The Footygods: the Phoenix


by Ian Latham

The phoenix was an eagle like bird with golden feathers. It would build its nest from twigs and die when it burned only for a new bird to rise in its place. It was a great story of triumph over our inevitable decline.

I was quietly hopeful of the triumph of decline when Buddy Franklin injured his knee against Geelong. My friend Vaughan (who is a hawks supporter) said that he wished us luck, but not too much. I hoped for a bit more luck than that. A forward line without Buddy was manageable. And the more that Clarko said that he was going to play, the less I believed it. But there he was lining against Sydney. And the longer he went on, the better he got. And he went on for a long time. And all things came to pass.

But that is the thing that the Footygods teach you about footy. You can’t predict it. And you shouldn’t.




  1. I read the first para and thought this was going to be your best ever Ian. Second and third paras a big letdown. The phoenix was/is an “Eagle” not a “Big Hawk”.
    How many more ashes do we have to rise from to get East Coast Cred?
    If we do a Hephaestus this weekend I will be on the Dionysauce all week. How about Litza as Epimetheus?

  2. claire Honegger says

    Yes Ian, I agree with Peter B it started brilliantly then went down the plug…. Now that i know who is writing those amazing pieces of literature, I can give a sincere opinion. You should keep doing it, because if you need to recycle into some other industry you could become a very good sport”s writer…always useful in times of recession… People might not need lawyers when they’re really poor but they’ll still look at the footy. So please keep writing those amazing articles ( may I make it very clear that I’m very new to the game, but better on greek mythology, so one helps the other!). At least this way I can understand what’s going on!

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