yeah i’m the same although my footy knowledge isn’t as broad as yours!

    Hey Dom, do you rate the Tigers a chance this week?

  87. Danielle says

    84- Hes so pretty!!

  88. Shane Edwards x Relton Roberts x Will Thursfield squared + Jordan McMahon?


  89. dinner time

  90. Danielle says

    Damo- you hate it but u get ‘A’s?
    dude just keep on rocking, you have no idea how lucky u are!

  91. Danielle says

    adam= nerd *cough*

  92. 86- nope- experimental side-
    i mean, mc mahon is in it :)

  93. At least I didn’t stay home from a football match to study :)

  94. Steve Healy says

    Moloney X Watts + Gawn- Gawn= Morton x Healey x Nathan Jones squared + Jordie McKenzie don’t you mean?

  95. Steve Healy says

    Happy Birthday Gigs! Garland + Cheney years old today!

  96. …I don’t get the point of the + Gawn – Gawn.

  97. Damian Watson says

    I’m not lucky, I use your method and study before tests,exams, Sac’s etc. it’s not like I have a good memory.

    Jack Anthony will also be in the Collingwood side on Friday, a good sign after recovering from shoulder surgery throughout the Pre-Season and he has indicated he is in for a big year, that’s good news Danni.

  98. Danielle says

    97- ..Jackkkkkkkk!!!

    well the chicks who end up with you lot will be very lucky indeed-
    research shows that men with higher IQs are less likely to cheat!
    This was linked to the Fev, Bingle incident

  99. Damian Watson says
  100. Steve Healy says

    Bartram X Fitpatrick- Blease- Jones= Yeah sorry I shouldve just kept that out

  101. If you hate Maths Danni, then why are you using numbers?

  102. Damian Watson says

    Well it is common sense Danni, a man should never be involved in cheating, it’s dishonourable:

    Brendan Fevola, Wayne Carey, John Terry the list continues…

  103. 98: LoL, good call, Danni :p

    Hi all

  104. Gday Susie,

    As you have probably noticed, Steve and me have decided to give up using numbers.

  105. But we’ve found a way to replace them.

  106. Steve Healy says

    Ablett x Ablett senior-(Selwood x Bartel): Hi Susie

  107. back!

  108. Current players only Steve.

  109. Haha, cute. Thanks for the Geelong equation, probs only one that wouldn’t have me running to my AFL Record Season Guide

  110. Danielle says


  111. Danielle says

    hiya Dom!!

  112. Rockin out to Baba O’Reilly by the Who, Dad has his Who CD on.

  113. Steve Healy says

    Danni, I cant wait until you turn 79!

  114. Danielle says

    lmao Adam
    status- droping my gangsta theme song
    Susie have u seen my year level dance?
    just type in mercy college swimming carnival in Youtube my class starts at 3mins.

  115. 110: Indeed it is :-( It’s a good year for you, dreadful one for me.

  116. Danielle says

    113-…79??? what why

  117. Damian Watson says

    Yes! I’m a big fan of The Who!

    Susie, what’s your opinion on the Gary Ablett sponsorship fiasco? Did Frank Costa take it too far?

  118. I’ll check it out, Danni

  119. Steve Healy says

    116- Why? whatta ya mean why? The date will be 11/5/71

  120. 119 – I don’t get it.

  121. Frank Costa is sadly inflicted with foot-in-mouth disease. This isn’t the first time he’s tried to sound like the club is on top of things, said the wrong thing, and landed himself in hot water.

    The club was “dealing with it” to the extent that we are not banning Gary from taking sponsorship details. Companies had been calling up offering to sponsor Gary, and Cook had been “arranging things”. That is, putting them in contact with Pickers.

    As Pickers said, these deals are his business, and the club had nothing to do with it.

    My opinion? Costa is a great businessman, but keep him away from the microphone, please and thank-you :-D

  122. 11.5.71

    Just got back from tennis training, i’m farked. 5 laps, 50 push-ups, a beep test thing and heaps of running and kicking. I threw up a few times in the middle of training, that’s how hard Waaia works ya!

    Damo, how unaustralian. I have tomato sauce with everything.

  123. Steve Healy says

    18.12- your kidding! I hope you live until your 119th birthday Adam

  124. 122: Footy training*

  125. Danielle says

    122- omg JOSH today i bought a mini ice-tea and its the CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! and i named it Joshua!!:)

  126. Oh it’s obvious now. Facepalm.

  127. I hate it when she goes onto this topic.

  128. Steve Healy says

    19.12- Disappointed in you Adam, Josh should be rank.3 statistician for that effort. lol just kidding

  129. Danni, your birthday is the 11th? No way! Mine’s the 13th! So close!

  130. Damian Watson says

    By the way Susie it wasn’t Danni that asked the question.

    I agree with you Susie and I think this adds to that debate as to whether Presidents should keep their mouth shut in regards to certain issues.

    In the end if Ablett chooses to re-locate North then it is his right, the deal that has been offered is awfully tempting and the fact that he is a marquee player can enhance the development of the game on the Gold Coast.

  131. Steve I highly doubt that in the year 2111 we will abbreviate the year as 18/3/111. By that logic we would have said Danni’s birthday was the 11/5/992.

  132. Steve Healy says

    129- Thats Michaels birthday!

  133. 129: Is there anything you two don’t have in common?

  134. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I guess your right adam.

    10/10/70- Damo’s 76th birthday

  135. Danielle says

    133- i go for Collingwood , shes goes for the Cats but we both seem to like the same Geelong players in hotness lol

  136. Dom, if your still their mate, what position do you play on the footy field?

  137. Danielle says

    129- lol sooo closeeee!!

