Round 23 – Richmond v St Kilda: Double chance?

Joe de Petro reminds us of the Tiges’ grand effort in the final match of the home and away season.

Everyone’s Bob

With the looming retirement of Bob Murphy, Jack Banister reflects on Murphy’s writing and the 2016 flag, and says thanks.

AFL Round 23 – Adelaide v St Kilda: In Enemy Territory

Crows tragic Anne Fedorowytsch offers advice to the lovelorn (expecially St Kilda ones) about how to preserve your relationship when attending games with an opposition supporting partner.

The Post Wrap – AFL Round 23: the Yellow and Back (from the dead) Edition

The Wrap tells us how the team from Struggletown won their ninth on the trot, and gave TLSPRF another week to believe.

AFL Round 23- Adelaide v St Kilda: Mr Squiggle and Dr Smith, trapped aboard the Jupiter 2.

CSI Almanac: Mickey Randall conducts a post-mortem on Adelaide’s 2014 season and finds only questions.

AFL Round 23 – Adelaide v St Kilda: The Fat Lady and the Crows are the only ones left singing

Yvette Wroby signs off on a St Kilda season of tears and torment, but she hopes that the young players have learned lessons in effort and character from the retiring Lenny Hayes.

AFL Round 23 – Collingwood v Hawthorn: The Pies’ Last Rites (and Wrongs)

Pam Lowther shares the final Floreat Pica Society report for the season, and there are enough promising Magpie youngsters to keep her coming back next season.

Seven of Nine (Minus Two? Plus One!)

Gregor Lewis casts his eye across the tv and game time scheduling of AFL Round 23 games, and finds it lacking.

AFL Round 23: Fearless – Drama, theatre and ultimate joy of September

That’s great – the face of the AFL’s This is Greatness ad campaign for the finals gets to ply his proper trade at the G on the big day. Hope it sounds ok for all to hear as do the Temper trap and Paul Kelly.

AFL Round 23 – Carlton v St.Kilda: Thus ends the year from hell

Sunday’s Carlton-St. Kilda match came at the conclusion of a testing week (in a trying year) for adherents of the Church of the Old Dark Navy Blue. The final ten minutes of the match brought a fitting conclusion to the Blues’ season from hell.

AFL Round 23: The Wrap

What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie. On Friday night, the much awaited clash between Ladder Leaders Hawthorn and The West Coast Eagles was over by the 1st Huddle. The Weagles fought their way back into the contest, but couldn’t put any real scoreboard pressure on The Flag Favourites.

AFL Round 23: More thoughts from Harms

Harms has many queries on Round 23 – and he wants answers.

The Pre-Wrap – Round 23: What a year

And what week it’s been in Footy Eddie. And what a year. It’s about to end for some this weekend. No need to name names; they know who they are. Some hang up the nikes till next season; some for good. But let’s not get maudlin; there’s the finals to come.

Let the Finals begin……

Carlton’s abject failure has been a godsend for the Bombers whose fall from a leading contender has been spectacular, how long before the Golden Boy gets the treatment that Ratten has received? Again injuries cruelled the Bombers, but they have their plans. From a mere mortal perspective I am not sure inducing lots of injuries is a great strategy – hamstring injuries are often repetitive and the more you tear ‘em the more likely it is you will tear ‘em again.