AFL Round 5 – Essendon v St Kilda: I’m onto you Bomber!

It was in the car park of a petrol station after the Bombers’ loss that my uncle John lost the plot. While waiting for our kebabs outside the van he violently threw off his Essendon jacket in raged frustration wanting nothing to do with anything red and black. We’d just come marching away from Etihad Stadium with seven minutes left until the siren as the Saints were well and truly marching in.

We left the MCG excited for our second footy game, Dad and I all smiles after a Collingwood win and my uncle pumped to watch his Bombers. On arrival I copped many head-to-toe dirty glances at Etihad as I was very proudly strutting around in in my Collingwood jumper and scarf; haters gonna hate! Sadly the fun stopped there. I’m not going to sugar coat this, the game was shite.

The Bombers were lazy, both teams fumbled so much that the turn-overs must have hit a record. Watson who everyone seems obsessed with and I don’t care much for was a no-show, only Chapman provided some skill and watching him was too awkward because he was donning the sash instead of the hoops AND I had to endure Riewoldt (the one I dislike) kick goals as the Saints completely embarrassed the Bombers.

While my uncle sat there in disbelief and anger I just sat there thinking, this is crap. Essendon don’t play like this, I’m sorry but this is all bull! Those bastards! They’re saving themselves for ANZAC Day next week against my boys! That’s why they’re playing this shit, slow, no bruise, no injury risk footy. I’m onto you Bomber Thompson, I’m onto you!

So with unappealing footy happening I began to take notice of the people around me.

One St. Kilda supporter in front of me demonstrated why they’re nicknamed ‘saints’. A pretty lady with blonde boy-short hair, simple stud earrings and a knitted Saints scarf she looked about late 40s in age range. “Yes, very good boys very good” she’d say while fairy clapping. Then when disagreeing with the umps she’d express a mere “Oh…oh no.” It’s HOW she said it that killed me, it was in between an inside-voice and a mutter. Woman…we’re on level three in the nose-bleed section! If you want them to hear you IT WOULDN’T KILL YOU TO YELL A LITTLE!

Behind me however I had the complete opposite problem. Two young guys one of whom was yapping away like he was a radio show host and not in the good way. I know its tradition to swear at the footy but I’m sure his vocabulary exceeds his use of the f-bomb every two words. I actually lost count of his annoying “Oh YEP there we go, that’s how you do it.” I was going to turn around and say; “OKAY we get it both teams know how to switch to the side of the ground when no one is up forward, now please shut up or get some new commentary!”

Two seats down from the annoying radio yapper was a Saints man who reacted to every, and I mean EVERY St.Kilda goal like he was on a rollercoaster. If you’re not a Brian Taylor fan close your ears now.

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” he’d yell and I mean YELL jumping out of his seat, fist punching the air then leaning to ruffle the hair of the depressed Bomber friend sitting in front of him. At least this guy was giving me something to laugh about.

Suddenly someone caught my eye…it couldn’t be! Could it?! “DAD LOOK IT’S NATHAN BUCKLEY!”

  • “What?! Where Danielle, are you sure?”

Was I sure?! I’ve been staring at Nathan Buckley since I was four years-old, that’s the back of his head I’d I know it! Bored with the shite game at half time we got up and walked a few rows down to indeed find Nathan Buckley intently looking over the current match stats with (Uncle) Rodney Eade (Eid) As dad spoke to Bucks I looked a little closer, even Robert Harvey was there. Yep the Collingwood coaching panel’s work had continued after leaving the MCG, love the dedication.

“What are you guys doing here?” asked Bucks

“We thought we’d come and check out the opposition for next week like you guys!” I replied.


A few photos later (Rodney Eade moved and sat on the concrete stair so I had room to move in next to Bucks) we walked back to our seats, I was a little shakily star-struck. The closest id ever gotten to Bucks was when I was seated at the end of the row he ran past from the race from the coach’s box to the ground after Malthouse to help instruct as he was injured. This topped that!

So there you go Collingwood made my night twice, Essendon disgusted me and I’ve no love for the Saints. My Uncle lost his Essendon cap that night, he also lost his patience. Guess I better go check under the car seat.


Danni and Bucks!

Danni and Bucks!


Just so you know, I was inner fangirling that moment LOL














Essendon:   5.0.  5.2.   7.7     9.11 (65).

St. Kilda:    1.6.  4.8   8.11   11.15 (81)


Goals: Essendon: Stanton 3, Jetta 2, Melksham 2, Myers, Ryder.

 St. Kilda: Riewoldt 5, Billings 2, Schneider 2, Geary, Montagna.


Best: Essendon: Stanton, Watson, Hooker, Chapman, Myers

St. Kilda: Riewoldt, Schneider, Montagna, Hayes, Stanley.


Umpires: Fisher, Stevic, Harris                                                       Crowd: 36,041


Votes: P.Chapman -3


B. Stanton-1


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  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Very funny Danielle geez lucky for them it wasn’t , Fasulo and Elliott it would have been more physical and the game they had just played . Only you could have made a report on saints v bombers become a pies article well played ! Thanks Danielle

  2. Stephanie Holt says

    Great twist at the end there! And the photos to prove it!

  3. Steve Baker says

    You definitely have to be on the Almanac Podcast Danielle. You’ll see my email address, with this, let me know if you want some details on how to #GetInvolved

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