  138. Damian Watson says

    You guys have probably addressed this before but Danni was born a few days after Carlton smashed Collingwood in the Centenary match at the MCG, it’s good to reminisce!

  139. Michael Allan says

    hey everyone. hopw are we all?

    and I am may 13th

  140. Damian Watson says

    10/10/10- my 16th Birthday, too bad I wasn’t born in 2000!

  141. Steve Healy says

    138- No, I adressed that before!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Danielle says

    138- funny how i didnt want to come into the world, probably depressed even b4 i was born!

  143. 130: hahaha, Damo, I know it was you who asked :-s Where is the confusion?

    129: Do I know Michael?

    133: Yes. She goes for Collingwood. That is a difference the size of the Grand Canyon :-D

  144. Danielle says

    139- Mr.Allan

  145. Damian Watson says

    Sorry Steve, it’s just good to bring it up again lol.

  146. Steve Healy says

    I hope you and Susie are still both on the almanac when you celebrate your 93rd and 90th birthdays

  147. Michael Allan says

    Haha you probably don’t Susie. I’ve been on a biit of a hiatus. Trying to get back into the almanac rythym now that footy’s back.

  148. 146: I will be, inbetween chasing those young whippersnippers off my front lawn and complaining about everything.

  149. Michael Allan says

    Ms Eid. What difference in opinion do we have today?

  150. Damian Watson says

    Oh my apologies Susie, I thought you were referring to me in 118.

  151. 143: Because in comment 118 you said “I’ll check it out Danni” while referring to Danni’s swimming carnival vid.

    Length, width or depth?

  152. Steve Healy says

    At least I know I won’t be in jail then cos im a Melbourne supporter

  153. Michael! Birthday twins! Different years, though.

  154. Danielle says

    149- lol im sure we will find something to argue about. :)

  155. You’ll be in jail for kidnapping Liam Jurrah.

  156. Danielle says

    148- LMAOO

  157. Steve Healy says

    we all know who’ll be in jail: Damo. lol

  158. Michael Allan says

    Josh when your 90 you and your country folk will be discovering electricity.

  159. Convo with my dad:
    Me: “Hey dad, who’s that guy who has the same birthday as me again?”
    Dad: “Umm…Nunzio Morabito, the fruit shop owner.”
    Me: “Is he related to Anthony Morabito?”
    Dad: “Who’s Anthony Morabito?”

  160. 158: Excuse me ranga, but Waaia has just installed an electronic scoreboard.

  161. Danielle says

    157- naww ill bail ya out Damo!!

  162. 159: My p.e teacher didn’t know who Morabito was.

  163. Michael Allan says

    160 – does anybody know how to use it?

  164. Steve Healy says

    159- hahahahaha

  165. I don’t get it. How can Waaia have an electronic scoreboard before they’ve discovered electricity?

  166. 163: We’re learning.

  167. Steve Healy says

    165- Their idea of electricity is using a cow to put the numbers on the board instead of a person

  168. 150 & 151: Ah, I see. My bad. LOL.

  169. Danielle says

    165- LMAOOO

    status- admiring mini ice-tea bottle :)

  170. 167: Your a cow.

  171. Steve Healy says

    170- At least animals don’t live in my surname!

  172. 167: LOL!!! That made me laugh, :-p

    I can’t believe Waaia is ahead of Werribee – and we actually host the VFL here! What is this???

  173. Michael Allan says

    New almanac rule – no status updates.

    Doesn’t belong on FA. Save it for FB.

  174. Damian Watson says

    158: Michael that was uncalled for, we only use this phrase towards Tasmanians lol.

    Isn’t the Melbourne jail in Coburg? or is that just a historical old prison.

  175. 171 – My surname herds the male bovine creatures out of Josh’s surname.

  176. Steve is on fire tonight! Hahahahaha

  177. Who said Steve isn’t funny?

  178. Danielle says

    173- knew that wouldnt take long.

  179. Danielle says

    174- lmao thats RIGHT NEAR MY SCHOOL!! the prison

  180. 174: You guys are closer to that island than me.

    Did anyone hear that the Melbourne population is expected to skyrocket to 8,000,000 in 20 years? That’s a big jump from the 500,000 they have now.

  181. Steve Healy says

    ive always been funny, on the Almanac and off the almanac

  182. Yeah someone said you’re not funny in the discussion last night.

  183. 179: That IS your school.

  184. Steve Healy says

    179- How convinient for a Collingwood supporter!

  185. Damian Watson says

    That means urbanisation will stretch out to the rural areas. Who knows, maybe one day Waaia will become \a suburb of course when they have the ability to use electricity.

  186. Oh and Danni, the thing about my scar that we were talking about, it was because of a ruptured diapgragm and punctured lung.

  187. Steve Healy says

    182- who?

  188. Michael Allan says

    179 – Time to change your ways Danni

    181 – I don’t like that arrogance. NOT IMPRESSED HEALY!!!

  189. 185: Did you know Waaia has a street? Not a road, a street. My road leads right out to the Murray River.

  190. 180: I thought Melbourne had a population of 3 million?

  191. Danielle says

    Susie, tell me, how pretty are Uni dudes..i need to prepare myself lol

  192. I don’t think the government will let the suburbs stretch out too far, I thought the idea was to have more apartment buildings to reduce urban sprawl.

    187 – Can’t remember.

    191: My height!

  193. Danielle says

    i second that ‘not impressed Healy!!!’

  194. Michael Allan says


  195. Unfortunately they don’t have anything below Old Kent.

  196. Steve Healy says

    194- hahaha

  197. Damian Watson says

    192- Adam I was exaggerating, but in reality we will eventually have to put the barriers on immigration, there is the the danger of over-population.

