Manly Movember is upon us (soon!)

Let’s step into the trend time machine. Its 1970 and all the gentlemen all have a distinguishing feature, a moustache.

Socially the moustache was a symbol of manliness but opening up emotionally was not socially acceptable especially for men. Fast forward back to today, 2014 and this symbol of manhood has been transformed into an international symbol for raising awareness for men’s health.

It was also a very popular look on the footy field. My favourite footy moustache is hands down Brian Taylor’s. This trend is sneaking back slowly with the younger boys competing for facial hair bragging rights but moustaches are never as important throughout the year as they are in November.




In the first Movember trial in 2003 only thirty men participated, a figure that today has taken over the month of November worldwide as men are challenged to “change the face of men’s health” literally.

The AFL has the Beyond Blue cup, as a way for raising awareness for mental health. And let’s not forget AFL figures such as Mark Thompson, Heath Black, Nathan Thompson and Mitch Clark all coming forward and revealing their hidden mental health battles.


Source: hawthornfc website

Source: hawthornfc website


 I remember being shocked when I read about Nathan Thompson’s story because as a kid I remembered him as this beast, built tower of a player, to us fans there were no signs on the outside which shows you just how internally damaging mental issues can be. What makes him stronger though is the fact that he received help and faced his demons front on.

With these realisations its important now more than ever to let people know there’s no shame in asking for help.

Newest Melbourne Movember ambassador Nick Bracks is a front runner this year by participating and further expanding his role in educating youth about mental health. The twenty-seven year old entrepreneur has already used his public profile taking on roles with Beyond Blue and Headspace, having struggled with depression himself at a young age.

Bracks is currently profiled in the ’Movember man files’ and was a guest on joy94.9 radio, recently revealing his experience with depression as a “scary” time where he “lost direction” and didn’t know what was wrong. “I felt worthless, I couldn’t see any future, and I started questioning everything, overthinking everything” he said.

The ridiculously good-looking model addressed the reality that many people don’t know how to express their feelings and don’t know who to talk to. Bracks stressed that this confusion, and uncertainty is the biggest step in preventing them from getting the help they need saying; “People should be able to open up and talk about it just like any other problem.” He also highlighted the issue about men seeking help being seen as a weakness stating; “I feel like there is still a lot of stigma on showing weakness. I feel like men a lot of the time don’t feel comfortable with speaking what’s on their mind, they feel like they have to put on a front when it should be treated like a physical problem.”

In revealing his inner battle during many school talks Bracks admits that his mental health will always be a concern. “It’s still something I monitor to this very day” he said also sharing his coping methods of frequent meditation and exercise.

Movember Asia Pacific Manager Jeremy Macvean proudly labelled Bracks as “an amazing spokesperson.” When commenting on the nature of mental health being hidden, Macvean referred to Bracks as “bulletproof” emphasising the seriousness of mental health, as stats show that 50% of males can’t identify the symptoms of depression. This means your best mate could have depression and you might not even know they need help.


Source: Headspace website

Nick Bracks image- Source: Headspace website


Describing his fight to raise awareness as a goal that is close to his heart, Bracks strongly encourages any one struggling with mental health issues to “take action and go and talk to someone.” He also encourages all men to sign up or donate to a Movember participant as it’s a “great and fun way to get talking about men’s health.”

You can visit the Movember website for further information:




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