Adam Goodes: A Game At Its Crossroads

As the Sydney Swans prepare to welcome Adam Goodes back to work, Callum O’Connor argues that despite initiatives like the Dreamtime round and the AFL’s best efforts to advance reconciliation and recognition, the game “might not be as reconciled with our past as we had hoped to believe.”

“The Space Between”: life, death and football

Tom Richardson’s piece, published in ‘In Daily’ on Thursday, and brought to us by Mick Pullen.

Yarrabah – An Aussie Rules “Paradise by the Sea”

Wesley Hull continues to take us on a journey of exploration about footy in the top end of Australia. Today: welcome to Yarrabah a footballing paradise by the sea

Galiwinku – An “Island Home” to Aussie Rules Footy

What community has the highest participation rate in Australian footy? Wesley Hull tells us that it is Elcho Island (famous for its musicians) off Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

Almanac Rugby League – Redfern All Blacks: Keeping the ball in motion

Patrick Skene watched the Redfern All Blacks do battle with Bondi United, institutional racism and their personal demons. (The most engaging, enjoyable, wide ranging, eye opening, heart warming, provocative piece you will read anywhere this week – Ed.)

Icey poles and Carlton Cold: the hospitality of a Wiligi Swan

Brian Corcoran and his family journey from leafy Buckinghamshire to remote Arnhem Land to take in the spirit of the land, and meet Reuben Cooper, a man who embodies both aboriginal royalty and footy royalty. (A wonderfully uplifting read – Ed.)

Western Desert Dreaming

The Western Desert Football League is arguably the most remote football league in Australia, possibly the world.