AFL listens to fans on Grand Final time..for now – AFL Fans Association


Fans are delighted that the AFL has kept this year’s Grand Final start time at 2.30PM. But AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has said he is “sure” the time will change at some point.


AFLFA president Gerry Eeman praised the AFL for listening to fans, who overwhelmingly support a day Grand Final.


“This is great news for grassroots fans who often feel that the AFL doesn’t listen to them,” he says. “We congratulate the AFL on taking supporters’ views on-board and allowing common sense to prevail.


“Every poll on changing the Grand Final starting time has indicated that the overwhelming majority of fans want the starting time left as is. And that is the way it should stay. There is no compelling need to move the game’s starting time.”


An SEN Twitter poll of 1359 fans today found that 69 per cent wanted a day Grand Final. Earlier this month a straw poll of about 300 AFL Fans Association supporters also found an overwhelming majority preferred an afternoon start.


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  1. Dave Brown says

    I’ll tell you exactly when it will change, when the new broadcast rights are up for negotiation. The AFL won’t give Ch 7 a significant boost in advertising revenue under the current agreement for free… unless they’ve got a reason to sweeten the pot. This is no victory, it’s a cynically scheduled concession designed to wear down resistance. It’s like temporarily marginally reducing the price of a consumable at a couple of venues. I’m done… possibly temporarily, but it feels more done each time.

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