Day One: Two exams and one Test

First Test: Australia V West Indies, Day 1

By Steve Healy

Exams. They’re not as bad as you think, especially when you get to go home early. All day, my mind is on the cricket and of course the Draft, not school work. I get through my science exam unscathed, but then again, where will reflecting mirrors take me in life? I head off to the library, and discover that the Aussies are batting, they are 1/4 off three and Shane Watson got out for a duck. Not a good start.

My R.E exam is much easier, and on the tram home I find out that they are now 1/105, just before lunch. I rush home, only to discover that my older brothers are watching Oprah instead of the cricket. A few minutes later, I get my way: cricket – on, crap – off.

In what seems like seconds later, Ponting is caught behind for 55 after a productive innings. Katich is on 63 and the Aussies are 2/126. Hussey comes to the crease, and he begins a good partnership with Katich. He smashes a couple of fours, and a couple more when Chris Gayle comes on to bowl, before taking himself off after one over. I am unfamiliar with this West Indian team, but they seem to have a good line up. At the Gabba, the conditions are mint, but in Melbourne there’s thunder booming and the sky is black. Rain is hitting the window in a poetic way. A drinks break is called, that massive Gatorade bottle on wheels comes on to the ground (how can the driver see?) and I go and make myself some coffee.

All looks good for the Aussies after drinks, Hussey caresses another one to the rope, Katich glances one to the boundary, and the Windies are dropping catches. All is good. I take an interest in a couple of their players, Brendan Nash and Sulieman Benn. Brendan Nash is actually from Queensland, but he is also playing for the West Indies because he is distantly West Indian (I think?). Sulieman Benn is a 204cm, lanky, left arm unorthodox spinner who comes on to bowl, replacing Jerome Taylor, who comes off with an injury. Sulieman’s first ball to Hussey is a gem, it even gets an edge but he is dropped in the slips. Hussey then smashes his sixth 4 a couple of balls later, and he’s on 34 and looking dangerous. Hussey times another pull shot to perfection for another four. Katich hits another one; a terrible misfield by the West Indies brings up the 200. But another wicket falls, Ramdin takes a terrific catch behind the stumps and Katich is walking back to the pavilion with 92 off 135. A very fine innings. Clarke comes in, and gets off like a rocket with a two. But the runs start to dry up. At tea, it’s 3/210 off 51 overs, a good run rate, and hopefully they could keep it up. Jeez, I’m starving.

The Aussies start the session slowly. Hussey hits a 2 to bring up his 50, and then Clarke smashes a four, as does Hussey with a straight drive. Gayle comes back into the attack to inspire his troops. Together, Gayle and Benn together, give the Windies a very dangerous spin attack over the next 16 overs or so. The runs are getting very hard to come by. Sulieman Benn finally gets the credit he deserves, when he bowls a perfect bowl just outside the off stump, which Hussey hits straight back to him. Benn doesn’t drop the catch, unlike earlier. 4/253 is the score, and Marcus North walks out on to the pitch. North has a slow start to his innings, but another terrible West Indian misfield gives him a four. Michael Clarke is doing bugger all at the other end, but still picking up singles-a-plenty. North cuts another one to the rope, but the two spinners are still going great. North hits another four though, and at drinks its 4/280.

Bravo replaces Gayle, and it has immediate effect, with Gayle being on the end of a fantastic catch in the slips. Bravo goes beserk, with bling bouncing everywhere. Clarke is out with 41 off 94, he didn’t look too happy about his innings from my observation, but I wasn’t happy with it either. The score is 5/287 and at this stage of the day you’d think the Aussies would attack, but they don’t. Actually, Haddin doesn’t even get off the mark for ages, and they cut to the news at 6:00, half an hour before the end of play! During the middle of an over! After a four from Marcus North! Lift your game, channel 9. Richie Benaud wouldn’t like it, even though he wouldn’t admit it on air. Anyway, I check on the internet for the score at the conclusion of the day’s play. 5/322.


Australia: 5/322 off 90 overs.

Top scorers:

S.Katich  92 (135)

M.Hussey  66 (132)

R.Ponting  55 (79)

Best Bowlers

D. Bravo  (21-3-66-2)

K.Roach  (16-3-50-1)

S.Benn  (21-4-54-1)

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. steve, i have NO IDEA what you are on about, didnt understand one word!
    good job! :) lol

  2. Steve Healy says

    Cheers Danni, lets talk in this thread everyone!

