Yoshi on requesting trades because of homesickness

Yoshi presents some thoughts for discussion about players from interstate clubs wanting to be traded back to their home states.

Adelaide Oval: The new home of Football?

For Alex Darling Adelaide Oval’s success as an AFL venue has been immediate and isn’t entirely unexpected.

24/7 Jobs

Yoshi meditates on the constant requirements and stress of 24/7 jobs in the modern economy. Not good for footy coaches, hotel clerks (and their aspiring sports writer alter egoes).

Essendon’s Coaching Selection Process: A Chance to Buck Modern Trends

WIth Essendon now in need of a new coach, Fooz Pietersen suggests they look for someone with experience in that role.

Dear Sando: a letter from the Crows’ board

Dave Brown unearths a letter, written three years ago, from the Board of the Adelaide Football Club to newly-appointed coach Brenton Sanderson.

AFL Round 11 – Adelaide v Sydney: Now the boot’s on the other foot

The Swans have a real problem, writes Don Meadows. How are they going to fit all their talent into one team?

AFL Round 5 – Carlton v Adelaide: Dear Sando

Sando, tell us it’s not over, writes Anne Fedorowytsch in an impassioned letter to the Adelaide coach.

Sanderson’s Monster

Okay folks, let’s put this on the table. Adelaide are unstoppable. They are irresistible. They are magic to watch. Sanderson has taken a squad of meek, skinny little boys and turn them into hulk-esk monsters in the space of 6 months. One pre-season, that’s it. In the past three weeks they have ground one premiership [Read more]

Toasting Crows victory with Black Caviar

Sport can do funny things to people. If you’re anything like me you’ve most likely just nodded in agreement. For fanatics like you and I it makes us go to extraordinary lengths to be a part of great sporting moments. I did something that normal people would probably think was a little crazy on the [Read more]