  198. 187: Me, but i was only joking.

    Haha, did you know the main road in Waaia, the sign says “Waaii Rd”

  199. Steve Healy says

    Josh dont forget to tie your horse up outside the Clyde Hotel on March the 26th

  200. Michael Allan says

    Doesn’t surprise me. In the country. English hasn’t been invented yet.

  201. Haha they even spelt the street sign wrong!

  202. Don’t forget to tie your porsche up outside if your going.

  203. 201: Probably because the closest “town” near us is called Bearii, and the road is actually called Waaii/Bearii Road, so it’s easy to see where they mucked up.

  204. Damian Watson says

    Only women drive a Porsche Josh, it’s a well-documented fact.

  205. 204: Your point?

  206. 191: The prettiest. Spesh if you go to Deakin. It’s a dumber uni (I assure you, I stick out like a sore thumb in that regard) but the boys are more interested in sports and country life, so they’re fit AND blessed with pretty faces.

    And the next best thing about uni: I am STILL on holidays. 06/10/09 – 09/03/10

  207. Steve Healy says

    202- not funny, that joke would only work for Danni

  208. Susie – Do you go to Deakin in Geelong? Or Melbourne?

  209. Geelong – Waurn Ponds. Best place in the world for organising work experience locally or overseas (Y)

  210. Damian Watson says

    I think there is a Deakin Uni in Box Hill down the road from my school.

  211. Steve Healy says


  212. Aaron Sandilands with thick soled shoes.

  213. Danielle says

    Steve stop being mean to Joshua :)

  214. Danielle says

    206- If i get into LaTrobe i can do journalism with ANGUS MONFRIES!!

  215. Steve Healy says

    Aaron Sandilands standing on a piece of bread

  216. Michael Allan says

    I’m sure you guys already know this but Cotchin’s signed on till 2013. Once again provinbg that players love playing for Richmond. Unlijke North where players can’t get out quick enough cough*Gibson*cough

  217. 214: GO FOR IT!!!!!!!

  218. 216: Oh yeah, funny seeing as Ziebell just signed on until 2012.

    Susie, you’ll have to explain to me what Uni basically is one day, i don’t understand it.

  219. Damian Watson says

    216- Justin Murphy, Brad Ottens, Jamie Tape all left the Tigers to find a new home.

  220. Steve Healy says

    Its a big building with rooms where you learn- something that you dont find in Waaia

  221. Michael Allan says

    pfft. Ziebell, your probably paying him 80% of your salary cap. I’m su8re you would’ve given him another third party offer but too bad North doesn’t have any connections. Unluike scumbag Carlton with the Judd/Visy deal.

  222. 220: What do you call the Waaia Football Club building?

  223. 221: Don’t worry, he’ll get his can of coke after each game just like Scott does.

  224. 218: Uni is the place the government pays for you to go (but the Scrooges make you pay them back + interest). You sit in a room and doodle in your notebook for an hour or two, go and snack, repeat up to 4 times per day, for as few as two days a week.

    Seriously, though, it’s just like school, except your teachers treat you like equals and expect you to use initiative. It’s very easy to avoid doing any work, but that makes it very difficult to pass.

    We have a saying, us uni folk: P’s get degrees. That is, all you have to do is pass, doesn’t matter by how much, and you’re in (Y)
    (this is not entirely true, though)

  225. Steve Healy says

    222- A refirbished farm house

  226. Damian Watson says

    That came with benefits with Judd playing a vital part in turning the clubs fortunes around.

  227. Lol, Waaia has better facilities than the Melbourne Footy Club, and that’s actually the truth. Over the past year we built a massive new hall to hold our best and fairest nights in, trivia nights, special guests nights and its where we have tea after training.

  228. Steve Healy says

    Are Waaia gonna be training at Melbourne park? I dont think so.

    Yeah, its always nice to have a cup of tea after training

  229. Michael Allan says

    223: haha forgot that

    219: Murphy played for 4 clubs, doesn’t say anything about richmond. Tape didn’t decide to leave we made him. We got a good deal with Ottens djuist ddint make the most of it wioth our picks. Also I’m focusing more in the present even though heaps of players have wanted to platy for us such as Brown and Johnson.

  230. Jamie Tape! That’s one from the mental archives. Sticky wasn’t a bad defender, or so I heard, as I think he had gone before I started supporting Richmond.

  231. Michael Allan says

    226 – I’d say it has more to do with Dick Pratt than Judd.

  232. Justin Murphy is a tosser. When he was at Geelong in particular, the club hated his attitude and couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

  233. I reckon Judd will move clubs again before his career finishes.

  234. Michael Allan says

    I’m off now, cya klater.

  235. 234: Cya klater.

  236. Lol at training tonight i was lining up from 35m out on a tight angle and a kid goes “If you miss this Barney i’m tearing your pages out of the Footy…Footy whatever at school” and i hit the post.

  237. Damian Watson says

    You might be intrested to know that Jamie Tape passed away a few years ago, I think he went to collingwood for a few years but had a bad run with injuries.

    Chris Judd had a large influence in our success with his ability to set up endless attacks on the field and he set high standars fror himself and the talent rubbed off on the club.

  238. Steve Healy says

    Judd will go to the Dees in 2014, I reckon.

    cya Mykel

  239. Damo and Adam, did you see the picture of SOS in the Herald Sun today? It looks like Stephen Milne, i think they made a mistake.

  240. Steve Healy says

    236- hahaha, at least he didnt call it the Almaniac

  241. Danielle says

    Josh i got a bump today! :(
    lol read comment 33

  242. Damian Watson says

    Nah I don’t think I noticed it.

