Yarrabah – An Aussie Rules “Paradise by the Sea”

Wesley Hull continues to take us on a journey of exploration about footy in the top end of Australia. Today: welcome to Yarrabah a footballing paradise by the sea

Almanac Rugby League – They just love their footy

An inspiring tale from Patrick Skene about a rugby league contest of heart, body and spirit between physically disabled teams from across cultures and life experiences. A story full of inspiration and optimism.

All-Indigenous teams should be seen on the world stage

Sean Gorman offers historical perspective and social context for the Indigenous All-Stars footy team’s current tour of Ireland.


I’m surprised there hasn’t been some discussion of Woggabaliri. It’s threatening to go viral on bigfooty/fourfourtwo/the world game and so on. Woggabaliri is supposedly an Aboriginal game that resembles keepie uppie and has been claimed by the FFA as an indigenous form of soccer. The FFA are using it as a plank in their World [Read more]