Round 5 – Sydney v West Coast: Freudian Footy

For the first time, Don Meadows finds himself thinking of Freud at the footy.

Round 17 – West Coast Eagles v Sydney Swans: Hand-me-up

Don Meadows with a grand tale of how a Rabbitohs fan steeped in the traditions of the Redfern mob came to love ‘Rules’ and the Sydney Swans, while others in the family embraced the West Coast Eagles.

Round 11 – North Melbourne v Sydney: You gotta accentuate the positive

Don Meadows warily headed to Docklands for his Swans. As well as the skirmish, he tells us of an uplifting crowd-voice activity; perhaps an antidote to the boo.

The AFL Fiddling Again

The proposed changes to drafting players from the developing states Academy systems floated by the AFL go way beyond what’s fair and not, argues Don Meadows. He echoes the thoughts of many north of Wagga. The mooted changes raise serious questions about the competition’s commitment to supporting AFL clubs in the Rugby strongholds of NSW and Queensland.

AFL Round 13 – Sydney v Port Adelaide: Staggering to the Line

Once a Bloods man always a Bloods man. Don Meadows takes the tram to the Rising Sun in South Melbourne to take in the gripping top of the table clash between his Lakesiders and the Adelaide wharfies.

AFL Round 11 – Adelaide v Sydney: Now the boot’s on the other foot

The Swans have a real problem, writes Don Meadows. How are they going to fit all their talent into one team?