  3. Steve Healy says

    Oh, and Michael, thanks for two Dees in two years. Jordan Gysberts for Brownlow!

  4. Steve Healy says

    Quiet night for the fab 5…

  5. Im home alone, wondering what i should have for tea. Gonna go for a kick soon

  6. Steve Healy says

    K, crap, my internets slow again! It will be for about another week I guess. It’s gonna be hard to get on facebook, and long conversations on this site

  7. sorry jst got out of the shower.
    mums already complained 3 times about my room and ive jst started my holidays!

  8. Steve Healy says

    My room has been ankle high with junk for about 2 years. Did you finish today, Danni? I have one full day left, on Tuesday, and then I’ve got two half days on Wednesday and Thursday and then yay! holidays woot yes yay

  9. Hmmm i thought i had a few more days left, but turns out i got 2 more weeks to go, but i might just show up for 1 week. For the rest of school though its just party, games and fun

  10. YES im all done!!

  11. Steve Healy says

    Staying home is funner though Josh

    Good on ya Danni.

    Josh, do you know the score in the cricket? I was out for the last two hours of play, and then I found out my internet’s slow so it’ll be hard to check the score

  12. Steve Healy says

    oh, 5/134. Looks like it’ll be an easy win for the Aussies

  13. Michael Allan says

    Yeah Steve, got some good players in those two, Gysberts would be happy to be playing alongside his classmate.

    Sorry I weasn’t talking on msn, I’m sometimes lazy and forget to sign out.

  14. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, do you know Gysberts well? Have you ever talked to him?

    thats fine, that was the first time i’d been on MSN in ages

  15. ….MIKEYY!!!

  16. Michael Allan says

    lol sorry Steve I’m not really in the year 12 crowd. I’ve talked with Blease and he was a really good bloke.


  17. Steve Healy says

    Oh ok fair enough M.Allan lol.

    How was your camp and where did you go?

  18. WHYY!!?
    Im in the year 8,9,10,11 and now 12 crowds! im very social! :)

  19. Steve Healy says

    Lol, do you have people clinging on to you Danni?

  20. Michael Allan says

    Our school owns a place called Whooten Lodge out in the country in the town that John Butcher lives in. I can’t think of the nameright at the moment.

    It was really good, we did whatever we wanted somost of the time we were kicking the footy at the campsite. Josh would be happy to know that I’ve improved my kicking skills. lol

  21. Michael Allan says

    lol, why do you hang around with year 8’s Danni?

  22. …hmm kinda
    lets just say i get a lot of hugs! im very loved! :)

  23. i dont hang around them but i know some of them pretty well.

  24. Steve Healy says

    I don’t get that many hugs. But then again, I do go to an all boys school lol.

  25. ..i wouldnt mind getting some hugs at ur school steve! :)

  26. Steve Healy says

    oh well isn’t that nice to know!

    Not from me, I presume lol

  27. lol!
    well if join the line and wait your turn then sure steve! :)lmaoo
    your so cute! STEVEEYYY!! lol

  28. Steve Healy says

    hey, how do you know that I won’t be at the front of the line?

  29. nawwwwwwwwwww!!!! lol
    were you planing on camping the night in line to get first? lol

  30. Steve Healy says

    lol yea just like gettin grand final tickets lol.

  31. Michael Allan says

    lol, in that case I’ll do shifts with you Steve. I’m now a seasoned veteran at lining in ques!

  32. hmmm but they what happens when i get there and your both at the front?
    who gets to go first?

  33. Im back from kicking the footy, even though i never did. Some random 4WD was parked on the front lawn so i couldnt have a kick in case i smashed the windscreen. I dont even know who’s car it is.

    Michael, good stuff. Did you practise your banana kicks? Lol

    I get heaps of hugs at school lol in Science our teacher has banned any contact by 2 students coz they are going out, they cant even tap each other on the shoulder or whatever.

  34. Michael Allan says

    Oh please Danni, I’m only standing in line because I’m doing a good deed for a mate. I’ll do the midnight session so Steve can rest up. Then we can swap back at 7 am so Steve can have the Eid Experience.

