Almanac Footy: Fair Catch That!

Richard Griffiths tells the story of getting Shaun Smith to the Dees. He recently caught up with Shaun to talk about the Mark of the Century and life since footy. [Cracker. The re-enactment photo is a deadset classic – JTH]

Henry and the Jets: a win and some strings

Holding on desperately in defence, Henry Ballard tries to keep the game at a physical level to block out the mental stress of a close match before he orchestrates a symphony of strings which have gone ‘ping’.

Almanac Teams: A Team of Garys

What has happened to all the Garys? Phil Dimitriadis remembers some of the finest.

Round 7 thoughts and predictions from Sal

Can’t decide who to pick in the footy this weekend? Sal’s thoughts and predictions for Round 7 might help.

Almanac Teams: The Greatest Number 3s

Phil Dimitriadis returns to proper footy teams. What do you think of his team of 3s?

Calling the Callers: Hawks Christmas Revue

Hawks fans can overdose on Hawks love with Paul Campbell’s monumental review (and revue) of the radio and TV calls of the 2015 Grand Final. You can re-live all the great moments – through a variety of voices. A must-read for Hawkers. [That took it out of me – JTH]

24/7 Jobs

Yoshi meditates on the constant requirements and stress of 24/7 jobs in the modern economy. Not good for footy coaches, hotel clerks (and their aspiring sports writer alter egoes).

An arrow for Caro

Jeff Dowsing takes a moment to point Caro back towards the bigger issues in the AFL…

Round 4 – Richmond v Melbourne: Jesse Hogan, centre of the Dees’ Solar System

Brutas Mudcake liked what he saw at the MCG on Friday night. He’s seen enough to invoke the whole caravan of theatre and mayhem that is Mr Hulk Hogan.

Coaching a Young Club from the Bench

While coaching from the sidelines is de-riguer in the NFL, suburban footy and world soccer, opinions in the AFL world are still divided on the effectiveness of coaches calling the shots from the boundary line versus coaching from an elevated vantage point in the stands. Yoshi weighs in with some thoughts on where best to coach elite players from.