Almanac Music: The Music Labyrinth

Nonshedders has been running a music program, ‘The Music Labyrinth’, on community radio since his retirement. He provides examples of his presentations on the program.

Almanac Life: Work/Life Balance

After a forty year working life Noel McPhee reflects on the various jobs he held over his career as he now prepares for retirement.

Everyone’s Bob

With the looming retirement of Bob Murphy, Jack Banister reflects on Murphy’s writing and the 2016 flag, and says thanks.

“After the game” – Four Corners – on the struggles of elite athletes post-retirement

What happens to elite athletes after retirement? On Four Corners tonight… “elite athletes blow the whistle on the high price paid for sporting glory.”

The Retirements Appeals Tribunal (RAT’s applicants required)

da McDonnell on the perils of the sporting comeback. The Retirements Appeals Tribunal is after new members. Applications taken here.

Almanac NFL: Peyton Manning retirement speech

Paul Campbell brings us this outstanding retirement speech from NFL’s Peyton Manning [Brilliant – Ed].

Too Few are Flipping Father Time the Finger

A fantastic and thought-provoking piece from Jeff Dowsing: Why do we instantly write-off sportspeople when they hit the big 3-0? If you’re good enough, play on, argues Jeff.

Gracefully or Disgracefully?

Jared Newton beautifully poses the conundrum of any footballer approaching The End. What is the best way to retire?

Send Lawyers, Drugs and Money – the Eagles hit the fan

Peter Baulderstone is angry with the continued post-career implosion of the lives of star Eagles. Is there a better way of guiding the futures of one-dimensional on-field warriors? Contributions welcomed.

Very small tribute

From the Doc, from Stewie, the Cowboy, Big Carl,  from Barcs, Plugger,  Harves and Nick. From the bottom of my grandson’s heart, who, when he sees a game of football, asks where’s Lenny.  It has been an pleasure  to watch you play, it has given so much enjoyment to all who have the luck to [Read more]

The Last of Jonathan Brown

Callum O’Connor pays tribute to the “Lion King”: the great Jonathan Brown.

When is it time to hang the boots up and retire?

Andrew Weiss loves his Lions and Jonathan Brown in particular. But when is enough enough? In the wake of Darren Glass’ retirement, Andrew wonders if it is time to finally put club second, and family and future first.

Uncertain (personal) corridors

Andrew Gigacz is at Gideon Haigh’s book launch. But he’s distracted by his own less-than-stellar cricket outing earlier in the day. Has he had his time? How do you know when to go?

A leaked e-mail from the Vatican HR department

Sean Curtain releases a leaked email regarding the retirement of Pope Benedict.

The (next) Great Man

Some friends of mine have spoken somewhat disparagingly of my inability to write anything for this website other than Geelong related prose. For those friends: stop reading now. For this I will try to be short and sharp, and deliver it with the minimum of fuss. Much like the man it aims to pay tribute [Read more]