  35. Steve Healy says

    yea you’ve got a good point Michael lol.

    Good question Danni

  36. lol suree MIKEY! :P
    lmaooo Eid Experience, nice alliteration.

  37. Steve Healy says


    Yeah Michael i’ll go home in that time and watch the replays on 7two

  38. Michael Allan says

    Danni, unlike you and Steve I can hug boys and girls at my school any time I want. No need to line up.

  39. what replays?

  40. Steve Healy says

    On 7two they show old replays of footy games during the night. they usually show two games from 1-6 but sometimes 3

  41. yes ill bet all the girls love hugging a pretty rangga! lol
    i cant wait to go to training next footy season, im asking Medders especially for a hug.

  42. Steve Healy says

    I wanna see Melbourne train too. I’ve been put off going to see Melbourne train in the last year cos of stupid Casey fields, too far away

  43. You hug boys? Lol

    I wont be on tomorrow night, im going to a party. Prob wont be on during the day either

  44. Michael Allan says

    With all the Tiger draft picks I wouldn’tr mind going to a Richmond training session next year. last season I went to two. Cuz’s first session and I went to one on work exp with the Age.

  45. ohh have fun joshyy!!
    and make sure u meet a nice 15-16 yeaR Old North female.

  46. Michael Allan says

    I didn’t say I hugged boys…….I said I had the option to. lol

  47. Michael Allan says

    I’m off now. Bye.

  48. Steve Healy says

    lol Michael were there any Richmond supporters who DIDNT go to Cuz’s first session?

    Why does she have to be 15-16 Danni? hahaha

  49. Hmm ok Danni.

    Fair enough Michael lol.

    When i saw the Roos train last week, i cant believe how friendly they were. I thought i wouldnt even be allowed on the field, let alone in the rooms.

    1. BREATHE
    3. say: “I LOVEEE U NATHANNNN!!!”
    4. WAVE at Nathan Brown
    5. blow kisses at Jack Anthony
    6. ask Medders for a hug plus photo and say: “Meddy i love you, ur like a TEDDY!!”
    7. take photo with Nathan and ask for hug.
    8. Ask Superman for hug and a proposal!
    9. slip phone number into training bag of Josh Thomas.

  51. i though 15-16 was the age he wanted!!
    what now?

  52. Steve Healy says

    age doesn’t matter hahaha.

    All the other Collingwood players will be saying: Why aren’t we getting this attention?

  53. Dont ddddieeeeee while your there Danni.

    God im looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight, i had to get up at 6:15 this morning :(

  54. lmaoo steve! and cant promise not to die josh!! i mean u remember what happ when nathan was like 5 meters away!! :)

    yeah i got up at 7:00 wore not a trace of makeup to skool all b/c i couldnt be bothered getting up at 6:45 to put it on.

  55. Steve Healy says

    I don’t think I’ve ever woken up that early in my life- I’m serious

  56. u sound like candy, steve!
    ‘age doesnt matter danni!!”
    “danni what will you do if you fall in love wif someone whos 30?”
    its funny though cos she likes her younger guys more than her oldies.

  57. The earliest i have gotten up is 4:30, and that was when i had a flight to catch to Queensland last year. I got up this morning coz a goat was bleating its behind off and woke me up so i went out to see what was wrong and he had his head stuck in the fence. I tried getting his head free for about 20 minutes in the rain but couldnt do it so i had to wait till Dad got home.

  58. Steve Healy says

    Are you on FB Josh? I would talk to you but the chat bar isn’t showing up cos of my slow internet- I think.

    What about Colin Firth Danni your already in love with him and he’s 50 or something

  59. ….josh

    i cant say i have had or will ever have that problem…..

  60. yeah but Colin is famous, which ensures that we will never be an item, therefore theres no problem.

  61. Steve Healy says

    Danni: awwww poor goatie!!!!! :(

  62. You will Danni, once you move to the country

  63. Steve Healy says

    lol ok, is it the same with Anthony/Brown/Martin/Thomas?

  64. And yeah i am Steve, but apparantly your offline

  65. Steve Healy says

    oh ok, are you on MSN?

  66. No, but i’ll go on if you are

  67. very accurate with the goatie like steve. lol

    i dont think i can live in the country! i really DONT!!

    nice try steve, Anthony/Brown/Martin/Thomas combo is still possible they are only 1-4 years older than me and it easy to meet them!
    what do you think my chnaces are?

