The Footygods: the Phoenix

  by Ian Latham The phoenix was an eagle like bird with golden feathers. It would build its nest from twigs and die when it burned only for a new bird to rise in its place. It was a great story of triumph over our inevitable decline. I was quietly hopeful of the triumph of [Read more]

I love the Hawks

I love the Hawks. I love the way that someone came up with the brown and gold, the worst colour combination in the (current) AFL (I’m talking to you Giants), and yet they have resisted the urge to stuff it up in the name of marketing. I love how they don’t mind recruiting fat, washed [Read more]

Where Buddy and I part ways

I would love to have a cool one word nickname that everybody knew me by. Hi, I’m Tiger, g’day, I’m Chappy. Immediately identified. Not merely in name but in character. I love how one word can so simply capture the essence of the individual. That’s neat. So descriptive, familiar, as if we’ve known each other [Read more]