  243. Steve Healy says

    Maybe it was SCOS instead

  244. Your homegroup teacher sounds so cool, mine pronounces my name ‘Jooshuwaa’

  245. Damian Watson says

    Second Cousin Of Steve, yeah that term has been coined a lot lately.

  246. Danielle says

    244- lmao yeah hes funny we are prouf of him for being in our dance and still nct believe he left our classroom clock on the BUS! lmaoo

  247. Steve Healy says

    oh you stole comment 244, its one of my favourite numbers for obvious reasons!

    Its homeROOM, not homeGROUP

  248. Steve Healy says

    245- I said that on Sunday I think

  249. What’s the classroom clock got to do with the dance? Unless you were singing ‘Tik Tok’ by Kesha.

    Lol i remember in English last year we were playing hangman, and it turned out that written on the board was C_OCK. I think i was the one to get the ‘L’ right.

  250. Damian Watson says

    Steve, what is the reason behind your early finishes on Tuesday? that would not happen at my school until hell freezes over.

  251. It’s funny, that one was more obscure than the 11.5.71 Steve, yet I got it.
    For Danni’s benefit, it’s how many consecutive games Jim Stynes played.

  252. I had an early finish today, just told the office lady i had a cold and she let me go.

  253. Damian Watson says

    248- Yeah that’s right.

  254. Danielle says

    249- cos he was supposed to wear it on a chain as a necklace, you knwo Gangsta! LMAOO

  255. Danielle says

    251- thanks for thinking of me Adam :)

  256. Ohh..your teacher didn’t do much really in the dance.

    Did you tell Candy her performance was horrendous?

  257. Steve Healy says

    year 10’s have sport on tuesday. We have to leave to wherever we have to get by 1:30, so it means leaving at the start of lunch time like we did yesterday, we went to the grounds near Kooyong station and played footy. PE is a seperate thing, we have PE 4 periods a week, but only for one semester.

  258. Damian Watson says

    Steve- When did Jim Stynes break his hand ultimately ending his streak?

    If you internet is still slow you don’t have to answer it.

  259. Danielle says

    ohh Josh i told candy wat u said about her dance

  260. Danielle says

    256- lmaoo hes just there for laughs, he was our main event lmaoo

  261. 259: And..

  262. Steve Healy says

    251- Correct!

  263. Danielle says

    261- she was like *drops jaw* “WHAT!” and then she just laughed

  264. 263: Good, coz i was only joking. You can tell she’s not one of those girls that dance 24/7, or does she?

  265. 265: Aaron Sandilands standing on Jake King

  266. Whoops, should have put them the other way around.

  267. Danielle says

    264- lmaoo we have our moments….
    aka sing-along dance-alongs at lunchtime when were are crazy

  268. 267: I noticed she’s very white too.

  269. Danielle says

    268- yeah shes a pale like me, we are vampires.
    omg i took a photo the other day and photoshoped it and i look like a VAMPIRE

  270. Steve Healy says

    267- Danni, lunch time is valuable studying time. Im disappointed!

  271. Steve Healy says

    271- Yze

  272. Danielle says

    270- But i wanna shake my grove-thing!

  273. Damian Watson says

    Steve- 258?

  274. Steve Healy says

    Not sure what round it was, Damo, but it was against Carlton at optus oval and he broke it in 3 places

  275. Steve Healy says

    272- Fair enough, I was only jokin Danni

  276. Steve Healy says

    has everyone gone?

  277. Danielle says


  278. I’m goin to bed, night all.

  279. Danielle says

    where did Joshua go?

  280. Danielle says

    night JOSHYY!!

  281. Steve Healy says

    cya Josh

  282. Danielle says

    Looks like its just me and you Stevey

  283. Woe is you Danni, woe is you.


  284. Steve Healy says

    Die, Elleinad!

  285. Danielle says

    284- omg steve..the collingwood website just loves JACK!! hes soo cuteee!!

  286. Steve Healy says

    What has that got to do with my last comment? lol

  287. Danielle says

    Steve…THIS IS JACK im talking about..JACK! the love of my LIFE, the reason for my existance!! JACK!!!

  288. Steve Healy says

    Wouldnt that mean you love KCAJ, or NHOJ

  289. Danielle says


  290. Danielle says


  291. Steve Healy says

    I said KCAJ OR NHOJ

  292. Danielle says

    i love HIM.

  293. Steve Healy says

    how many games has the love of your life played in his career?

  294. Danielle says


  295. Danielle says


    well i better go, business reading revison time…. :(
    hopefully the pictures of JACK in my room wont be too distracting…

    :) *squeals*

    Night Steve

  296. Steve Healy says

    294- yay!

  297. Damian Watson says

    Unfortunatley Steve, I’m starting to doubt whether I can go to the game with you on Friday, despite the fact I’ve explained to my parents that it is free entry.

  298. Steve Healy says

    Thats a shame Damo, just let me know.

    Status- home all day

  299. Danielle says

    298- status- sick!
    sick of school, sick of headaches and stomach sick!

    you alright Steve?

  300. Status – head cold, muscle soreness, lethargic. I’m getting the day off tomorrow.

  301. Danielle says

    geee :(
    looks like 3 fab five member are hit with ‘i feel like sh*t sickness’
    if i hadnt felt a bit better like i did in the first ten minutes of English i was gonna call home to get picked up…
    :( argghhh i hate feeling sick

  302. Steve Healy says

    looks like were all a bit sick lol

  303. Just hang in their until tomorrow, then we all get a long weekend.

  304. Two kids went to hospital in sport today.

    Did anyone know James Sellar broke his hand?

  305. Damian Watson says

    However if you are free Saturday and you’re not sick lol, I should be able to go to the Geelong-Brisbane match at Visy Park on Saturday if you want to although I can understand if you can’t.

