AFL Round 12 – Richmond v Adelaide: ‘One of them days’

Richo used to be Richmond’s identity. These days it’s more of a collective thing.

AFL Grand Final: A strange love story

Bruz has fallen in love with the Swans but can’t quite put his finger on why.

One Moment Please- John McCarthy and all of Australia

Will Brussen reminds us of the importance of capturing those ‘moments’ in life, as John McCarthy is farewelled by the football and wider community.

Indigenous players to the AFL? Why not bring the AFL to Indigenous centres and communinties? The case for NT Thunder FC in the AFL.

As I suspected it seems that I’m not the only person who has seen a gap between Indigenous and White Australia. To some extent this gap has been narrowed by participation in sport but as I have outlined in an earlier installment it has also created an entirely new problem with players being taken away [Read more]

Some thoughts on issues surrounding Indigenous players in the AFL

The news came to me at 4.00 on Monday afternoon that Liam Jurrah had left the Melbourne Demons. It seemed to be an inevitability since the beginning of the season when it was announced that he was “being held in police custody in an Alice Springs jail following his alleged involvement in a machete attack.” [Read more]

AFL Round 22 – Richmond vs Essendon: Yellow and Black

Big week. Footy on a Friday night. Everything is at peace in the world. Coming into this game, I couldn’t help but think to myself that this is a game between a team that lost to Melbourne and a team that lost to Gold Coast. Both teams had real chances to make the finals. But [Read more]