Round 5 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Cats in their Heaven

Stephen Alomes (and fellow crowd members) is captivated (and moved to voice) by Gary Ablett as he writes in this report of the Round 5 match between Hawthorn and Geelong.

Almanac Books – ‘Australian Football: The People’s Game 1958-2058’ by Stephen Alomes

The Almanac is happy to promote Stephen Alomes’ recent publication, ‘Australian Football: The People’s Game 1958-2058’. Stephen’s academic background blends with a conversationalist style to offer something for everyone with a love of the game.

International Cup – Grand Final: Why PNG beat NZ to claim the Division 1 Crown

Stephen Alomes reflects on why the PNG Mozzies successfully defended their crown at the MCG in the 2017 International Cup Grand Final! [Great piece, thanks Stephen! – JB]

Harry Beitzel: Pioneer and founder of the Australian Irish connection 70 years on

Stephen Alomes is pushing for the AFL to recognise the efforts of Harry Beitzel for his passion and efforts with International Rules.

AFL International Cup: Japan Samurais’ speed and skill defeat German height and weight

The Japan Samurai proved too good for the bigger German Eagles. Stephen Alomes has all the action covered.

AFL International Cup 2017: Many cultures, one game on a cold Melbourne morning

Stephen Alomes reflects on the journey of the Pakistani Shaheens, from the mountains of their home country to a freezing cold Melbourne morning.

Round 17 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Clear and Present Danger. Cats in their Heaven…eventually

Steve Alomes takes in the Danger game against Hawthorn, survives the cold, and gets the choccy.

Round 9 – Geelong v Western Bulldogs: Cats a Grand Vitesse or Just a TER… Platforms of success and despair out west….

Stephen Alomes finds himself in an unlikely place experiencing the Cats resurgence. [Novel – JTH]

AFLW – After the Honeymoon a Happy Marriage – AFLW’s Footy Future

Stephen Alomes looks to the future of AFLW and outlines his hopes for a happy marriage between the women’s game and an open, creative game.

Almanac Women’s Footy History: On the margins of the good oval

As we know the story of women’s football is more than the ‘Overnight success’ of the Friday night first match between Carlton and Collingwood.

In this article historian Stephen Alomes looks at the struggles to build women’s football primarily in recent years. It focuses on the period from the formation of the Victorian Women’s Football League in 1981. It also places women’s football in the context of Oz social values, from traditional views of women’s role to contemporary change, and has the voices of players.

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: “Advaance Australia Fair” … at last …a win for the Doggies and for the people…

This flag is a win for fairness and the people’s game says Australian historian Stephen Alomes.

“I have a dream…” – of the players parade at the AFL Grand Final

Stephen Alomes had a Grand Final week dream. Imagine if Goodesy was in the retiring players motorcade…

The Midfielders’ Hairdressers’ Top Teams Medal – Brownlow reports from the chair… almost

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Stephen Alomes assesses the field for tonight’s Brownlow Medal count. All joking aside though, Stephen lauds the symbolic progress of the appearance of top women footballers as presenters… a small step for footy and humankind, leading to a bigger step and kick in the future.

Round 21 St Kilda v Geelong: On good terms with ourselves … not quite…

Most people would be familiar with Dropsy (dropping stuff) and Lostsy (“my glasses: I can’t find my glasses!”) but after Saturday night’s St Kilda v Geelong Cats draw at the Docklands, Stephen Alomes adds Confusey to the mix.

Round 18 – Essendon v Western Bulldogs: Bulldogs maul lame Dons

Stephen Alomes watches the very likeable Doggies destroy Essendon, who may need to do more than just lick their wounds.

Round 17 – GWS v Geelong: Manuka sun…Canberra magic moments – Cats master the Giants of Two Homes

Steve Alomes venture to a typically Canberra day when it’s warm in the sunshine and frigid in the shade to see the Cats’ experience get them home.

Round 14 – Richmond v GWS: The Jetlag Game

Stephen Alomes’ possibly-delayed-by-jetlag report on a grey day at the G.

Tribal Voices, Better Words and Other Connections

In response to Rick Kane’s recent piece on Dave Warner, the Almanac’s wandering international correspondent, Steven Alomes, introduces us to Tania Mouraud.

Kultur, Crocodiles, Cats and Glittering Couples und mehr…

Stephen Alomes finds himself in the home of the Berlin Crocodiles. As 2pm Saturday rolls around and with the footy a million miles away, he casts an eye over the Swedish Royal Wedding. [Footy Almanac – always first with your European Royal news – ed]

The Hairdressers’ Medal?

salomes looks at another factor that comes into play that umpires seem to consider when voting for best on ground. He also looks at past winners who have similar characteristics.