Pretty tired but very annoyed

I thought I’d take a different approach this time and not concentrate on the one game but just a few things that I need to get off my black and white chest. If you’re a tea lover id make a pot now this could take a while.

First off you’ve probably noticed my lack of writing in the past two years. Those of you who miss my input on this wonderful website can thank my university lecturers for managing to fill any spare minutes I may have with the detailed list of assignments they want us to complete.

So let me update you on my life.

I recently turned 22…god that’s an ugly number.

Went to my first Michael Buble concert.

Almost died from the feels I had at the Michael Buble concert.

Had a tweet favourite by Brodie Grundy.

Am currently looking for a job (Ralphy I know you’re reading this).

Have become a tired/grumpy/anti-social person because of uni assignments.

It seems the most stressful assignments are the group ones. One was a production which we had to organise, run and film as live in our TV studio. Naturally I keep away from any technical roles so I put my hand up for the floor manager role. Of course many things managed to go wrong, as I was counted in via headphones early, id count the panellists in early and well you get the idea. Then there was that one class, an elective mind you that had a one-hour lecture on Tuesday mornings that if you did not attend you would not have access to the lecture slides. So I’d have to drive myself to uni and get there an hour earlier to find parking for a one hour class looking like death I might add. Thanks a heap uptight lecturer lady.

I’ve often spoke about how lecturers don’t encourage creativity. If I were to submit an assignment with the writing style I have on here there’s no doubt id fail the brief. They want us to be different but not too different. Similar to published journalists but not too similar…does that even make sense?! So I submitted one assignment piece which I thought was pretty good. I passed but with a pretty average mark yet the piece got published on the website. So my work isn’t that great but it’s good enough to publish? I demand a re-grade!

With uni, and my second cousin’s wedding I was too occupied/drained/exhausted to do something I normally do every Sunday which is go to evening mass. I missed church for a month and a bit until this week. If you think that’s bad that’s the same amount of time I hadn’t gone shopping or seen my best-friends who I normally see every week. But I haven’t gone completely insane (yet) for I always make time for the one thing that keeps me sane, footy.

Social media is buzzing with love and hate towards Gazza Ablett Jr. I don’t have anything against him personally BUT I cannot stand the fact that’s he’s so superior to his team mates that he automatically rakes in 3 votes the minute the team line-up comes out. I know it’s not his fault but it really pisses me off. We might as well just pencil him in for Brownlow medallist for the next 5 years. Is there even any point to watching the count this year? We all know he’s going to win, meanwhile players like Pendlebury who compete with Swan, Elliot and Beams to get 3 votes can practice making funny faces in the mirror for when the camera pans their table instead of practicing a speech. Where’s the justice in that?!

So then Gazza gets into a little trouble and most of us rub our hands together in a witches over a cauldron manner. Surely he’s going to cop a one week suspension and that will be more than enough to count him out of the Brownlow race. Put away the vodka boys we can’t play the ‘take a shot every time Gazza gets 3 votes’ drinking game. I wasn’t happy in his misfortune, I was just happy someone else could win the Charlie, then I find out he’s cleared. Ey boys, bring back that vodka!
Personally the biggest booboo I believe the match review panel made was suspending Anthony Rocca from the 2003 Grand Final because he used his body to get rid of his opponent!!!! I get worked up just thinking about it. It was one-on-one, they were holding each other! If it was replayed today Rocca probably would have gotten a free for being manhandled.

Then there’s players who are genetically blessed man-mountains with ridiculous ability who just bash and crash and in doing so injure other players. You all know I have a devotion towards Nathan Brown. A friend and I knighted him the title ‘Mr arms and legs of Collingwood.’ It’s no secret Nathan has what I describe as a ‘Greek God’ bod and for that we are very grateful. What we are not grateful for however is Nic Nat going up for a mark which resulted in Nathan Brown doing his shoulder AGAIN in his freaking come back game! He could have at least taken the mark! Now Nathan is out for the season for NOTHING! I have to wait a whole year to see the gorgeousness of Nathan Brown all because of Nic Nat. Thanks a lot.

But it wasn’t just that incident. Nic Nat is a man-mountain of an athlete but he needs to use his brakes. This bashing and crashing is dangerous! He’s like an first time L-plater driving a Range Rover! He went in to tackle Luke Ball! Bally probably barely reaches his thigh surely there was no need for a big body like that to tackle him. I only say this because I noticed his body weight effected Ball who sat clutching at his knee for a bit which gave me a heart attack and half. Nic Nat pick on someone your own size or at least hit the brakes!

Well that’s it from me for tonight I better turn off my creativity get looking at those other assignment briefs lol.

Until next time,

Danni Eid.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Cheryl Critchley says

    Hang in there Danni! Your initiative and style is great and they are two of the most important traits in a good journalist.

  2. Danielle says

    Thanks Cheryl, im trying! :)

  3. Maybe the West Coast Eagle’s coach’s instructions should be “only tackle opponents your own size.”I’m thinking of Yeo and Witts here.It’s a shame that Naitanui is so clumsy, but these other players keep getting in his way

  4. Danielle says

    Gregor- touché re-Witts
    But still think the bigger men need to be careful bc eventually someone will get seriously hurt.

  5. It’s like the old days at Bathurst, Torana vs GTHO, the smaller players use their agility to (hopefully) avoid tackles and collisions but the big guys rely on power and panelbeaters. F =ma means that when a 107 kg mass (NN) accelerating at 5 metres per second per second collides with an 85 kg stationary mass (LB), we see physics at work
    I agree though… “take that mark Mr Naitanui” should be the polite cry of the crowd

  6. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Hang in there Danielle I don’t think there’s too many pies supporters who realistically complained about , A Rooca getting suspended for that prelim final incident tho

  7. I’m with you on the stress of looming end-of semester exams and assignments and driving an hour and a quarter to get a park for a single lecture another hour and a half away, then, forty-five minutes later, go home. I suppose if it was easy, we wouldn’t want to do it. Just feel those brain cells firing away – more accurately than the Eagles, I hope

  8. Peter Schumacher says

    A couple of things Danielle:

    You have captured really well what I, as an individual who never had a tertiary education never had to experience, and that is the pain of having to go out of your way and at great expense (petrol) and inconvenience to attend what was virtually a compulsory lecture.

    I can well understand your frustration at having to tailor your style to suit what is seen by your lecturers as being well, suitable. I had a some experience years ago when in one employment I kept having drafts knocked back for what to me were pretty superficial reasons, and it is awful when you can’t really “fly” the way you want to.

    I have to say that I really can’t agree with you about Gazza although I understand the reasoning. I reckon that I have never seen a better player, one who for sure went to the Suns for money, and who can blame him for that, but also took the almost certain circumstance that he would never play in a final again. Thankfully it appears this won’t be the case. And by crikey, as you point out he is the stand out in that side but they are now having other players who are pretty damned good.

    If I were a Maggies supporter I would be more crooked on that Rocca goal against Brisbane all of those years ago, that wasn’t, which judgement might well have cost the team a Grand Final win.

    Was wondering why you had “gone quiet”, keep going, but you have as I said made me realise what a hard slog it all is. Incidentally I liked your nod to religious observance and maintaining contact with friends.

  9. Danielle says

    Thanks Peter :))

    Luke ball out with a calf. so it wasn’t his knee he was clutching when Nic Nat came at him….it begins.

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