  306. Steve Healy says

    That just means 2- non school days without footy this weekend, lol.

    Does anyone know if we get Monday, April 26th off school, the day after Anzac day (Monday)? Cos thats when Carlton V Geelong are playing, I think we talked about this before Josh

  307. 306: Yeah we get the day off, it’s ANZAC Day Holiday for the Monday. It shouldn’t be made a holiday though.

  308. I’m backing Freo to win this weekend, the Saints will be without Riewoldt and Goddard, arguably their best players.

  309. Danielle says


  310. Steve Healy says

    304- Really? how long is he out for?

    I presume everyone’s heard that Charman injured his ankle as well and will be out for 8 weeks

  311. 310: The usual amount of time it takes for someone to get over a broken hand i guess, it didn’t say in the article.

    Gee, i thought that said ‘Chapman’, i was worried because he’s my Supercoach captain lol.

  312. Steve Healy says

    Hayes, Goddard, Dal Santo, Montagna and Riewoldt are the “Fab 5” for St.Kilda. No arguments there.

    Damo- I might be able to go, so you definitely cant go on friday night now?

  313. Steve Healy says

    I havent decided a captain for my dream team yet (or supercoach).

    Ive got a good game, lets name a fab 5 for each team

  314. Danielle says

    313- Mine is Mitchell! :)

    Okay so I sat down today and wrote a list for my jumper name
    So far I have 18. they are
    1- SUPERMAN#9
    2- MRSJACK#9
    3- MRSJACK.A
    5- FEDERER
    8- MAGPIE#9
    9- A.FEDERER
    11- Taurus92
    13- JACKS WAG
    15- HOTPIE#9
    16- HOTMAGPIE#9
    18- S. LANE

  315. Danni, go with Hot Pies. Can’t go wrong there.

  316. Steve Healy says

    I like JACKS WAG Danni, I reckon that sounds good

  317. Danielle says


  318. Is there a limit on letters for your jumper?

  319. Danielle says

    316- Yeah most of my footy friends liked that one steve.

  320. Danielle says

    318 yeah up to 10.

  321. Steve Healy says

    footy friends? I thought we were your only footy friends? lol

  322. Damian Watson says

    Future Lane doesn’t sound too bad.

    Yeah I think it is almost definite that I can’t go on Friday.

  323. Danielle says

    321- well obviously at my school i hav friends that support a footy team and know what a WAG is.

  324. Steve Healy says

    Thats a shame. Well the game starts at 3, so it gives me perfect time to get to Etihad for St.Kilda V Freo. I think I’d be able to go.

    In that case, we’d either meet outside the ground or meet at flinders street station at around 2 and take the tram up together

  325. Danielle says

    im shattered that
    MadameDeficit doesnt fit!
    if it did it would have been easy.

  326. Steve Healy says

    323- Lol, I suppose your the most passionate supporter at your school?

  327. Danielle says

    324- wow u guy are good, knwing how to use trams and stuff. i never use transport, i get driven everywhere.

  328. 325: Can’t they make an exception for Mercy’s most talented student?

  329. Steve Healy says

    hang on, waht does Madame Deficit mean again?

  330. Danielle says

    326- no i cant say i am, there are some pretty fiesty Carlton supporters lol
    and then girls who actually play for the school footy team

  331. Danielle says

    328- lol very funny
    LEIGH BROWN OUT OF REID! why i outta start a riot! lol

    MadameDeficit- was the nickname given to Marie Antoinette by the people of France b/c while they were in financial crisis she kept spending and spending like nothing was going on.

  332. Steve Healy says

    327- You get driven everywhere, wow thats royal treatment!

  333. 331: You would be the most talented though. Is their anyone else at your school that are gonna be the next Sam Lane?

  334. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Flinders St sounds like a good option, I’ll let you know otherwise.

    I’m sorry that I can’t go on Friday night.

  335. Steve Healy says

    I cant believe that there’s a school footy team, do they have them at most girls schools?

  336. Danielle says

    332- lol yeah i love the drive to the MCG.
    Scarf flying out the window, radio on SEN
    its all good… :)

    dude i wouldnt survive, imagine me alone on a train!!

  337. Danielle says

    333- mmmm lol most dont even know who Sam Lane is.

    335- i dunno but we have one

  338. Damian Watson says

    Yeah they have heaps of womens school footy teams, my Primary school’s girls team were the best in the state apparently, even though I find it hard to believe.

  339. Steve Healy says

    336- You’re not that vulnerable Danni, lol.

    Its fine Damo, I wanna go back to Visy Park anyway

  340. Steve Healy says

    I take the train at least once a week during the footy season, and I take public transport to school every day.

    Yeah I remember you told me that on the train Damo, lol

  341. I stayed in the hotel across from Visy while in Melbourne for the launch.

    Girls footy team? Sounds our school has a day where girls go to Shepp and play footy, some just stand in the goalsquare on their phones while some actually take it seriously. The guys have plenty of fun watching them though.

  342. Danielle says

    339- really? BUT IM CUTEE!! :)

  343. Danielle says

    341- LMAOO
    eventhough my skill wouldnt be great im one of the those girls who get hard into packs to get the ball (netball influence)
    lol if i were playing this year it would go along the lines of

  344. Harry O’s latest status on FB:

    Just bought a new ride!! I’m proud of it but it needs a name.. I ll take a pic soon!

  345. Steve Healy says

    341- oh yeah.

    Yeah, I could imagine you being one those Jake King type players: Short, annoying and voilent

  346. Did anyone read the article on Brendan Fevola today in the Hun? Their is a line at the end that says ‘Fev takes a pic of a girl he’s shagging, and sends it around, which makes him a prick.” I thought that was a bit much for a newspaper.

