Pompey Austin: an Australian sporting hero deserving of recognition

Roy Hay has written this for The Guardian on Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin, who, amongst many claims to fame, “was almost certainly the only Indigenous player to play in a top-level football match in the 19th century”.

SANFL 1976 – Sonny Morey’s 200th Game: Footage and Interviews

From the video vaults of 1976 – Sonny Morey is interviewed by Gordon Schwartz on the day of his 200th SANFL game. Includes footage before, during and after the match. Where does Torrens stalwart Bobby Gibson fit in? Whatever happened to Golden Breed?

Yarrabah – An Aussie Rules “Paradise by the Sea”

Wesley Hull continues to take us on a journey of exploration about footy in the top end of Australia. Today: welcome to Yarrabah a footballing paradise by the sea

From Paradise To The Pinnacle Of Success

Wesley Hull profiles four young men from the Torres Strait; Henry, Nathaniel, Leo and Josh – and the impact that football has had on their young lives.

Sean Gorman’s request – information on Indigenous footballers, clubs, leagues

Sean Gorman is embarking on a significant research project and seeks our assistance.

Wanganeen Wizardry

Thanks to Peter Argent, we can see that Gavin Wanganeen can still turn it on at 41.

Australian Football and Improving Indigenous Relations

Jackson Clark, a resident of the Top End, and a social sciences and education student, reflects on the AFL’s Indigenous Round.

“He’s a Magic Man …”?

As a long time barracker of the “Mighty Mustardpots” I’ve taken great delight in the fabulous exploits of all our players in the Brown and Gold (It’s gold! Got that? As Alan Jeans once said “… there’s nothing yellow about Hawthorn!”) and with such an array of talented indigenous players at the club at the moment I’ve [Read more]

A Tribute to Norm McDonald

Max Watson, aged 11, wrote this profile as a project at Merri Creek Primary School.

Indigenous players to the AFL? Why not bring the AFL to Indigenous centres and communinties? The case for NT Thunder FC in the AFL.

As I suspected it seems that I’m not the only person who has seen a gap between Indigenous and White Australia. To some extent this gap has been narrowed by participation in sport but as I have outlined in an earlier installment it has also created an entirely new problem with players being taken away [Read more]

Some thoughts on issues surrounding Indigenous players in the AFL

The news came to me at 4.00 on Monday afternoon that Liam Jurrah had left the Melbourne Demons. It seemed to be an inevitability since the beginning of the season when it was announced that he was “being held in police custody in an Alice Springs jail following his alleged involvement in a machete attack.” [Read more]

What’s Going on?

In my months with the Almanac, I have been incredibly impressed with not just the standard of writing, humour and general football wisdom, but also with the sensitivity and care many writers show when dealing with serious football issues. In recent weeks, and again in the past few days, the issue of how football manages [Read more]

Sean Gorman: Legends

Legends, which is a book of profiles of the Indigenous Team of the Century is a very important book. It is written by Sean Gorman who interviewed the players and has written these biographical essays on their terms. The book celebrates the game and the Indigenous players but it does not ignore the political realities [Read more]

Black Magic? White muddle more like it

Sean Gorman believes the notion of indigenous footballers possessing a certain “magic” denies the hard work that they put in. Click on the link below to read Sean’s article from The Conversation website: http://theconversation.edu.au/articles/black-magic-white-muddle-more-like-it-706

Andrew McLeod’s speech to the United Nations

Good afternoon, my name is Andrew McLeod and I am here today to talk to you about combating racism through sport, and to do that I’m going to take you on a short journey with me – my journey.   I am a recently retired professional sportsman from the Australian Football League (the AFL) and [Read more]