AFLW Round 7 – Carlton v Brisbane: Almost an Anti-Climax

Peter Fuller reports on the dead rubber match between Brisbane and Carlton that threatened to disappoint, but was surprisingly entertaining.

Round 12 – Carlton v Port Adelaide: Second efforts, team consciousness and and zest for the contest

Like the People’s Elbow and Barb Smith, it’s not so much the win against Port for Peter Fuller, but that the spirit, heart and grunt appears to be back for the John Barker-led Blues.

Swans Capitulation and Condemnation: Please Explain

Peter Fuller is flummoxed by the Swans capitulation on the big stage and by the criticism of the Swans in the lead up to the game.

Marathon Runners of the World: tell us your PB.

As Melbourne sadists prepare for their marathon, lover of all things running and sport, Peter Fuller, calls on athletes to register their better performances in what he is playfully calling the Almanac Marathon Hall of Fame. Which marathon? What time? [Have hardly owned a vehicle that could last 42km – Ed]

He who can, plays; he who cannot, umpires

Who’d be an umpire? Peter Fuller explains how he fell into the role and what drives an otherwise sane man to consider saddling up for another year after 500 games.

AFL Round 22 – Carlton v Essendon: Football as train crash

This was football as train crash, and to salt the wound it was the second occasion when the odious Essendon had triumphed, when Carlton had dominated for much of the match.

AFL Round 5 – Carlton v Adelaide: Second place in reach of Blues

Peter Fuller’s pre-season prediction of Carlton finishing anywhere between 2nd and 10th remains intact, although the latter position seems a more likely prospect.

Sunderland, Carlton and the drive to succeed

Pete Fuller has a keen eye. Here he asks whether the fortunes of two of his teams invite us to contemplate what generates success in contemporary top-level sport.

AFL Preliminary Finals – Hawthorn v Adelaide: Audacious Adelaide Ignore The Script

I enjoy the reduced stress associated with attending finals matches, when the Blues have put the cue in the rack. It affords an opportunity to watch football of generally high quality, with an attitude of relative detachment. Of course one is almost never an absolute neutral, most typically, in my case, there is a team [Read more]

AFL Preliminary Final – Hawthorn v Adelaide: Crows refuse to bow out quietly

The Crows refused to play their assigned role of a stepping stone in the Hawks’ Stairway to Heaven, says Peter Fuller.

AFL Round 23 – Carlton v St.Kilda: Thus ends the year from hell

Sunday’s Carlton-St. Kilda match came at the conclusion of a testing week (in a trying year) for adherents of the Church of the Old Dark Navy Blue. The final ten minutes of the match brought a fitting conclusion to the Blues’ season from hell.