  347. 345: Danni pulls out a gun and goes gangsta on a player with the ball.

  348. Danielle says

    345- lmaoo definatly annoying, i stuck to my opposition like glue! at one point one of teh girls said to me “can you slow it down a bit, im tired.”

  349. Damian Watson says

    Really? was it an editorial or an actual article? if it’s the latter then it is a little dramatic.

  350. Danielle says

    347- LMAOO
    well i had one thing in my mindset when im on the court, NO ONE GETS A TOUCH OF THE NETBALL IF IM ON EM!

  351. Steve Healy says

    346- Typical Herald Sun…

    This was the headline in the Age: AFL needs to go hard on Fevola to show women respect: clearly.

  352. 349: Yeah, its in the sports section today. It was by Mark Robinson.

  353. 351: It wasn’t even Fevola’s fault though.

  354. Steve Healy says

    I didnt know you were quick Danni. I actually thought you were talking about footy for a sec lol.

    I’ve never understood why people enjoy netball, watching and playing

  355. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Robbo writes opinonated articles and he provbably won’t be on Fev’s Christmas card list after that one.

    I’m disappointed that Gary Lyon made a transition to The Age from the Herald Sun, I used to enjoy his articles.

  356. Damian Watson says

    Can someone give me an honest iopinion: Is Luke darcy a good netball caller or is he a pretender?

  357. 355: I don’t like Robbo.

    354: Steve, Netball is a fierce sport. I played it in school last year and it’s actually very fun and competitive.

  358. Danielle says

    356- hes good but hes better at footy IMO

  359. Danielle says

    354- Lol if i get back into it after year 12 u can come and watch me play Steve.

  360. Steve Healy says

    The Netball was on One HD today, I watched a bit of it (it was a replay of a game last year). Darcy clearly doesn’t know much about netball.

    Whatta ya mean Damo, just get the Age then, his articles are great.

    Did anyone hear that Brendon Gale’s 5 year plan for Richmond? 3 years of finals, 0 debt, and 75 thousand members.

    75 THOUSAND?????!?!!!??

  361. Danielle says

    360- have the age sitting right infront of me..i tried to read it but..its just NOT RALPHYS WORK

  362. Steve Healy says

    Ive never played it in sport, I think I did in primary school though.

    Yes, its fierece, but it isnt entertaining, every score is just simple, within about 2 metres of the ring, its pretty predictable

  363. 3 FINALS!!??!?!?!?!?!?

  364. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I agree that Lyon’s articles are great, but I’m sticking with the Herald Sun lol.

    Well Gale obviously has high standards, to be honest that doesn’t seem realistic. Although in three years time it is extremely likely that wel will see a club break the 75 000 membership barrier, possibly Hawthorn.

  365. Danielle says

    Collingwood just sent a Tweet about a new break in out Membership barrier

  366. Danielle says


    Dear Fans I am feeling really good again and I was happy to hear from my doctor today that I have the green light to start working out again so I plan to try and play in Indian Wells next week. See you all soon! Roger

  367. Danielle says

    366- yayyyyyyyyyyy!! hes better! :)

  368. 366: What was wrong with him?

  369. Danielle says

    368- lung infection :(

  370. Danielle says

    364- Collingwood has broken its all-time membership record, surpassing the 2009 mark of 46,327 on Wednesday.

  371. Steve Healy says

    How many members Danni?

  372. I’m currently dreading the weekend between the NAB Cup Grand Final and Round 1. I don’t know how i’m going to survive that.

  373. Hey Danni, you going down to Visy tomorrow for Richmond v Collingwood? I am probably.

  374. Danielle says

    Adam stop trying to guilt me into comming!!! damn you!! :( lol

  375. Danielle says

    46, 659

  376. Danielle says

    327- the Nab cup means nothing to me.

  377. Danielle says


  378. 376: Yeah but its like going from not drinking for ages to drinking heaps in five weeks then stopping a whole week and having to wait seven more days. Sorry, didn’t know how to explain it better lol.

  379. Come on Danni. I live in Eltham. You live in Coburg. You can get down to Visy Park MUCH quicker and MUCH more easily than I can. Yet who’s the one planning to go? Me.

  380. Danielle says

    378- ohhh yeah especially since i get drunk every night! lmaooo

    379- ADAM!! YOU ARE SO MEANNNN!! YOU KNOW I WANNA GO!! but i feel sick!!

  381. 379: WHAT! You actually wanna go? Wow, and a few weeks ago you wouldn’t even consider it.

  382. My apologies Danni, I thought you were busy doing homework or something.

    I have a spare Friday period 6 because all English classes this week are cancelled due to orals, which gives me time to get to Visy :)

  383. Do you mean 380 Josh?

  384. Danielle says

    382- omg your gonna see JACK!!!!

  385. Steve Healy says

    wow, Danni wants to go to a game!

    Gee, how convinient is that Adam.

  386. Yeah I know, I’m excited about seeing Riewoldt too ;)

  387. 383: Yes, my bad.

  388. Danielle says

    382- i have a spare during period 4, that wouldnt have helped.

  389. Danielle says

    Riewoldt! argghhhh i dont like that name at all!!

    Adam make sure u wera sunnies, dont wann stun the girl with ur hazel eyes!!

    status- jealouse of adam!

  390. Danielle says

    Steve i love footy, and when i dont go it means THAT I REALLY CANT not that i dont want to.

  391. My mistake, Riewoldt isn’t playing.

  392. Danielle says

    it starts at 4:00 HA!
    if you think i was gonna rock up in my uniform to see JACK with hardly any makeup and bodgey hair you have another thing comming!

