Raving Rulebook No 7

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  1. g’day Malcolm…your comments about the Cotchin incident were spot on mate, and has more then ever highlighted what a micky mouse corrupt panel they are and should be disbanded ASAP…My sympathy goes to the players this season that have been suspended or fined by them…sure some of them deserved it but none more then Cotchin who should have been suspended earlier in the season and certainy at least fined for his latest indiscretion…PROTECTED SPECIES …well i know of one in Joel Selwood now i know another one in Trent Cotchin…re/your boycott of gf and afl..not on mate..Passionate supporters such as yourself are needed on board to keep on the good fight with such voice and passion until finally the AFL will accept that fans are not happy with the situation and be forced into changes….keep up the rave Malcolm, over and out and GO THE CROWS.

  2. I find this rule very confusing……

  3. On the AFLs own ridiculous system, Cotchin shouldn’t be allowed to play, and yet it didnt surprise me in the slightest that he’s been allowed to play

  4. Martin Rumsby says

    Nice to hear an Aussie band, The Sunnyboys, get the gig on Raving Rulebook #7, Malcolm. Whilst I agree with you about the lack of consistency of the MRP, the outcome was a pragmatic one to enable the Grand Final week to proceed without the uncertainty of legal appeals. Yes, Cotchin should have been suspended for the jumper punch earlier this year and the MRP have gone soft on him again. Dangerfield’s controversial suspension caused some uncomfortable moments at the Brownlow count. Thankfully Dusty won by three to remove any doubt about him being a worthy winner. Don’t boycott the Crows in their premiership quest just because the MRP got it wrong. I look forward to reading your review of the GF.

  5. Convinced the AFL make the “rules” up as they go. So confusing & no consistency. Pleased Cotchin got off, but to the letter of the law & with priors, if it was Round 6 under the system he probably gets a week or 2.

    Bring on the GF and let’s hope the umpires don’t influence the result like last year.

  6. Spot on about the hypocrisy with Cotchin.
    It was a predictable outcome. Why? Because the AFL have no spine, particularly when it comes to rubbing players out in the finals.
    Well done Sturt.
    Not watching the AFL GF??? C’Mon Book you have got to be more resilient than that mate. Take a look at what the Crows have been through in recent years and the years of me having to put up with your incessant pestering to read yr articles about the lovely boys.
    if you dont watch the game im boycotting yr articles.

  7. So I guess you won’t be sending the MRP a Christmas Card this year, Rulebook?

    I like RR No 7 and I would like to see a longer critique of the Aussie Cricket Team in RR No 8!

  8. Cameron Glenn says

    Thanks for the mention re the NRL.

    The extra bye made me worry about the prelims and thought Geelong and GWS would be better placed but was not to be as the Crows and Tigers surged into the Grand Final. It was clear as day that the winning teams came in with the right attitude. I think the Crows will win the premiership.

    The NRL GF is a NSW nightmare as its Melbourne vs Nth QLD. Melbourne should go all the way but the Cowboys, wow. 8th spot and only making it after the Dragons lost the last round. Had to play every final in Sydney and without their best player in Johnathon Thurston (JT). If the Cowboys make it, it would be an unbelievable achievement. Grand Final tickets to this event is much easier to access and cheaper than the AFL variety. The NRL put on a better show and have 3 games in total during the day.

    SANFL GF was as close as you can get. Port were favs to win but Sturt had enough to get over the line. Accuracy and discipline in the first term hurt Port while Sturt capitalized on opportunities. Port came back late but was not enough in the end. I don’t think it was as good as Norwood’s 2014 win though. 3 in a row after losing players and a coach beats back to back. But well done to Sturt especially for the triple crown (league, reserves and u18s) and bad luck Port. Glad that Maccas offered free burgers for SANFL GF ticket holders. Just under 40k to a GF is fantastic. Pity the game was low scoring.

  9. You might be right about the MRP Malcolm , it is inconsistent, but don’t deprive yourself of the big game, this could be a huge day for the crows, so my advice, take a deep breath, and enjoy it all!

  10. Well down Sturt on protecting the integrity of the SANFL. Hopefully a Norwood Sturt GF next year.
    The Cotchin decision just highlights everything that is wrong with the MRP system.
    Will you watch a replay of the GF if the Crows win?

  11. Raving Rulebook says

    Dave and Martin the MRP farce was the final straw as I have mentioned elsewhere just so angry re the overall governance of the game by the afl just so frustrated re the lack of care and support given to grass roots and state leagues footy and not bothering re a national reserves comp how it is not a major priority has me stuffed.LL yep it is bizarre and Campbell yep just so predictable.Martin let’s not forget,Dangerfield copped a game re that suspension and then being ignored re games after the suspension mmmm so yes a relief in some ways that Danger didn’t win but in reality the closeness outlines the stupidity of it all and my anger hasn’t subsided yet.Lachlan spot on couldn’t agree more.
    Riverboy well played I had a giggle as I have said this latest farce is just a contributing factor I admit the anger hasn’t subsided yet.Paul no I can safely state they won’t be receiving a Xmas card and yep more on aussie cricket next week.Cameron love your passion for all sport your knowledge of rugby is a mile in front of mine agree with you totally re SANFl your summary of it I completely agree with enormous credit for Sturt for coming back when the doors were so nearly closed to win back to back and all 3 grades is just a remarkable achievement thanks folks

  12. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great theme intro. Will you really not watch the GF this week. Find that a bit hard to believe, but I can understand your disgust re: hypocrisy – Cotchin , debatable, thought both going for ball. Ellis needed to go for that, deliberate contact to the head.
    Good on you for flying the SANFL flag and being a passionate Redleg.
    Will be interesting to see if Richmond’s ‘scrappers’ get found out in the GF. Great stuff, RR !!

