Many AFL fans prefer a day Grand Final – AFL Fans Association report


The fans have spoken. A straw poll of more than 250 AFL Fans Association supporters has found an overwhelming majority want a day Grand Final.


With the AFL Commission reportedly due to decide by the end of April what time this year’s game will be played, AFLFA president Gerry Eeman says most fans want the game kept in its 2.30pm timeslot.


On Friday, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan said of the AFL Grand Final, “It’s one of the most important days for our supporters and we’ll make the decision we think is right for them.”


Gerry says that if the AFL wants to do what is right for fans, the game should not be moved to a twilight or night time slot.


“The overwhelming majority of fans we hear from prefer the Grand Final to be played in the afternoon,” he says. “Some prefer a twilight or night game, but they appear to be a small minority.”


Thanks to Almanacker Cheryl Critchley of the AFL Fans Association for the report.


The poll can be found in full via the AFL Fans Association’s facebook page here.




  1. If it did move to a nighttime slot, will be interesting how the MCC manage the queuing arrangements for it’s members!

    Currently they open the gates at 8am, with most queuing for 2 hours.

  2. Stainless says

    Perhaps a more pertinent survey question is what is the AFLFA’s views about the decision to keep the GF at the MCG until 2057 (which the AFL seemed to sneak through with amazing lack of fanfare last week).

    Personally, I reckon it’s a great decision but then, as an AFL member, on the waiting list for the MCC and with the G being the Mighty Tiges’ home ground, it’s fair to say I have a few vested interests in play!

    But what does the broader fan base think? Can we seriously imagine the Granny being played anywhere other than the G, or is this another blatant example of the VF…er..AFL’s Melbourne-centric bias?


  3. george smith says

    Bit late now…

    Australia’s second biggest stadium, Sydney Olympic, is being reconfigured into a rectangular ground, in the vain hope that Craig Foster and his mates can attract the World Cup here one day…

    Surely if the Cardinals can sneak around the one final at the MCG agreement in 2003 in order to gift their pet team a third consecutive premiership, then an escape clause can be found. The final was Brisbane v Adelaide, supposed to be at the MCG, while Port as minor premiers had first dibs on a home final, and yet they moved it.

    Then if they have a Port v Trendies or Weagles v Freo GF then they would quietly move it to Adelaide or Perth…

  4. Perhaps we should move the ANZAC Day Dawn Service to a more viewer-friendly time.

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