Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: “Is there anybody there?” said the traveller.

On Friday night, Joe De Petro should have been at the MCG watching his Tigers take on the Blues in the opening match of the AFL season. But a nasty little bug changed all that! Instead, he watched it on TV. Here’s Joe’s report of the game.

Balcony Banter Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: Pax Romana

A long way from home (or the MCG) on Grand Final day, Tiger man Joe De Petro found a way to tap into the Tiger roar.

Preliminary Final – Richmond v Geelong: A view from Vienna

Watching from an Irish pub in Vienna, Joe De Petro saw the Tigers overcome the Cats, as he overcame the “Unknown Error”quarter.

Balcony Banter Round 21 – Richmond v Carlton: I wish I had a river

Despite the horrendous conditions, Joe De Petro braved the elements for his winning Tigers.

Balcony Banter Round 17 – Richmond v GWS: Winter Days

Almanac regular Joe De Petro saw his Tigers take on the Giants at the MCG on a dreary winter’s afternoon.

Round 6 – Richmond v Melbourne: Is it just business?

The Anzac Eve game had Joe De Petro considering the various motivations of professional athletes.

Round 5 – Richmond v Sydney: A Night Out

Joe De Petro trekked across town with his lapsed-Pie uncle Ron to watch Richmond take down the Swans.

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Traditions

Joe De Petro relives the 1972 VFL Grand Final and the rivalry established between Richmond and Carlton, while watching the Round 1 match between the Tigers and the Blues at the MCG.

Almanac Lawn Bowls – We Were Good In The Rain

Joe De Petro and his cohorts in the “Try-Hards” tried very hard in their Reperchage Grand Final clash at the Eltham Bowling Club against the “Golfers” but it was to no avail as he relates.

Almanac Footy Teams – AFLX: The Cyclones

Joe De Petro has come up with a cyclonic footy team. Whether it’s severe enough to put the wind up other teams the answer is blowing in the wind!

Preliminary Final – Richmond v Collingwood: We’ll always have Paris

In front of a huge crowd at the MCG, Joe De Petro endured watching his Tigers’ back-to-back premiership dreams deflate in the hands of a dominant Collingwood side. Richmond’s 2018 season might be over but he’ll always have Paris…

Finals Week 1 – Richmond v Hawthorn: It’s only the Beginning

It might only be the beginning of the finals series but Joe De Petro has plenty to be optimistic about early for his premiership-defending Tigers.

Round 22 – Richmond v Essendon: When a Rioli is Near

Friday night’s game had different meanings for the Tigers and the Bombers. Joe De Petro kept a close eye on their contrasting approaches.

Round 19 – Richmond v Collingwood: Like a Tiger Defying the Laws of Gravity

‘These are games of wonder, they restore our youth, they will bring us back for more, again and again. When these two mighty tribes clash on the MCG, we do more than simply watch.’ Joe De Petro poetically sums up Saturday’s blockbuster.

Round 18 – St Kilda v Richmond: A Quiet Storm

The battle of St Kilda v Richmond was the most agonizing kind of quiet storm, writes Joe De Petro.

Round 17 – GWS v Richmond: My mother bats better than you

Joe De Petro planned the perfect family trip up to Sydney to see friends, play some golf and fit in a little work too – but most importantly, see Richmond take on the Giants. If only the Tiges could have added a win to Joe’s weekend away…

Round 16 – Richmond v Adelaide: The Edge of Chaos

Joe De Petro channels mathematical concepts, chaos theory and even Evil Roy Slade to explain the success of his Tigers. Whatever it is, it sure as hell works!

Round 15 – Richmond v Sydney: Rock, paper, scissors

Joe De Petro made an unfamiliar trek across town to see his Tigers clash with fellow top 4 aspirants Sydney. The much hyped clash of the titans between Messrs Franklin and Rance became a triple-header with cameo from an ascendant adjudicator.

AFLM Round 13 – Geelong v Richmond: Like September in June

Joe De Petro likes what he sees from the Balcony of the MCC: the skills of Edwards and Lambert and a brilliant last quarter goal from the returning Daniel Rioli.

Round 11 – Essendon v Richmond: When Tribes Collide

On a cool winter’s night touched with tradition both old and very old, Joe De Petro saw Richmond continue their Dreamtime dominance over the Bombers