The Essendon Elephants

Is it really cheating if it doesn’t work?

A series of rambles from Grand Final Week

Monday – The Brownlow I used to love Brownlow night, but some of the magic has been lost of late. It seems less and less about footy. However, fellow ‘knacker Neil summed it up beautifully “Not a fan of the Brownlow but love the excuse for Monday night pots.” I do like how everyday conversations [Read more]

Grand Final preview – position by position

In the midst of the footy card mania of my youth, there was a game that was played between my brothers and I. The simple premise of the game was that you picked a team and put them into their positions. Then each position would be judged. The coach with the most number of winning [Read more]

I love the Hawks

I love the Hawks. I love the way that someone came up with the brown and gold, the worst colour combination in the (current) AFL (I’m talking to you Giants), and yet they have resisted the urge to stuff it up in the name of marketing. I love how they don’t mind recruiting fat, washed [Read more]

North Melbourne v Carlton

29 July 2011 Friday night has started well. My four-year old daughter has been to swimming lessons. In the warm ups she was keeping pace with me as we kicked our first laps. This means that either I am slow, or she is quick. I’m putting my money on a combination of the two. We [Read more]

Friday Night Fun

by Shane Kennedy It has been a little over two years since Dad died. As the coach of my school’s grade 5/6 football team, I always play one of the better players loose a kick behind the play. Each time our loose man takes a comfortable chest mark, I think of Dad. He taught me [Read more]