Almanac Footy History: ‘Albert “Pompey” Austin: A man between two worlds’

Roy Hay has released a new book. ‘Albert ”Pompey” Austin: A man between two worlds’ is Roy’s follow up to his highly successful ‘Aboriginal People and Australian Football in the Nineteenth Century: They Did Not Come from Nowhere’, where he first introduced readers to Pompey Austin. Roy has provided readers with an introduction to his new book.

Pompey Austin: an Australian sporting hero deserving of recognition

Roy Hay has written this for The Guardian on Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin, who, amongst many claims to fame, “was almost certainly the only Indigenous player to play in a top-level football match in the 19th century”.

Almanac History: Who was the Adelaide Stag?

H.W. Manuel aka The Adelaide Stag led a fascinating career in running, captured here by historian Roy Hay.

Almanac Footy History: Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin

Who was Albert (Pompey) Austin and why is his story so significant? Historian Roy Hay tells the intriguing tale of this nineteenth century sportsman and entertainer, possibly the only Indigenous man to play top level football during that period . [You may be able to help with information and further research – Ed]