Tom Harley: Mr Perseverance becomes elite

Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood considers the life and career of a tenacious Geelong (and Redlegs, of course) champion

Almanac Teams: A team of coaches

Phil Dimitriadis is at it again – this time with a mighty team of masterminds and motivators. Don’t THINK about checking out this team, DO check it out!

Almanac Teams: The raking left-footers

This will generate some interest. Phil Dimitriadis’s team of raking left footers. And it’s a good question he asks.

Almanac Book Review – Bomber the Whole Story: Hardworking and Rewards with Honesty

Yoshi gives an excellent overview and summary of Mark Thompson’s autobiography Bomber: the whole story. And he thanks Francis Leach who gave Yoshi the book at the Sports Writers’ Festival. Yosho had travelled from Japan to Melbourne especially for the event.

24/7 Jobs

Yoshi meditates on the constant requirements and stress of 24/7 jobs in the modern economy. Not good for footy coaches, hotel clerks (and their aspiring sports writer alter egoes).

Joel Selwood

P.J. Flynn, I’ll see your Stevie J and raise you 200-gamer Joel Selwood. How do we understand the skipper’s place in the remarkable cultural transformation at Geelong? [More Cats stuff! About time.]

Overheard at Essendon – Part 4: The spreadsheet of truth (WADA, WADA, WADA)

Sean Curtain with another one of those overheard conversations at Essendon.

Cats must take their eye off the prize

The Cats are going to have to turn to their kittens. Stephen Cooke thinks he’s seen this somewhere before.

The Quality of Conviction: From Jock McHale to ‘Bomber’ Thompson

A thought-provoking piece by Anthony James on the value of leadership and conviction.

AFL Round 21 – Essendon v West Coast: All down my leg and very little pleasure

Peter Baulderstone remembers a time when greatness was within his grasp, and the weight of expectation let it all slip. Just like his Eagles let an almost certain finals berth slip away after half time against the Bombers.

Animal Farm: from the new coach of the schoolyard mouse racing

David Wilson (on behalf of MT) explains why some mice are more equal than others. It’s got to do with Wizz Fizz (injected not snorted). Somehow I think this may be allegorical, but I’m not sure about what. See if you can decipher the hidden code.

AFL Round 6 – Essendon v GWS Giants: Mind games, magic tricks, martian moves

Caught between two teams, Pamela Sherpa barracked for the Giants in the first half. Inspired choice that.