Is disliking Collingwood bad?

Every major league in the world has them. The team that is literally black and white (sic). You love or hate them. Manchester United and New York Yankees spring to mind. But I have a notion that all we do is provide the fuel that fans the flames to drive the boilers of these great [Read more]

Family and Footy Allegiances

  By rights I should be a Lion’s follower. My grandfather was Keith Parlon, from whom I take my second name. He was a tailor in Best Street Fitzroy. A fine man with a strong sense of civic duty, he was Mayor of Fitzroy, Vice President of Fitzroy Football Club and a Justice of the [Read more]

A glimpse in to the Kardinia future

It was with far more interest than usual that I ventured down to Kardinia Park this afternoon with my daughter Emily. For on display was going to be a glimpse into the future of the Geelong Cats. Injury, suspension and fatigue had necessitated seven changes to the team. Normally this would have a catastrophic effect [Read more]

Injustice riles the footy fan

Is there anything that riles the footy fan more than perceived injustice? Just sit in the stands and see the irate supporters vent their spleen at the perception their team “not being given a fair go”. I must admit that I find a similar sense of inequity when it comes to the recent match review [Read more]