WAFL – Bombers who have flown West

Inspired by the Bombers visit to Perth Stadium for their game against the Eagles Les Everett has come up with a fabulous team of Essendon players who have played footy in Western Australia. Can you add any more?

You can go your own way, but you better be home soon…

A bombshell in music as a famous band gets a little more famous/infamous. Are there similar stories in footy that got you fired up?

Almanac Footy Teams: Those who wore Number 1

Phil Dimitriadis picks a team of the finest players to have worn the number one guernsey. (Includes a musical interlude – from 1980)

In the testing ground with the centre half backs

Carolyn Spooner’s review of the champions of the footy spine has reached the heroic position of centre half back.

Essendon’s Coaching Selection Process: A Chance to Buck Modern Trends

WIth Essendon now in need of a new coach, Fooz Pietersen suggests they look for someone with experience in that role.

Rudd, Lyon, Freo and the Value of Nothing

  by Peter Baulderstone I don’t like the Harvey assassination (Mark not Lee Harvey) and Lyon ascension (Ross not Gary).  Trying to put aside the surprise, emotion and unfairness of the event, I want to put it in the context of our society and our politics in particular.   As the old saw goes ‘art [Read more]

Wrap Wrath: Heave Ho, Way To Go Freo

Far be it for us to offer comment outside our normal allotment of your precious time, but the recent tsunami of pontification has drawn us early from our cave Wrappers. Last night, for the first time in the history of television broadcasting, the half time entertainment outrated the match.  It even outrated Helen D’Amico’s famous run [Read more]

Go Harvey, go!

  Mark Harvey has been sacked as Freo’s coach. Early rumours were that Ross Lyon might get the gig. Slightly less early rumours now suggest that Rocket Eade is in the frame. STOP PRESS!! Even less early news is that it IS Ross Lyon who will be announced as the new Freo coach. Gerard Whately [Read more]