Footy’s other hemisphere

Singapore’s Boomarang Bar is one of those Australian themed-pubs that is both brilliant and dreadful. Mickey Randall watched his Crows take on the Hawks in last year’s preliminary final.

AFL Preliminary Final – Sydney v Collingwood: September breeze

Haiku Bob reflects on Collingwood’s final game of the season.

AFL Preliminary Finals – Hawthorn v Adelaide: Audacious Adelaide Ignore The Script

I enjoy the reduced stress associated with attending finals matches, when the Blues have put the cue in the rack. It affords an opportunity to watch football of generally high quality, with an attitude of relative detachment. Of course one is almost never an absolute neutral, most typically, in my case, there is a team [Read more]

AFL Preliminary Finals – Sydney v Collingwood: Revenge, Redemption and Jetta

    It’s been a huge fortnight. September, surely, is Christmas for footyheads. A whole month of it, longer than we get for holidays. I’ve been to the mainland, watched the game’s oldest, greatest rivals, Port Melbourne and Williamstown slog it out in a VFL Semi, at a ground where you could sit or stand [Read more]

AFL Finals – Week 3: The View from Shepparton

De facto Crows supporter Peter Schumacher couldn’t help buy ponder the “what ifs” while staring at the ceiling on Saturday night.

AFL Finals – Hawthorn v Adelaide: 6 to 1 in a two horse race

The article I most want to read would have to a be a nicely worded one about how all the pundits had got it wrong about Adelaide and their right to be in the prelim. It would only be a small piece of humble pie with no cream on the side because in the prelim weekend battle of the birds the two most likely to win did in fact get up. But it so nearly wasn’t the case.

The Brownlow, finals and Matthew Knights

As we approach season’s end, it is good to see that Jobe Watson, Trent Cotchin and Sam Mitchell finished in that order in the Brownlow – humble champions all.

AFL Preliminary Final – Hawthorn v Adelaide: Crows refuse to bow out quietly

The Crows refused to play their assigned role of a stepping stone in the Hawks’ Stairway to Heaven, says Peter Fuller.

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Preliminary Final

Greetings Tipsters I watched Friday’s prelim laying down in my Hanoi hotel room with Perky Girl, drinking several beers at $0.60 a pop and smoking cigs at $0.50 a pack. For all of that, I’ve been following the Sparkies for far too long to ever get too cocky, so it wasn’t an entirely relaxing experience. [Read more]

The Finals’ Wrap – Week III (The Feathered Friends Round)

WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  On the Friday night, The Swans saw off the Carringbush Hoodoo and booked themselves a place in the Last Match of The Season.  Well before the last bread & jam had rattled out of the CBD for Saturday night, the Hawks had put [Read more]

25 years of the Red and White

In 1987 I sat in the SCG stands as a 9 year old and watched Steve Wright kick 8 goals as the Swans put 201 points on the Eagles. 25 years on I sat on the coach watching us take on the Pies trying not to make a noise and wake up my 6 month [Read more]

2012 Season Positives for the Pies

As I start to pick up the pieces and get my life back together after the devastation of the Preliminary final loss to the Swans, I’ve decided to reflect on all of the positives Collingwood had in season 2012. There will be no negatives in this article. Therefore no mention of the four knee reconstructions [Read more]

“He’s a Magic Man …”?

As a long time barracker of the “Mighty Mustardpots” I’ve taken great delight in the fabulous exploits of all our players in the Brown and Gold (It’s gold! Got that? As Alan Jeans once said “… there’s nothing yellow about Hawthorn!”) and with such an array of talented indigenous players at the club at the moment I’ve [Read more]

AFL Preliminary Finals – Hawthorn v Adelaide: A Crows Fan’s Perspective

I don’t recall ever feeling prouder after a loss. The Adelaide Crows have now lost the last four Preliminary Finals they’ve taken part in. All four of those losses have been painful experiences, but this one was by far the most tolerable. That may seem baffling; especially considering the margin in this one was closer [Read more]

AFL Preliminary Finals – Hawthorn v Adelaide: The words I most want to read

by Simon Wilcox   Six to one in a two horse race…     The article I most want to read would have to a be a nicely worded one about how all the pundits had got it wrong about Adelaide and their right to be in the prelim. It would only be a small [Read more]

AFL Preliminary Finals – Sydney v Collingwood: Not Quite Good Enough (The Floreat Pica Society Votes)

Greetings all It is my unfortunate duty to cast the final Danny Roach votes for the season. The emptiness of a season-ending finals loss is as familiar as it is bitter, and is in this instance compounded by the confined spaces of a cheap hotel room. I think that I’m handling the defeat OK, but I may [Read more]

AFL Preliminary Finals – Sydney v Collingwood (Floreat Pica Society): And now, the end is here

Dear Floreat Picans, Well, despite my doubts last night, the sun did come up in Sydney town this morning. And here I sit in the Virgin Club lounge sadly punching out the final match report for the season. As I walked into the lounge I was confronted by a sea of black and white CGU/Westpac [Read more]

AFL Preliminary Finals – Sydney v Collingwood: Silky Swans Grand Final ready

The Sydney Swans have broken an eleven game, seven-year voodoo losing streak against Collingwood, securing their Grand Final appearance by twenty-six points infront of 57,156 at ANZ Stadium.   Amongst the celebration of Jude Bolton’s three-hundredth game and the battle of the Reids and Shaws, the Swans were strong defensively and attacked early putting the [Read more]

The Penultimate Week

Welcome to the Penultimate Week! We are now down to four and the news this week has been focussed on the selection of a team that will never play together.  The All-Australian team is not something that particularly interests me (Especially when there are no Blues in it) and the discussion and debate over it [Read more]

AFL Preliminary Finals: Winner, winner, chicken dinner

John Harms with some thoughts on the Preliminary Finals.