Almanac (Indigenous) Footy History: Syd Jackson and the 2020 Sir Doug Nicholls Round

It’s Sir Doug Nicholls Round and this post includes links to various articles and videos about Syd Jackson and the broader history of Indigenous football and footballers in Australia. (Articles by Sean Gorman, Roy Hay, Mike Sexton, Rod Gillett)

Book Extract – Derby: David Wirrpanda

With the Derby approaching this weekend, let’s revisit the book David Whish-Wilson and Sean Gorman wrote about this significant WA cultural event. This is an extract featuring an interview with David Wirrpanda.

Book Launch: Derby

A new book that captures the spirit of the West Australian Derby is having a launch hosted by Dennis Cometti.

AFL Rule 35 – The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s vilification policy

The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s vilification policy, aside from being beautifully written, is a work of serious research and importance. I encourage you to read this extract and purchase a copy.

Almanac Book Recommendation – The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s vilification policy

Last week saw the launch of an important book; a book of research into individual and cultural understandings and behaviours around vilification. Copies are NOW available.

Book Launch: “The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s Vilification Policy” (May 25)

You are invited to the book launch of “The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s Vilification Policy” to be held on the morning of May 25 in Melbourne. Come along to support old Almanac friends Sean Gorman, Dean Lusher and Keir Reeves.

Wool Team: Nominations from Western Australia

WA nominations for the greatest ever wool team so far. I think the South Australians may have more depth. Unless, of course, some more WA noms come in.

Almanac Podcast – Episode 10

The People’s Elbow and Matty Q are joined by Trucker Slim and Big Sean Gorman to talk all things footy, wool, WA, indigenous footy, life as a hawks fan and the Purple Circus.

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode Ten

Episode 10 of the Footy Almanac Podcast – the ‘Jeggins and Bubbling’ episode is here! Rick Kane and Sean Gorman are this week’s very special guests on the Almanac couch as your hosts Matty Q and The People’s Elbow host proceedings. Sean talks about his days as a shearer before finding his way into academia [Read more]

Suffer the Little Children: KFC and the 2013 Grand Final.

“To the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken joint my good man, and don’t spare the horses”.

Learnings from Legends with Sean Gorman

Join Sean Gorman, author of Brotherboys and Legends: The AFL Indigenous Team of the Century, in the Territory for an entertaining discussion on indigenous legends and reflections on transitioning in and out of the AFL.

New Tom Wills doco

Have a look at the trailer for the new Tom Wills video documentary. [Worth a look – Ed]

Footy Book Review: Legends and more Legends

Peter Crossing reviews Sean Gorman’s Legends, and Ken Piesse’s Legends of the Bush.

Force For Good

This is a transcript of a seminar called Force For Good held at the National Museum of Australia. It involved Sean Gorman, Che Cockatoo-Collins, and David Headon. I moderated it. It is conversational and hence may lack a little structure (in its form and in its thinking) but it addresses the elements of the topic. [Read more]

Sean Gorman: Legends

Legends, which is a book of profiles of the Indigenous Team of the Century is a very important book. It is written by Sean Gorman who interviewed the players and has written these biographical essays on their terms. The book celebrates the game and the Indigenous players but it does not ignore the political realities [Read more]