  393. Deledio, Cousins, Cotchin, Foley, Martin and Newman are out also.

    Dea, Taylor, Hicks, Webberley, Nason, Grimes, Contin and Roberts are all in.

  394. Seeing Jack with hardly any makeup and bodgy hair? He never wears makeup and boys hair doesn’t really matter anyway.

  395. Danielle says


    AND hair does matter, A LOT

  396. Danielle says

    Deledio, Cousins, Cotchin, Martin
    haha dont expect to see much female Tigers there!

  397. 396: Yeah right, because girls that only go to games to look at the players physiques would look at the team lists on the internet.

  398. Danielle says

    398- well most do. i enjoy having pretty playyers to look at :) every girl does

  399. Danni – You completely missed my point.

  400. Danielle says

    400- hold on rewind.

    well you are still incorrect me, a girl who loves her footy pretty boys looks as the team list as soon as i can get to it.
    infact I use the Collingwood website atleast 3 times a day to see if they update anything

  401. Yes, but you’re not the kind of girl who only goes to games to look at the players with attractive physiques, although that definitely isn’t a non-factor for you :P

  402. Danielle says

    402- lmao fine ur only half incorrect now! Happy? Lol

    speaking of which…as Jack would say, “HELLLOOOOOOOOOEEEEE!!!” ;)

  403. Would you say that was the single best moment of your life?

  404. Danielle says

    404- OHHH YEAH i dont think anything is going to top that….


    Adam, in all seriousness i love him to pieces.

  405. Danielle says

    ‘MARRY ME!!’

    i really do think if he rocked up at my house and said “run away with me”
    id be like, “lets go!” lol

  406. Danielle says

    Your Tigers better win Adam, and JACK better not be out on the ground for more than 10 minutes!

  407. 403: What does that link got to do with West Coast?

  408. Danielle says

    408- i have NO IDEA! but who cares HES SO HAWTTTT!!!!

    status- melting

  409. Gday Barnstable.

  410. Gday Bulman. Just seen what they’re doing at Punt Road, looks good.

  411. Danielle says

    Adam, think ive asked but are you full Aussie?

  412. Nope. That would mean I am Aboriginal.

    My parents and grandparents were all born in Australia, but apparently there was some French/Spanish influence on my mothers side. Nothing else as far as I am aware.

    Eltham’s not exactly a multiracial hotbed. Not to say we’re racist, its just the area. There’s probably about 10 Asians at my school, for instance.

  413. Danielle says

    413- okay, cool :)

    oui, comment s’est passée ta journée aujourd’hui?

  414. I’m part indian, part english, part Australian.

  415. Je suis allé à l’ecole.

  416. Part Indian? I find that hard to believe.

  417. Danielle says

    lol l’école? bien que je suppose de la journée était ennuyeux, alors?

  418. 414, 416, 418: Whaaa?

    417: My Mum’s Dad was born in India, which is why i have fairly dark skin.

  419. Danielle says

    419- ahhhhh, your skin tone is beatiful!
    its like a nice bronze, your so lucky!

  420. Oui, c’était ennuyeux. Six classes.

  421. Danielle says

    421- so how long have you been able to spech French Missure. Bulman

  422. Au revoir, mes amis, le dîner. Â bientot!

  423. Pas thé, Barnstable!

  424. Danielle says

    423- funny thing is that i think Josh undestood that one!

  425. 424: No, i didn’t actually haha.

  426. Danielle says

    oh come on Josh the first part- goodbye
    the second means ‘my friends’
    DINER well in your case thats TEA
    get it?

  427. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, its pretty strange how your part indian Josh (but not in a racist way).

    My Mum was born in England, and her Mum was English, but her Dad was an Australian living in England. So yeah, im pretty english.

    Just got back from the doctors

  428. Ohh. Screw you Adam!

  429. Danielle says

    428- feeling okay?? :(

    You guys shoulda made Adam talk French when you met up at the footy, you have no idea how many girls would have bolted towards you if you had! lmaoo

  430. That was French? Thought it was Spanish..

  431. Danielle says

    Au revoir!!!
    thats FRENCH!! lol
    didnt you ever watch Madeline as a kid?

  432. I didn’t even read your comments, i just knew they were in a different language

    And what the hell is Madeline?

  433. Danni, to answer your earlier question, I did French from year 7 until year 10 and was very good at it. But I’m a bit rusty now.

  434. Danielle says

    Adam if you were a Collingwood supporter id marry you! lmaoo :P


  435. Danielle says

    Josh- does this RING ANY BELLS

    In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lives 12 little girls in 2 straight lines. they left the house at half past nine, the smallest one was MADELINE!!

  436. Madeline is a girl who goes to my school?

  437. 436: What?

  438. Steve Healy says

    No, i’ve got cancer. They told me that it’ll vanish when the Dees win a premiership.

    How do you guys know french so well? I did it for 2 years, and I can only remember Je’Mappelle bouvoir

  439. No it isn’t it’s Steve Healy :P

  440. Steve Healy says

    Remember Danni, you’re talking to a guy who has lived all his life in the country.

    Dinner time

  441. 439: Your gonna have cancer for a looooong time.

  442. Steve Healy says

    440- ????

    why does conversation always stop when I leave?

  443. Danielle says

    438- OMGGG!! are u serious??

  444. Danielle says

    Adam please tell me u remember Madeline!

  445. Danielle says

    btw i think i have decided to get
    MRSJACK.A on my year 12 jumper
    i went thru the list with mum and she said the WAG thing sounded slutty lol

  446. Steve Healy says

    just put number 9 on your back

  447. We love our bread. We love our butter. But most of all we love each other. I remember the show, but I didn’t like it at all, I just remember that excruciating line.

