Twenty Twelve: A Tale Of Two Games

PC Paterson reports from two footy games he attended this year – the first featured the team he barracked for in an irrational sense, the second featured the team that lives closest to his current address. Similar margins at the end of the game, yet utterly different feelings.

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round 23

For you, the war is over. And you and you and the rest of you. It’s time to put on silly outfits have that one big drink of the year then start thinking about next year.

AFL Round 23 – Brisbane v Dogs: 5km into town, 10 goals out of touch

The last hurrah for season 2012 for the Western Bulldogs was much like most weekends before hand, started with a little promise and hope in the air and finished with nothing but despondency, anger, even thoughts of surrender. But last Sunday was not like most match days for this weary traveller and footy tragic. Sure [Read more]

AFL Round 23 – Geelong v Sydney: In a strange land. Queens-land.

STATIC. Occasionally interrupted by foreign language radio and golden oldies. Finding an AFL clash on the radio in Brisbane is an acquired skill.

AFL Round 23: Fearless – Drama, theatre and ultimate joy of September

That’s great – the face of the AFL’s This is Greatness ad campaign for the finals gets to ply his proper trade at the G on the big day. Hope it sounds ok for all to hear as do the Temper trap and Paul Kelly.

AFL Round 23 – Carlton v St.Kilda: Thus ends the year from hell

Sunday’s Carlton-St. Kilda match came at the conclusion of a testing week (in a trying year) for adherents of the Church of the Old Dark Navy Blue. The final ten minutes of the match brought a fitting conclusion to the Blues’ season from hell.

AFL Round 23: Winners and Losers

The Hawks beat the Eagles with relative ease and locked away the McClelland trophy for finishing the home and away season atop the ladder. Is the McClelland trophy the least desired trophy in existence? No one shows off the McClelland trophy. It’s like saying you were in first place halfway through the race.

AFL Round 23 – Geelong v Sydney: Cats for breakfast

Fathers’ Day. Despite the kids wanting to bring me breakfast in bed, I’m not really a breakfast in bed kind of bloke. Besides, I wanted to get the paper and read about the footy; to immerse myself in the Cats’ victory over the Swans on Saturday afternoon. I was pleased to see that Greg Baum had written the piece. He understands a game of footy. His article would be a wonderful tool in the process of immersion.

AFL Round 23 – Essendon v Collingwood (Floreat Pica): An ugly win

By Paul Fahey To put a positive spin on it, we finished the Home and Away season of 2012 better than we finished 2011. We did what we had to do and if we kicked straight we possibly would have won by 60+ points BUT that may have hidden a few things that we have [Read more]

AFL Round 23 – Geelong v Sydney: In the balance

It is Saturday afternoon. I am driving down the Geelong Road. Peter J. Flynn is in the passenger’s seat. As we look to the south and the west P. Flynn claims he hasn’t seen skies like this since being in Western Australia. Big sky and a warm afternoon. Good for footy. We are running late, [Read more]

A glimpse into North Melbourne’s future

Some games of footy are a drama in 3 acts, complete with unlikely heroes, plot twists, and a thrilling denouement. We’ve had our share of those this year: getting the St Kilda monkey off our backs with Sam Wright standing up to Brendan Goddard, and Wells’s sublime last quarter; Boomer’s inspired 5 minutes stealing the [Read more]

AFL Round 23: The Wrap

What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie. On Friday night, the much awaited clash between Ladder Leaders Hawthorn and The West Coast Eagles was over by the 1st Huddle. The Weagles fought their way back into the contest, but couldn’t put any real scoreboard pressure on The Flag Favourites.

Carlton, you bastard

I don’t know how I feel, heading off soon to the last game of Carlton’s season, and the last game with Brett Ratten as coach. A lot of people have condemned the club for their treatment of him, and I think the media needs to take a fair bit of blame for his demise. It [Read more]

AFL Round 23 – GWS Giants v North Melbourne: A result most unexpected

A beautiful day begins with a trip to the library and the grower’s markets. My wife has to work so will miss the last game of the year. Wayne is moving house, I should be helping, but the footy, gotta take the little fella to the footy (and besides – I hate moving house), so [Read more]

AFL Round 23 – Essendon v Collingwood: This is it

This is it, my last report for the year and what a match to finish the season. Essendon and Collingwood at the MCG Saturday night BLOCKBUSTER! Unfortunately we have had contrasting seasons. Essendon were ten wins and three losses until we versed St Kilda and we have only won one match since. Collingwood on the [Read more]

AFL Round 23: More thoughts from Harms

Harms has many queries on Round 23 – and he wants answers.

The Pre-Wrap – Round 23: What a year

And what week it’s been in Footy Eddie. And what a year. It’s about to end for some this weekend. No need to name names; they know who they are. Some hang up the nikes till next season; some for good. But let’s not get maudlin; there’s the finals to come.

Let the Finals begin……

Carlton’s abject failure has been a godsend for the Bombers whose fall from a leading contender has been spectacular, how long before the Golden Boy gets the treatment that Ratten has received? Again injuries cruelled the Bombers, but they have their plans. From a mere mortal perspective I am not sure inducing lots of injuries is a great strategy – hamstring injuries are often repetitive and the more you tear ‘em the more likely it is you will tear ‘em again.

Round 23 preview

A few thoughts from Harms on the final round of the AFL.