  68. Steve Healy says

    Your chances are very high, but you’ll have to leave Joe unless you are willing to make it secret

  69. well…that wont be as hard as you think.
    Joes leaving to live in Italy at the end of the year…
    its not really hard for me cos i hardly saw him much anyway..but yeah.

  70. Steve Healy says

    That reminds me of my sister. She met an italian at word youth day last year, and they talked for ages online and my sister went to italy in July this year and he’s coming to Australia this summer for a holiday

  71. Steve Healy says

    And by the way Danni that’s pretty sad.

  72. naww thats cute.
    you see his parents got divorced a year ago and his dad wants to go to Italy so hes going with, which means..breakup incoming. hell let me down gently, hes got a good heart. then i will be officiallly ready to date the combo of

  73. yeah..thanks steve.
    i know but you cant really control these things.

  74. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I know, I hope you can find someone as good as Joe if you break up. Even though I don’t know how good Joe is

  75. Dont worry Danni, plenty of fish etc. But if i can give you a piece of advice, date someone who is into footy. It will make your relationship a lot smoother.

    Status- listening to Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA

  76. who likes Miley Cyrus?

  77. Yeah thanks guys :)
    im sure ill find that special someone. :)


  78. Not me i bloody hate her life, but that song is okay i’ll admit..

  79. lmaoo yeah shes really..
    well weird but i like that song and i also like ‘7 things i hate about you’

  80. My ring tone is the nokia theme

  81. Omg i cant stand that song. The only songs i like by her is See You Again and Party in the USA. The show is good, but only coz of Billy Rae and the other guys on it.

  82. my dad’s is the Collingwood theme song! lol whenever someone rings he takes ages to answer the phone cos im like..
    “noo let it playy!!”

  83. lmaoo! did u see the episode when the JOnas Brothers came on??

  84. Noo, i only watch it during the footy season.

    I dont have a ringtone, my phone is always on silent. I had the Carlton theme song once..

  85. ..why ????

  86. My Nana sent it to me…

  87. why not the Dees song?

  88. Danni, wanna come to the footy next year? NAB Cup, Round 1, North v Geelong? Me, Steve and Damo might be going, not sure yet

  89. omg in history, french revolution, teacher was going on about how scary the words to the French Anthem are , then she goes does anyone know the Fitzroy football club song?
    me: “you mean brisbane?”
    Then i managed to work my way out of her trying to make me sing it to the class!! LMAOO

  90. Coz no one i know goes for the Dees! Except for a kid on my bus..

  91. NAWW josh please dont do this to me…
    i dont think i can :(
    Do you know the date???

  92. does this kid have facebook?

  93. Haha thats funny i read something about Lions song and their connection to the French. I think it was in the Almanac…

  94. Steve would haha

    He might, i’ve never searched him coz he is a try hard

  95. Febuary 21, Danni

  96. Thats one day after my Dad’s bday

  97. ohh how PERFECT IS THIS!!
    thats the same week as my English oral which goes to my ENTER
    the same week as MY BUSINESS SAC
    And im not even going to bother cheecking History cos its that week too.

  98. But he goes for the Dees Josh!

    Danni, haven’t you heard of getting your priorities straight: This is how it’s meant to be:



  99. told you guys its too hard!!
    you fellas have fun!
    make sure steve eats like 10 pies too skinny!

  100. lol come on steve ive only got 9 months of school left then i can be all

  101. If I have an important test the next day, I’m gonna say sorry test, but footy needs me.

  102. Are you going to go to uni the year after you finish school?

  103. Good for you steve lol
    wow i cant believe that after next year..ill be in university..WITH UNI GUYS!! :)

  104. lol jst answerd that question steve!
    yeah, better to get it out of the way!

  105. oh well that answers my question lol

  106. I dont get Uni…

  107. omg i hope its like in those movies where ill spot ‘the guy’ sitting under a tree with leaves falling reading Romeo and Juliet and then i end up parterners with him in a lit course.

  108. what do you mean josh?

  109. Or you’ll find a guy sitting under a tree and BANG! an apple falls and hits him on the head haha.

    Well Danni, you finish school right? Everyone says Hooray school is finshed! Then there is Uni. What is Uni? Is it school?

