Five words for Round 8: Carlton v Adelaide

By Damien Little Five Words For Round 8: Carlton v Adelaide Belabor [bih-LEY-ber] verb: To beat vigorously; ply with heavy blows. Gelatinous [juh-lat-n-uhs] adjective: having the nature of or resembling jelly, especially in consistency; jellylike. Vainglory [veyn-glawr-ee] noun: empty pomp or show. Obtuse [uhb-toos] adjective: not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect. Melancholy [Read more]

Sanderson’s Monster

Okay folks, let’s put this on the table. Adelaide are unstoppable. They are irresistible. They are magic to watch. Sanderson has taken a squad of meek, skinny little boys and turn them into hulk-esk monsters in the space of 6 months. One pre-season, that’s it. In the past three weeks they have ground one premiership [Read more]