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The role that Australian Rules Football plays in telling Australian stories is immense. The connection that Indigenous Australians have to the Australian game is also immense. This connection has a long historical aspect and spans from the elite AFL competition all the way through into each state and territory and into remote, regional and urban centres.  In this way Australian Rules Football ceases to be just a game that is played during winter but is a sociological, political and cultural phenomenon that highlights and celebrates Australian sporting life but also allows us to grapple with difficult issues that reflect broader Australian society and history.


What we would like to know is this: What football teams/clubs, football leagues/associations do you know or have played with/against that have had or continue to have significant populations of Indigenous players in them? Some of these may have disbanded, merged, changed names etc. They can be in remote, regional or urban centers. Other themes we are interested in are:   


Significant Indigenous players from comps like the SANFL (eg Flash Graham at Sturt);


Indigenous cult football figures;


Champions who never made it (Untold stories);


Reminiscences from State and Territory competitions of Indigenous clubs/players;


 All correspondence will be read and considered. No story too abstract or obscure.


please contact Sean at the email address below.

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  1. A player named Charlie Stewart played in Footscrays 1961 Grand Final side, 19th man, played a lot of football around the Goulourn Valley and Murray valley, won a senior best and fairest at Waaia, in the Picola league, as a 14 year old. Saw him on “The Marngrook Footy Show” a couple of years ago, he told story of also being a rodeo rider and having his picture in the paper one day riding a bull or wild horse at a rodeo and having Charlie Sutton and Ted Whitten fronting him at work, telling him to stop as he would get injured and not be able to play football.

  2. sean gorman says

    Cheers JD.

  3. On ya Josh’s Dad!

    Charlie Stewart is little known and recognized. Was originally not listed on the website that records all indigenous players who played in VFL Grand Final.

    Played in three premierships in a row – Kyabram (1958), Lemnos (1959) and Cobram (1961) before going to play with Footscray in 1961 GF.

    Came back to Ky to coach – lost to Shepp under Tommy Hafey 63-65.

    I played under Charlie at Stanhope in the early 1970s. Taught me a lot.

    Was a chimney sweep in Sydney. Now retired and living in Nyah.

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