Almanac Footy History: ‘Sugarfoot’, the career of Murray Zeuschner

Matt Watson profiles Murray Zeuschner, the dependable Footscray ruckman/defender from the 1960s. (A wonderful tribute to a top bloke – Ed.)

‘The Red Bull…’ by KB Hill

Lionel Ryan was known as ‘The Red Bull’ for good reason. KB Hill remembers an iconic figure from the Yarrawonga Pigeons.

Almanac Footy History: Arthur Olliver – ‘The Champion’s Hero’

Historian Roger Spaull dedicates this article to the Gordon family and in memory of Nick. It documents one of Footscray’s most legendary and revered player and coach throughout the club’s history and the accomplishments Arthur Olliver achieved after his Footscray tenure. Find out more inside with rare photos shared from the vault!

Preview – Essendon v Footscray: Saturday 2PM (VFLW) & Sunday 3:20PM (AFLM)

In looking ahead to the weekend, Michael “Pards” Pardy extols the virtues of his new favourites, the Essendon VFLW team.

Almanac Footy – The 1954 Grand Final: Melbourne v Footscray

In preparation for Saturday’s season decider, let’s go back to the last time this year’s Grand Finalists clashed for the flag – 1954 – and revisit how that match unfolded.

Geelong’s Record Run – Round 2, 1953: Footscray v Geelong – a blue and white blizzard.

Geelong dominated an undermanned Footscray to consolidate a flying start to the 1953 season. Peter Clark continues his series on Geelong’s undefeated run.


Brendan Sheehan, a Bloods man through and through as well as a Life Member of both the Footscray Hockey Club and the Victorian Hockey Association, is remembered touchingly and honoured suitably by his friend Chris Bracher.

1966 and all that: Round 11 – St. Kilda v Footscray

St. Kilda returned to Moorabbin and also returned to the winning list against Footscray. Peter Clark’s coverage of the Saints’premiership season reaches the split round.

Lest we forget the other pandemic

The First World War, the Spanish Flu pandemic, and their terrible effects on life at the time are reflected upon by Harold Peacock in this timely piece leading up to Anzac Day. Check out details of a live stream of an Anzac Day commemoration.

The strange case of Archie Whitfield

The ‘one game only’ club contains a plethora of interesting stories. Archie Whitfield is one such case, as related here by Gigs in an excerpt from his forthcoming book with Mick Rees.

Footscray/Western Bulldogs Past Players from the VFL/AFL

The Footscray/Western Bulldogs Past Players held their 2019 AGM recently. Paul O’Connor sent this photo.

AFLW Round 1 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Experiencing Unfamiliar Territory at the Western Oval

Craig Dodson had to face some 2016 GF demons as a Swans fan on Sunday afternoon entering Whitten Oval, but he could enjoy the Bulldogs victory this time around with his family.

Almanac Book Review – How the West was One: Memoirs of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs

Kerrie Soraghan, whose father grew up in “the Paris End” of Footscray, sees “How the West was One” as a celebration of many families’ stories, including her own.

Dudley Street Doggies – Clem Nips Out To The Shed

Neil Anderson has nominated this Swish account of Clem’s first visit to Etihad as an Almanac Classic. (send your noms in to [email protected])

Clem makes the trip up Dynon Road to the big shed on Spencer St to see the Doggies for the first time this century. Was it worth the trip to Joe’s of Barkly Street beforehand?

Everyone’s Bob

With the looming retirement of Bob Murphy, Jack Banister reflects on Murphy’s writing and the 2016 flag, and says thanks.

Almanac Obituary: Farewell to Mr Footscray

Katie Hall remembers Ron Palmer – Mr Footscray.

Footy: It’s not Life or Death

Luke De Piazza was a free spirit who loved the Western Bulldogs. Josh Pinn recounts his cousin’s life supporting the Doggies and seeing them win their first premiership in over 60 years. [Powerful words that really hit home – Ed.]

AFLW Round 1- Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Waiting Time Is Over

Alex Docherty makes a memorable trip from the South Eastern suburbs to the Whitten Oval to witness the historic Round 1 AFLW clash between the Bulldogs and Dockers.

It’s a New Dawn

Neil Anderson takes a look back at the decades of watching rival football teams success while his Bulldogs suffered. All making the 2016 premiership all the more sweeter.

Footscray’s Fightback in 1989

This piece was first published in 2011. Remarkably it was written by Domenic Favata when he was in Grade 9. It’s topical again, given the Doggies premiership. The Fight Back of 1989 is also the topic of a piece by Melbourne barrister Rob Heath in The Doggies Almanac 2016 which is available now.