Fearless – Round 18: Faster, higher, stronger, “cleaner”: AFL vs Olympics…

I’m in the process of assessing my son using MRP (Match Review Panel) rationale. Head high contact to the head of dad –
– no video of the incident
– provocation earlier in the day from unrelated incident and different person – goes to state of mind
– no notable signs of concussion, just a shocking headache
– was accidental (assumed to be at least)
– no prior convictions and hence no loading (younger brother might choose to dispute this)
– witnesses non existent
– victim impact statement (expletives deleted) tends to assume innocence under the father-son rule
– victim is the MRP

Ruling: apology accepted, no further case to answer but 50point loading carried forward for future incidents…

As for the goal review system, that’s another matter. If the Boy Wonder in charge of preventing the lawyers from doing their jobs by outlawing everything (Adrian’s rather long job title), actually had an ounce of commonsense he would employ full technology and get proper video footage, even using mobile phone footage. How many cameras or mobile phones are there at the ground? Even in the tiny crowds at Skoda, Metricon or wherever Port plays, there would have to be enough footage at the ground to get a perfect depiction of whether or not the bloody ball was touched. At the moment, to say that not every angle is covered or that players or posts are getting in the way of umpires…get real! In the last fortnight, I have witnessed at least six goals referred to video review and some of them have been conclusive, some inconclusive and worse, not all of them had to be referred. Get the footage right – at both ends. The future of the game is worth getting this absolutely 100% – Adrian don’t ever say the funds aren’t there. It ain’t true. Just don’t be half-arsed about it.
Round 18: Faster, higher, stronger, “cleaner”: AFL vs Olympics…

With Fists of Fury allowed in the AFL coaching box, as opposed to the u/9s, the Hawks basically dismantled the Bombers. Captain Hodge returned with 5 goals before getting subbed. Similarly, it was good to see Winderlich return after 18mths. An even Rioli-led Hawks by 94pts, it was enough to give Coach St. Jimmy the Jimmy Grits.

Wet weather, chills off Corio Bay and an interstate opponent, Geelong saw Joel ‘Smithy’ Corey play his 250th It started with a bang, as Stevie J got steamrolled by Adelaide’s Scott Thompson. Ruck Jacobs a late out, but Dangerfield lifted the Crows nearly into the lead in the 3rd from 33pts down at the ½. Cats steadied, home by 27pts.

North hosted Melbourne at Etihad in ex-Demon skipper Brad Green’s 250th. Roo Scott McMahon’s 100th saw the Roos immediately start off to spoil Green’s party. Demons’ broke even in the 2nd qtr, a 25pt lead at the ½. 2nd half started with 5 North goals in 10 mins. Roos 54pts, Roo Gibson 36 touches – not bad for a 26yo rookie.

Collingwood’s trip to Western Sydney went as expected at Skoda. A 120pt win didn’t really tell the tale. The Giants were very competitive for the 1st qtr but soon the young bodies ran out of puff. The black and white army then went up a cog, Swan Pendlebury, Beams and even Travis Cloke, 6 goals, put the Giants to the sword easily.

Richmond has been Carlton’s toy over the last few years. Saturday night at the G was death or glory in terms of finals for 2012. An even and pressure-packed game front start to finish, it wasn’t necessarily the greatest skills on display. On the back of a Brock McLean floater, the Tigers suffered the same fate for the third week in a row.

Sydney travelled to Metricon to play the GC Suns and to see if the original shire compared to the “made-up” tv shire. A 4-goal lead at the main break was enough to suggest the Swans were cruising in 1st gear. A 12-goal win meant they stayed in that gear. An injury-scare to Swan Reid was the only blot on the Swans’ night. BLT got 4.

Arguably, the Port-Freo Wharfies Cup held the major amount of interest on Sunday footy. Freo’s % still needed to go up. Port had shown some improvement in 2012. The outcome widely tipped was Freo by how far. The Dockers started off as well as Port was poor for three qtrs. In the last, Port spoiled Freo’s % aspirations. Freo by 27pts.

BJ Goddard had been subject to the same media afforded to other contract signees of note. BJ turned that into a vintage display as the Saints trounced the Doggies at Etihad. Hayes, Riewoldt and Kosi assisted as BJ led the Saints to a 76pt win helping the %. Inaccuracy prevented a bigger win. Cross injured AC – a bad day for the Dogs.

The Human Pogo Stick put on a masterclass in the West as the Eagles rectified some lost % against the Lions. Nic Nat has redefined ruck athleticism in his career thus far. The Lions couldn’t stop his 36 hitouts, 3 goals & 15 stats. The Eagles’ 11 goal last qtr changed a big win into a 98pt Rex Hunt-style destroyification. Now for the derby…

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