  13. Spot on re Betts do tigers have a match up for him?

  14. Charlie Brown says

    Excellent musical taste Malcolm. Great song. More of the same next week please. What happened to picking the best gloveman to keep in a test match? Peter Nevill for mine.

  15. Raving Rulebook says

    Phil and Charlie it was Tim Kelly’s idea re the Raving Rulebook he does the production each week
    and is a gun thanks,TK so the music is a pleasant surprise for me each week and nup won’t be watching
    ( I might watch a replay if the Crows win to do a write up as I have said I enjoy that aspect more than watching afl for a lot of reasons ) Phil if the tigers win it will be the greatest use of available talent in the history of the game.Raj Grimes has a reasonable record on Betts and to his credit uses all his available ability concentrates well and like Talia gets his body in the best possible position the battle will go a long way re deciding the result.Charlie Gilchrist changed cricket the days of a keeper who doesn’t make a massive contribution with the bat are over and any way having watched,Carey keep for the Redbacks closely last season I honestly think he is the best glove man any way thank you

  16. Barry Nicholls says

    Rulebook some good insights well done .. but.you need to work on the audio quality to increase appeal ..great song btw ..go the Blues

  17. Mark Duffett says

    Great round-up of the SANFL GF. Also like the idea of the Sunnyboys introducing a gun at giving a razz.

  18. Stuff the AFL.

  19. Troy Chaplin says

    I can’t wait for Raving Rulebook No 8.

  20. Troy Chaplin fan says


  21. Commiserations today, RB. I’ve enjoyed the cross-border banter over the last few years and I must say I never expected to be able to say that Richmond was the first team to defeat the Crows in a GF.
    It’s probably fair to say that you were proven accurate in the key points you’ve gone on about over time:
    – the team with the best bottom six generally wins (take a bow Graham, Butler, Castagna, Townsend and throw a blanket over a few others).
    – good recruiting is critical (I reckon the Tiges finally nailed that one – rebuilding from scratch to Premiership in a period of heavily compromise drafts is a fabulous feat)
    – how important is great negating defence (step forward Messrs Grimes, Rance and Astbury, and in all seriousness, let’s give some credit to what Troy Chaplin contributed to making our once flaky defence what it is today!)
    I’m sure you and the Crows will come back as strong as ever in 2018. Keep the faith.

  22. Raving Rulebook says

    Stainless I make the point that it DISGUSTS me re the lack of support re the Afl give to state leagues and grass roots footy; as a sports nut I have tolerated what I consider is appalling governance of the game by the Afl but for mine the unbelievable hypocrisy to not even fine,Cotchin and have different rules attached to the Prelim finals is unforgivable so in that regards you make your own decisions mine was to not watch the game or support it.Now if I am going to do continue to do a rant in time I will have to follow so at the least I no what is happening and can comment.I desperately hope that Steve Hocking comes in and makes huge changes ( I was appalled listening to Nathan Burke on radio last Sunday and have been bitterly disappointed with what he has contributed to football this season) for me this is vital.
    What Richmond have done is one of the greatest sporting achievements in history to have won a flag with this list and coming from 13th is incomprehensible in so many ways clubs will copy the team which has won the flag pressure players will be in vogue and teams will go smaller whether this is good for the game leave it up to the individual.Chaplin yes Stainless you can make the point you can also make the point the year he leaves the club you achieve the holy grail leave it at that ( may be in reality a bit of both ) I also lost my face book page today and can’t access it ( any guru re face book love you to contact me ) have had to start another page which the cover photo is myself with our cat love any one to send a friend request) my old page is still there but I can’t get on it and can’t work out how to access the face book problem part I have used the page re a lot of work over the last,4 years so to have lost that is shattering thank you

  23. Troy Chaplin fan says

    Jack Riewoldt quote

    “To celebrate with ex-teammates as well yesterday, guys like Troy Chaplin, that have had a massive impact on this group but aren’t here to play in the game, they’ve had their part in this as well. There are plenty of guys along the journey that had an influence on players from yesterday and the club.

  24. Raving Rulebook says

    Troy Chaplin fan well done on finding a admire a excellent achievement

  25. The joke’s old and tired RB. Time to find a new whipping boy!

  26. It’s Victoria’s league and we are just allowed to play in it just as long as we don’t win. The inequity in the comp is insidious and real!

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