Teenagers in Premiership Teams 1968-2017


When Richmond tyro Jack Graham starred for the Tigers in the 2017 AFL Grand Final, he became the latest member of an exclusive group – those who have played in a premiership side before their 20th birthday.



Here is a team of 22 teenagers from that list over the past 50 seasons – most of them familiar, some all but forgotten.


Wayne Harmes               Ashley McIntosh           Greg Madigan

Carlton 1979                              WCE 1992                        Hawthorn 1989


Zaine Cordy                       Glen Jakovich              Kane Johnson

WB 2016                                     WCE 1992                        Adelaide 1997


Rodney Eade                     Joel Selwood            Steele Sidebottom

Hawthorn 1976                     Geelong 2007                 Collingwood 2010


Brent Crosswell           Dermott Brereton     Adam Ramanauskas

Carlton 1968                      Hawthorn 1983                Essendon 2000


Richard Walter           Jonathan Brown               Noel Carter

Hawthorn 1978                  Brisbane 2001                 Richmond 1973


Followers :

David Cloke     Richmond 1974

Terry Wallace     Hawthorn 1978

Jack Graham        Richmond 2017


Interchange :

Stephen McCann   North Melb. 1977

Mitchell White       WCE 1992

Robert Walls          Carlton 1968

Andrew Eccles       Adelaide 1998


Source : https://afltables.com/afl/afl_index.html


Conscription into the army ended Warren's dreams of becoming either a league footballer or a professional musician, but military service did at least teach him how to handle firearms, and to work behind a bar.


  1. Not a bad side
    What about Jack Graham – Richmond – 2017 played a pivotal role in the win


  2. steve todorovic says

    A great idea, Warren. Surprising how many stars there were who kicked off their careers winning flags when teenagers. There’s a couple of Tigers from 1967 that you missed. One of the greatest of all time, Royce Hart, was 19 in ’67 when he won the first of his 4 premierships. Royce is centre half forward in the AFL team of the Century. He was close to best on ground in ’67 and also took that iconic mark over Peter Walker in the last quarter. Another aside on how good Hart was when young. 1967 was his first season. He had played only 4 games of footy when picked to play for the Big V against WA and kicked 7 goals. He has to play. He pushes Dermie out to a flank… Rama drops out. Also Michael Green. 19 in 1967 and also played as first ruck in 69, 73. and 74 flags.He is in Richmond’s team of the Century. He replaces David Cloke in the first ruck who then takes a very lucky Richard Walter’s place in the pocket. Just improving the quality of the team. Cheers

  3. George Dragicevic says

    Geoff Blethyn kicked 4 goals from 8 total in the 68 GF. He was 18 at the time.

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Excellent team Warren.
    Most kicked on to be fine players sans Madigan, Eccles, Walter and Carter.
    Murray Weideman was only 17 years of age in the 1953 GF and Thorold Merrett was 19 in the same game.
    In the 1958 GF, Ken Bennett, Brian Beers, Kevin Rose and Ron Reeves were all teenagers. Must be close to a record?

  5. Shane John Backx says

    Thompson and Harvey 1984?

  6. no baby bombers?!

  7. Well played, Warren.
    Any team with Brent “Tiger” Crosswell in it is just fine by me.

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