Dear Mr. Federer,

Dear Roger,

I know that you still might not believe it but your fans believed in your ability to take the win since your plane’s wheels scrapped the tarmac of Melbourne Airport.

There’s a light that shines through your eyes in every interview. It is though your eyes still haven’t adjusted from your blurry Aus Open dreams to your reality.

I’ve seen you play twice. Most recently my uncle took me to watch you in the opening round this year. We sat excited in our matching RF caps and when you walked out I went through a cyclone of emotions.

I was smiling, gushing, screaming, and I didn’t know if I wanted to cry because I was so happy or because I was scared it could be the last time I would watch you play. Goosebumps and shaking, and looking around I wasn’t alone. I don’t think you will know how much your fans adore you.

Your humble nature will never let you fully see your influence on your fans and the sporting world,  for without you Roger Federer there is no tennis.

You have had your ups and downs and your injuries have no doubt hung over you like a sporting grim reaper, ready to end another celebrated career.

The thought of the tennis world without you in it is something I could never adjust to. The heart of every Federer fan sinks when we read headlines of your injuries.  We keep asking ourselves in fear, is he done?

There are people who want you to walk away while you’re still up there with the best, but I, I would be happy just to watch you hit a tennis ball at a wall when you’re 80 and your famous Lindt chocolate curls are grey.

Age is just a number.

Every great athlete suffers injuries.

But Roger Federer you are immortal, please please….

Taken round 1 aus open 2017

Taken Round 1 Aus Open 2017

Never stop playing.


Danni Eid

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