Brownlow Fashion 2015 with Duchess Danni

It’s that time of the year again folks. That time when I try my best to get a website audience consisting of mostly men over 30 to click on my piece which talks a lot about pretty dresses and not so much about Nat Fyfe. Don’t give me that look, someone has to make sure the Footy Almanac covers all areas of footy, yes even the spray tanned glitzy areas.

Before I get into it I’d like to tell off Channel 7 for their poor display of the dresses. These WAGs have spent weeks getting ready and your so called ‘red carpet reporters’ are too busy having cute conversations instead of getting out there and filming as much dresses as possible. Give the WAGS more bloody air time. I’m sick of yelling “OMG LOOK AT THAT DRESS IN THE CORNER OF THE SCREEN IN THE BACK!” and having to imagine what the rest of it looks like. Y’all suck at being fashion police especially when you interview two footy players while some serious best dressed WAGs competition walks past in the background for like five seconds.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, without further ado, my BEST DRESSED WAGS!


JESSIE HABERMAN – Wearing: Oglia- Loro Couture

Now I may not be fond of Marc Murphy, Carlton player and all BUT obsession level on his fiancé and her dress this year is on WOOOWWWEEEE level. Lace, beading and a trail made out of baby feathers. She was sexy but classy and let me tell you the fashion Gods were singing praises because she truly looked like an angel from a beautiful dream. Absolutely STUNNING 10/10

Jessie Hagerman Source- Tim Carrafa

Jessie Hagerman
Source: Getty

NADIA BARTEL – Wearing: Paolo Sebastian

You Mrs Bartel are #PregnancyGoals hellooooo HOT MUMMA! It’s pretty clear on Brownlow night that Nadia and Jimmy are the Beyoncé and Jay Z of the AFL. That side panelling detail on the sleeve and the split of the dress, my heart couldn’t deal. She completely slayed the edgy cleavage and pretty much has raised the pregnancy expectations every woman in Australia. Yes I have a HUGE girl crush on Nadia! Jimmy you are one lucky Cat. Couldn’t fault her 10/10


Nadia Bartels Source: AAP

Nadia Bartel
Source: AAP


REBECCA JUDD – Wearing: J’Aton Couture


For a few years now Bec hasn’t quite met my list expectations despite being in every best dressed list in every women’s magazine, this changes NOW. I LOVE the high neck beading acting as jewellery replacement. I love the dropping beads adding a different texture to the dress. It’s a beautiful piece of art with just the right amount of cleavage. Welcome back Bec! 9/10


Beck Judd Source: Tim Carrafa

Rebecca Judd
Source: Tim Carrafa


REBECCA PANOZZA – Wearing: Elly Sofocil Couture

I never thought I’d like the colour grey so much. Travis Cloke we all like it so you better put a ring on it! This Jen Hawkins lookalike knows exactly how to dress to impress. This hot beaded number had a cheeky swimsuit cut as underlay and draped beading for length and shadow. Too Hot 9/10

Rebecca Panozza Source: Getty

Rebecca Panozza
Source: Getty


ALEX DAVIS – Wearing Jane Hill Bridal

Of course nothing but a long white dress would please this Pendlebury bride-to-be who pulled off the look like a natural. With her sweet girl-next door good looks the white snow like beads gave her that extra Brownlow sparkle. With Scott by her side all that was missing was a veil and a bouquet. The future wifey who has opted for more sexier looks in the past still managed to get a tick of approval, bringing class and bridal glamour to the night. Hell she’d look good a potato sack really. 8/10

Alex Davis Source: Michael Klein

Alex Davis
Source: Michael Klein



SARAH DUNN – Wearing: One Day Bridal

Unfortunately I was not a fan of this red number at all. While I LOVED all the beading and detail in most of the dresses this one just seemed like pure overkill. Closed up right over her throat from that point down to the ground there was no break in the dress, just constant pattern which I found boring and restricted. Had this been chopped across the chest to become off the shoulders/ or cut down a plunging neck line and cut a high split on one side this dress could have told a whole other story. Sorry Sarah 3/10

Sarah Dunn Source: Getty

Sarah Dunn
Source: Getty


JORDAN PAPALIA- Wearing: Cappellazzo Couture

Sorry guys but this dress just had me confused. Cut here, bunched there, sleeve here, bare there. It looked like one of those pieces you’d see on a fashion runway but never see anyone wear. Only thing I liked about this dress was the high split at the front. The rest of it just looks like a Picasso project. Oh well, at least Gary is happy. 4/10

Jordan Papalia Source: Getty

Jordan Papalia
Source: Getty



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  1. Cat from the Country says

    Once upon a time an english professor said an essay shold be like a woman’s skirt ,long enough to cover the subject and short enough to be interesting.

    I am obviously old fashioned but I find the human body much more sexy by being covered as the description above.
    More skin may mean more sex appeal for blokes, but very few of last evenings gown were really classy.
    Just more skinny minnies and lots of skin.

    Is this why men have such an entitlement attitude towards women???

  2. Each to their own Cat.
    There’s nothing wrong with a more covered style if its done properly. I don’t believe revealing dresses cause entitlement attitudes for all men, just the weirdos who think we always dress for men. None of these Brownlow wags will end up in men’s pleasure mags in these dresses. These dresses instead end up in women’s magazines and get sent in girly group texts as fashion inspiration ideas. I myself love getting glammed up just because it makes me feel better and different to wearing plain old jeans :)

  3. Superb work Danielle!!

    Totally agree on your Picasso piece. Confusing.

    Like your review of the red dress, although, I like the look of it in this pic (missed her on the Tele)

    I am also confused though……when I walk down the street, I see women in all manner of size and shape. Last night, I only saw, the slenderist of the slenders. Amazing. I thought the fashion, generally, was superb. With teenage boys going to formals over the last few years, I have been watching as hem lines, for a while went up, up and even up further, at the same time as the heels on their shoes, they were ghastly looking clodhoppers that ruined the look of any gorgeous dress.. Recently…I’ve noticed the hemlines drop again, and a return to elegance on ones feet! and the colour white! How huge is that?

  4. Thanks Kate :)
    Lol dating models is pretty much a prerequisite to being an AFL player. It seems the two just go hand in hand.

    Yes you are right. Short dresses at the moment have been ditched for two piece outfits n long dresses with a high split. Lace and yes the colour white haha are also HUGE trends for girls this year n there will be plenty of it come Melbourne cup day. I remember my year 10 formal dress. Shorter dresses and carrot tans dominated lol i personally went for a satin aqua Marilyn Monroe halter type dress and stayed my pasty white self. Gotta love how fashion changes over time :)

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