AFL Round 23 – Collingwood v Hawthorn: The Pies’ Last Rites (and Wrongs)

written by Pam Lowther for the Floreat Pica Society

It’s a weird feeling heading to the game knowing that it’s a sure bet you are not going to win never the less the group of women l go to the footy each week soldiered on.


We arrived at the Precinct and the place was packed with supporters of both teams having a quick bevvy before the game.A rather large Hawks supporter said to me that Roughhead was $1.26 on to kick 8 goals and what did l think of that,l told him not to waste his money as he’d probably only kick 7 goals 5. Can’t stand Hawthorn supporters .


The start of the first quarter was very impressive considering our last efforts at the G with some of the young ones showing some real spirit. Gault,Ramsay,Langdon,Thomas and Dwyer all having a red hot go. Going into quarter time with a lead we should have been at least a few goals further in front but as always we wasted opportunities in front of goal.


The second quarter was all Hawks and they really showed us how to play. Too quick and accurate by both hand and foot.Something for us to study over our extended break l think.


There were times during the rest of the game were we showed a bit of promise but they are on top of the ladder for a reason and l think they were probably only in third gear for most of the match.


The votes for the best players seemed to be pretty obvious with Sidebottom and Pendlebury getting the most possessions but l think both of them wasted a lot of those especially Sidebottom, in my opinion if he could improve his kicking he would be a star.


So rather than give them to the obvious l’m going to give the votes to who l thought performed with the most ticker for the best part of the game.


1.Vote to the Body aka White he has been pretty ordinary all year but l thought last night he had a crack and again if he had have kicked straight he would have maybe got the 3 votes.


2.Votes to Goldsack he was really having a red hot go and l’m hoping he doesn’t leave 


3.Votes to Dwyer because he was putting his body in and unfortunately got injured doing just that.


Also l’d like to know what you guys think about Lumumba to me he seems to have really struggled this year.He seems slow and under the pump every time he gets it.


I will definitely be buying my Legends membership next year as l see some very good youngsters coming through and let’s prey next year we can have a better year injury wise.

A really nice send off for Bally also sad to see him go.


Thanks for all the interesting reads l have enjoyed your comments and opinions.

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