2013 – A Season in Song: Round 11 – Unrewarded Effort

Swish Schwerdt skipped Round 10, but came up with some of his finest work after Round 11. How did they resist the classic topics of video review and holding the ball?

AFL Round 11 – Essendon v Carlton: Thank You Friends

Tigers fan Daniel Fanshawe has built a healthy dislike of Essendon and Carlton over the years so a call to watch them on a Friday night was a no-brainer.

AFL Round 11 – Melbourne v Collingwood: The best place to use a tartan rug

Kevin Witham makes the long journey from Bemm River, deep in the heart of Gippsland, for the annual Queen’s Birthday encounter. The Melbourne supporters of his group decline to make the journey.

AFL Round 11- Gold Coast v North Melbourne: A tale of divergent moments

Development is inevitable. Unless you’re Melbourne. The Gold Coast Suns were always going to spike off the charts at some stage of their short existence. The raw teenagers they selected in their inaugural draft are becoming promising young players, with shortening moments of concentration lapses. 2013 is the year the Suns said to the other [Read more]

AFL Round 11 – Melbourne v Collingwood: Who is Mr 100%?

Cobba gives 110% in his latest article, looking at who has recorded the most “One Percenters” this year. The answer will surprise you.

AFL Round 11 – Melbourne v Collingwood (Haiku Bob): swanning around

Haiku Bob on Round 11.

AFL Round 11: Wet weather footy

We come to an interesting proposition: Have sides that call Etihad Stadium their home ground forgotten how to play in the wet.

AFL Round 11: Winners and Losers

Sydney are just showing off now. Watching Tom Mitchell slot into the side is like watching the richest kid in the playground get a shiny new toy. Thank God Daniher picked Essendon, otherwise they’d be rubbing that in our faces too.

AFL Round 11 – St.Kilda v West Coast: To Be…..Is that really the question?

The truth is sadly unpalatable for Saints fans like Tom Greenaway. Applying the lion-share of the blame upon the umpires is the last refuge of the broken-hearted. This season has passed into memory already.

AFL Round 11 – St. Kilda v West Coast: Saints preserve us!

Sometimes barracking for the Saints seems a lot like expecting Charlie Brown to finally kick the football Lucy always pulls away, writes Glenn Brownstein.

AFL Round 11: The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

Earl O’Neill sent the work experience girl out to Stooges Stadium to report on the Giants-Geelong match.

AFL Round 11 – The Wrap: Mickey and The Chokers

The Wrap casts his eye over the potential also-rans in his mid-season review and dissects the six games of Round 11.

AFL Round 11 – Adelaide v Sydney: Slow start, supersonic finish

It was an agonising trip to the City of Churches to watch his Swans but, after their perfect display against the Crows, Tom Bally was in no hurry to leave.

AFL Round 11 – Adelaide v Sydney: The best performance of 2013

Adelaide needed to lift against Sydney for their finals chances and for Dangerfield’s 100th game. The Swans gave them no chance with a near perfect display.

AFL Round 11: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher looks back on a round of surprise comebacks, shining Swans, falling Eagles, dogged Suns, and individual brilliance at the death knell.

AFL Round 11 – Gold Coast v North Melbourne: The Mighty Rising Damp

The Shinboners have become the AFL’s version of a Dan Brown novel – they start out well enough but you’re guaranteed a disappointing finish – but to denounce North any further would do injustice to Gold Coast’s endeavour and evolution as a club.

Gary Ablett: Untouchable intimidation

Gary Ablett’s brilliance extends far beyond natural ability. He has an aura no one else has. It creates fear and uncertainty whenever the ball is close.

AFL Round 11 – Melbourne v Collingwood (Floreat Pica): Patchy Pies destroy dispirited Demons

Yesterday was the first time Pies fan Mayuran Jeyarajah felt sympathy for her opponent. Oh Melbourne, does it get any worse?

AFL Round 11 – Adelaide v Sydney: Now the boot’s on the other foot

The Swans have a real problem, writes Don Meadows. How are they going to fit all their talent into one team?

AFL Round 11 – St Kilda v West Coast: Better than we thought, but it still hurts

The Saints gave everything against the Eagles but came up short. The game was better than she could have imagined, so Yvette Wroby has to sit with that.