Almanac Teams: Number 1 Hits (1980-)

Hot on the heels of his last ‘Return to Sender’ side, Rodney Boyd shares his picks for the best team to have worn Number 1 on their backs since 1980.

Stuck On You: A love affair with footy cards

We’ve all grown up with a love of footy and collecting footy cards, and Ed Carmine is no exception as he explains.

Almanac Football: 1993 Revisited

Stainless takes a fascinating trip down memory lane as he recalls the 1993 AFL season. [With a nod to the Brettig-Collins-Gill podcast – Ed]

Round 2 – Sydney v Port Adelaide: Leadership at the core of Port’s impressive SCG victory

It’s a team game, but sometimes special players both enhance and surpass collective efforts. Port Adelaide had not one but two of them at the SCG, putting a smile on Chris Michaels’ face.

Almanac Teams: Great Number 4s

A cracking, attacking team of #4s from Phil Dimitriadis.

September Specialists

Phil Dimitriadis has selected his team of finals champions. Over to you for your thoughts.

Round 23 – Essendon v Fremantle: The unbroken circle

Trevor Blainey and his sons just had to be there for Jobe. And now for the finals.

Backwards to go Forwards: an Ode to Defence (or ‘Tash and Dash’)

Football is football. But it is also a way in to thinking and feeling. This meditation from Mathilde de Hauteclocque offers a half back flanker’s response to omnipresent grief.

Great players…Great nicknames

Peter Clark remembers some of the great nicknames of footballers past but wonders why nicknames for current footballers are not as forthcoming. Who can you add to the list?

Five players that made AFL the game it is today

Alex Darling does an excellent profile on 5 players who excelled at, and influenced the modern game.

Round 18 – Port Adelaide v St Kilda: Journeys, long and short

Yvette Wroby headed to Adelaide for the Port v St Kilda clash last weekend, and as always found a raft of new people and experiences to celebrate. And if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to sing ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ in Swedish, Japanese AND in Punjabi, well, today, friends, is your lucky day.

Round 3 – North Melbourne v Port Adelaide: In the name of the father, the son, and the holy goallllllll!

Names like Ebert, Williams, Bradley, Wanganeen and Tredrea are held in high regard at Alberton. Cutty Sark praises a name as important to the fabric of Port as any of their on-field champions; Fr Tony Noble.

A skill that can’t be measured

Stan Alves turns it around and asks Matt Zurbo a question. A good one too. [Old Dog with some of his trademark footy-thinking]

Wanganeen Wizardry

Thanks to Peter Argent, we can see that Gavin Wanganeen can still turn it on at 41.