Toasting Crows victory with Black Caviar

Sport can do funny things to people. If you’re anything like me you’ve most likely just nodded in agreement. For fanatics like you and I it makes us go to extraordinary lengths to be a part of great sporting moments.

I did something that normal people would probably think was a little crazy on the weekend. After watching the Crows smash the Cats I made a mad dash to Morphettville Racecourse to watch Black Caviar notch up her 21st consecutive win.

It was a glorious autumn Saturday afternoon in Adelaide. With the sun shining in and out between the clouds I joined 35,000 people at AAMI Stadium to cheer on the Crows against the competition’s reigning premiers.

After a tight tussle between the two teams in the first quarter Geelong had no answers for an attacking Adelaide. Within 30 minutes of football this year’s rising stars cemented their selves as a finals contender with an eight goal to one second term.

It was an awesome half of football pioneered by a former Cat himself. Brenton Sanderson has deserved the tag as Adelaide’s saviour after rejuvenating a list that had clearly grown tired of former senior coach Neil Craig’s methodical ways.

The Crows have well and truly spread their wings and flown the coup. Demonstrating in their thrashing of Geelong a newfound freedom and the space for players to soar.

While the second half of play fizzled somewhat for fans, I may have gotten a little carried away hoping for a 100 point victory, I remained on the edge of my seat all the way through to the final siren.

As the clock neared the 30 minute mark I started to grow restless as I awaited the signal to the start of my hurried getaway. The chances of me missing Black Caviar’s 21st race and win were slim after the AFL brought the match forward half an hour and the South Australian Jockey Club put the great mare’s race back an hour. That didn’t stop me from getting nervous however.

When the buzzer finally sounded I sprung out of my seat with barely a moment to spare to say goodbye to those around me. I was up and racing.

I had a solid start out of the gates making it out of my bay of seats just after the introductory beats to The Pride of South Australia had ceased. I power walked down the stretch of lawn of Max Basheer Reserve weaving my way in and out around parked cars with precision. I flew down the final stretch of footpath guiding me to Fredrick Rd and my mum waiting in the getaway car. My calves burned as I dared to jaywalk in front of police officer before collapsing in the passenger seat with a sigh of relief.

Surprisingly we made it to Morphettville in good time despite reports anticipating heavy traffic. I was dropped off at the front gate and waltzed in with a good half hour to spare.

So good was our timing I was able to catch a glimpse of Black Caviar coolly walking laps in the mounting yard. I joined the growing crowd that was dotted with Crows fans and even a Cat or two.

An elderly group of ladies in front of me made mention of leaving AAMI Stadium at three quarter time to make it to the racecourse on time. Three quarter time! That would’ve be a walk in a park for my throbbing feet.

Black Caviar’s coat glistened in the late afternoon sun as she hung laps oblivious to the fanfare around her. Each time she neared the corner closest to the path leading to the race track a flurry of phones and cameras on outstretched arms sought just a glimpse of the popular mare.

After she passed by I made my way through the congested betting ring to the track. I didn’t have to go too far to find a suitable gap in the crowd big enough for me to weave through. As the jockeys lead their starters to the barriers I turned to find the throng of people around me had deepened. A sea of salmon flags with black spots waved high above the punters.

It comes as no shock that Black Caviar’s 21st win was done with as much ease as the 20 victories before. If anything it was one of her easiest finishes to the line with jockey Luke Nolen barely bringing her out of a cool gallop.

The excited crowd, bubbling with kids on their dad’s shoulders or on tippy toes, applauded when Nolen paraded Black Caviar up and down the straight allowing us one last glimpse at his magnificent horse before she travels overseas to Royal Ascot.

With the sun beginning to set and the temperature quickly dropping I departed Morphettville to my mum’s waiting car once more. My manic afternoon had come to an end and I could play the role of a normal person once more.

Yes sport can make us go the extra mile but I’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t think it was worth it.


  1. Anne – Black Caviar’s win was as easy as the Crows. It was tough for me seeing Sando and Dasher in the Crow coaching box. It will be interesting to see if the Crows can keep that momentum up for the season. If they can they should go places.

  2. Sando, Dasher and Black Caviar all having big wins in Adelaide.

    Something smells fishy Anne.

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