  448. How about “Danthony”?

  449. Danielle says

    448: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :D lol :)

    447- nah to brief im paying 65 bucks for it might as well get more writing!
    449- nah i like THE MRS part!! :)

  450. Danielle says


  451. Damian Watson says

    Isn’t Madeline based on a Fernch girl who lives with orphans and a nun, I can’t remember.

  452. Danthony is perfect, it’s a combo of Danni and Anthony, while also spelling D.ANTHONY.

  453. Danielle says

    MUM- i know your putting mrs.jonas arent u!!

    ME- NO MUM thats over now

    MUM- what…i really liked that son in law.

    ME- lmaooo

  454. Danielle says

    452- YES!! good work damo ;)
    ADAM, I WANT THE MRS part!!

  455. Steve Healy says

    Your paying $65 for it???what???!!!!!!!!!!!

    What about: Iloveujack, thats 10 letters

  456. Danielle says

    456- ohhhhh thats a cool one, but it could be a random JACK…

  457. Danielle says

    456- yeah i know, 65 buck for a year 12 class of 2010 jumper that we get to wear for like 3 days..

  458. You can choose whatever you want to choose, but Danthony flows.

    You know what annoys me? Like for example if there’s 3 Lauren’s in a school and one/two of them choose Lauren as if they’re the only Lauren.

  459. Danielle says

    Mum doesnt like Jack very much…cos hes a footy player she reconds footy players are not faithful, shes right when u look at Carey and Fev…

  460. Danielle says

    459- lol well i know that the girls at my school are not getting their names just random names

    CANDY- StalkerBob
    ADRIA- Curlyfries
    SARAH- either BLONDIE, NADAL, PRINCESS or something

  461. If you want a cynical view, I’ll say that footy players tend to go for attractive bimbos whose primary reason for wanting to go out with them is so “they can be photographed in a nice dress at the Brownlow.”

  462. Steve Healy says

    461- who are the other 2 no names. And how did that Stalker bob thing originate?

  463. Do you tell all the girls at your school about us Knackers?

  464. Steve Healy says

    I hope so

  465. Danielle says

    462- lmaoo funny thing when i was asking my friends about what to wear for the family day most of them said, wear something short and look like a skan*
    i didnt really do that but Jack seemed impressed enough…lol
    yeah i did notice that and height is not an issue Fraser and Presti’s wives are wayyy shorter than them so all i need to do is lose a few kilos. lol

  466. Danielle says

    463- i duuno something random at lunchtime lmaoo

  467. Danielle says

    464- yeah u guys get a mention sometimes.

  468. Steve Healy says

    468- YES!

  469. What do you say about us?

  470. Danielle says

    lol well
    i mention how cute Joshy and Steve are
    and how nice Damo is, how much i agrue with Mikey, i say how funny you are and that u have amazing eyes and that overall you are cool guys.

  471. Steve Healy says

    As long as its all positive!

  472. Danielle says

    472- well i do tell them when we have our little fights Steve lol

  473. Steve Healy says

    oh yeah, well thats all in the fun of it

  474. Danielle says

    Adam- hows the beard going? :)

  475. Damian Watson says

    What’s their response? lol

  476. Danielle says

    476- oh lol they just listen to whatever i have to say, laugh if its funny and thats about it…lol
    my intimate group of friends dont like footy.

  477. Gone Danni, it got annoying. Sorry.

  478. Danielle says

    478- OMG…..nooooooooooooooooooooo

  479. We should arrange a 5 person a side football quiz: Me Steve Josh Damo and Mikey vs Danni and 4 of her friends. Should be a fair contest.

  480. Steve Healy says

    What???? Do any of your friends like footy???

  481. Danielle says

    480- hahahahahhahahahahhahahahah

    question one- what is AFL in full words

    DANNI FRIENDS- “ummmmmmmmm……”
    DANNI- “omggg JUST KILL ME!!”

  482. Danielle says

    481- yeah about 3 or 4….
    but they are not my close friends, we talk here and there..

  483. Who would be host?

  484. Danielle says

    484- JACK, JACK!!!!!!!

  485. Steve Healy says

    Good idea Adam, in an 100 question quiz we’d win 100-0

  486. That’s a pretty conservative estimate Steve.

    Off do so some homework now, cyas.

  487. 479: Don’t worry Danni, i’m actually growing one at the moment.

  488. Michael Allan says

    As one leaves one enters, how are we all tonight?

    For readers of the Age – remember these numbers


  489. Danielle says

    cya Adam! :)

    Steve, do ya recon i should leave to do hw too?

  490. Danielle says

    488- YAY JOSHYY!!! :)
    im so proud

  491. Michael Allan says

    no Danni, you should do homework when football games are on.

  492. Danielle says

    492- way ahead of ya

  493. Steve Healy says

    Thats me Michael.


  494. Michael Allan says

    I broke my razor :(

  495. Damian Watson says

    I’m suprised you haven’t started already and I was expecting your nervous breakdown ages ago, maybe Year 12 isn’t as bad as you bpercieved it to be Danni lol.

    By the way I just heard that Fev won’t be used to promote Channel 7’s footy coverage, that isn’t suprising.

  496. Danielle says

    494- k steve ill leave it till b4 bed like last night i did my business hw at like 10:30 and finished at 12:00

  497. Danielle says

    495- lmaoo is it pink?

  498. Danielle says

    496- don’t worry its still early i have only done 2 sacs

  499. Michael Allan says

    why the bloody hell would you think that?

    If you must know it’s blue.

  500. Danielle says

    500- i like pink! :)

  501. 498: Umm..mine is purple

  502. Danielle says

    502- i like PURPLE TOO!! :)

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