  110. Uni is where you get a degree for something, like Journalism or something

  111. well firstly is more mature.
    only people who WANT to be there and HAVE THE ABILITY to learn such things are there. Theres no teachers, more like lecturers who are professors ect who dont really give you the relationship you had with school teachers, cos ur not in a classroom ur in a massive hall with 200 others. no uniform-yay!!
    your not forced to attend but its a good idea to if you want to pass and get your degree. you can leave campus whenever you have days off finish diff time, far more flexible. CANT WAITT

  112. well..the apple thing kinda ruins the romance of it but i think id burst out laughing and go over to ask if he was okay, then ask him to do it again so i can laugh!! :)

  113. Hmmmm right. My sister went to Monash Uni i think…

  114. oh yeah, I know monash Uni. My older brother went/still goes to Melbourne Uni. Melbourne Uni is the best, i’d suggest you go there if you go to uni

  115. lol kools. i wanna go to La Trobe Uni..i think in Bundorra. lol year i know FAR!!
    i think ANgus Monfries is Part time at Monash or La Trobe in journalism, its his second year.

  116. Hmmm right. Danni, are you going to the footy on your birthday? Which would be Roos v Pies right?

  117. OHH GOSH AGAIN..steve sounds like Candy
    shes obsessed with Melb UNI!! OBSESSED

  118. hmm yeah well im hoping so but i dont think i will be certain until THAT week!
    gee i hate how year 12 just takes over my life!! and its only BEEN 2 DAYS

  119. Year 12 won’t take over my life.

    Lol, how was a supposed to know about Candy’s obsession with Melbourne Uni?

  120. Lol today was Year 11’s last day, and i was waiting behind a yr 11 girl trying to get to my locker and she was taking her time putting her books away, until i realized she was cleaning out her whole locker lol. Oh and continuing on from a previous comment about conforming with year 7-12 kids, i have hanged with year 7, 8, 9 and 10 kids at my school this year lol

  121. yeah well im an idiot!
    ill have 2 make a visit to school on Monday cos i left my lock on the locker i had migrated to for these two days!

  122. do you HAVE to?

  123. yes!! i dont want to buy a new lock cos then ill have to get a new combination!! ive had the same one from year 7!!!
    arggg ill jst rock up at like recess or something.

  124. my combination is 0,22,16. I haven’t used my lock this year

  125. I dont have a lock on my locker, i completely trust my school (major sarcasm!) our school was broken into last year and lockers were smashed, things were stolen and heaps of windows got smashed

  126. ohh steve, we have one number the same!!
    lol not saying which!! :)

  127. I use a padlock if i lock my locker, not a combination

  128. nah i love the combinations!! its so American..ohh and our locks are American..i remember candy crying over that fact when the year 12s put vaseline on our locks for muck-up day.

  129. My neighbouring locker had glue on her locker a couple of days ago. OH! And on tuesday, one of the year 11’s found a year old vegemite sandwich in his locker

  130. ohhh ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
    great like i already cant stand the stuff now imgine how off it was….ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

  131. oh no, a vegemite sandwich! lol

  132. It was full on black! Still in its gladwrap. I got dared 20c to eat it

  133. I would have eaten it if it was iSnack 2.0 though

  134. well fellas im gonna hit the hay!!
    im drained!! and i have books all over my bed!! darn i just want to sleeppppp!!
    argghh!! lol im crankkyyy!!

    have fun Josh, talk soon Steve.

    niteeeeeeee :)

  135. yeah but there’s no such thing as year old iSnack 2.0 lol


  137. Cya Danni

    True, but i’ll make an iSnack 2.0 sandwich, go to the future and then eat it

  138. lol it’d be funny if you chose to go in to the future, and you disappeared cos you got hit by a truck and died. Ok, I know that’s not funny, but it would be funny cos of you disappearing

  139. It’d be funny if i fell into a freezing chamber and woke up in the year 3000 and had a robot friend, a one-eyed friend, a crustacean friend and an old proffesor for a nephew.

  140. Yeah lol and Liam Jurrah is still playing for the Dees in 3000.

  141. He’ll have his head in a glass tank and a robotic body though-lol

  142. anway I think i’ve gotta go cya

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