Haiku Bob: nowhere left

autumn night Pendlebury shifts attention from the cold     wind halves the moon a perfect pass intercepted     misdirected kick the man-mountain brushed aside     spring sun dusting the screen to watch Pendlebury     leaves skip past Didak turns out of trouble     Pendlebury gathers on the wing a leaf [Read more]

Tin-arse Collingwood have the law on their side

Wednesday night and I’m at the Celtic Club in Melbourne. I love how Australian Irish Clubs, especially the Brisbane one, make you feel like you’re down the road from Bewley’s. I think it’s the crosses carved into the wooden staircases and the blokes in cardigans with soup stains on their ties. The drinkers all look [Read more]

I should have listened

The little voice in my head said, ‘Don’t do it. You might regret it’. The little voice always says this. As always, I ignored it. I went and declared North Melbourne had ‘arrived’ after defeating Geelong in round 3. And we were going to play finals in 2012, and we were going to shake things [Read more]

Excuse me, but there’s this blip…..

After such a good win against Carlton last Monday night, Saints fans were not prepared for the Sunday afternoon drubbing at Paterson Stadium.  Nor the very poor first two quarters.  Nor the performance from the flying Eagles who whooped our arses.  We liked the third quarter.  We can watch the third quarter on the replays, [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 8

On Friday night, which seems now to be several years ago, Collingwood defeated Geelong by two goals in an absolute belter of a game. I thought that both teams played well below the standards that they achieved last year in terms of misdirected passes and handballs but that Collingwood were by far the superior team [Read more]

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Eight

Greetings Tipsters Isn’t it about time we put the Fuschias out of their collective misery? It can’t be good for us, having to bear witness to their tragedy on a weekly basis. They’re incompetent on every level imaginable, even the bootstudder has lost a few fingers, his paws resemble those of a 1950s canecutter.

Floreat Pica Society Match Report – 2012 Round 8 CollingWOOD versus Geelong

Round 8 Floreat Pica Society Match Report – CollingWOOD versus Geelong. wood (noun) 1. the hard, fibrous substance composing most of the stem and branches of a tree or shrub, and lying beneath the bark; 2. eternally promising Collingwood ruckman who features far too prominently in the FPS Danny Roach votes and not often enough [Read more]

Five words for Round 8: Carlton v Adelaide

By Damien Little Five Words For Round 8: Carlton v Adelaide Belabor [bih-LEY-ber] verb: To beat vigorously; ply with heavy blows. Gelatinous [juh-lat-n-uhs] adjective: having the nature of or resembling jelly, especially in consistency; jellylike. Vainglory [veyn-glawr-ee] noun: empty pomp or show. Obtuse [uhb-toos] adjective: not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect. Melancholy [Read more]

Struggling to find the light

I never thought the time would come. The time where I no longer prioritise my weekends around when the Demons are playing. But after eight soul-destroying rounds of football, that is the decision I’m now faced with. Football has always been about unconditional love. You support your team through the good times and the bad [Read more]

Sanderson’s Monster

Okay folks, let’s put this on the table. Adelaide are unstoppable. They are irresistible. They are magic to watch. Sanderson has taken a squad of meek, skinny little boys and turn them into hulk-esk monsters in the space of 6 months. One pre-season, that’s it. In the past three weeks they have ground one premiership [Read more]

Round 8 Winners and Losers

This week’s round review gives credit where credit is due, enjoys the Patrick Dangerfield show, takes a look at the Richmond experience, and then attempts to put a finger on what ails Melbourne. Winners Adelaide It was a case of ‘No Walker, No Worries’ for Adelaide as they crushed Carlton at Etihad, ending their long [Read more]


Dreamtime, Essendon and Richmond slug it out. The Indigenous round, is a special round for all Aboriginal players, their chance to shine and deliver. Recently, I have become involved in a student Reconciliation group. I have helped promote Reconciliation Week and learnt so much about a side of Australia I barely knew.

John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary

Round Eight Port is a Mess, Revisited Skip from Skipton was wrong when he wrote that Port versus North at AMMI was an Eight Tarpaulin Match. On the day, ten tarpaulins covered huge sections of the Outer, protecting the venue from its emptiness. And, with only 14,508 people there, all of us could have sat [Read more]

When too much Eagles is never enough

Subiaco Oval,2.40pm, Sunday 20 May I love Beau Waters.  There, I’ve said it.  The Avenging Eagle needn’t worry.  Julia and Tony won’t let us marry.  Beau played his 100th game in 9 seasons in last week’s loss to the Bombers.  A series of elbow dislocations and fractures threatened to end his career, but he is [Read more]

Dempsey shows shades of Norm McDonald in Bombers win

Dreamtime at the “G” has always been one of my favourite games of the year, so I was in a state of turmoil to realise that a few weeks ago the good wife and I had promised to have an overnighter with the grand kids on that particular night.  Pretending it didn’t matter that much [Read more]

What about a happy ending?

Greetings All, An extraordinary set of results in Round 7 of the AFL – but nothing compared to the drama of the final round of EPL games early on Monday morning.  The great part of the drama was the ever changing positions of teams in their fight for the title and European league qualification or [Read more]

John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary: Gaming

  Round Eight Ultimate Footy This is a neat fantasy comp. It differs from SuperCoach where most end up drafting the same players. Here, we battle against ourselves – each player can only appear in one team. Twelve teams have a preseason draft and trade players each week. We fight one on one in nine [Read more]