M. Goodyear. Let’s Hope It Is.

Paddy Grindlay’s school mate Matty Goodyear is waiting on the AFL Draft. Paddy has his fingers crossed for Matt (and hopes he ends up in a Tigers jumper).

Mission 2015: how to beat Dial-a-Houdini netball?

Hawthorn. Flinders St station. Houdini. Pizza delivery. Netball. Nathan Buckley. Join the dots with David Wilson as he prepares for 2015.

Rookie Draft Shock – Almanac gutted

Peter Baulderstone noticed a lot of suspicious names in the AFL Rookie Draft. “Say it ain’t so”.

The next Rioli

The Almanac’s eyes, ears and nose are everywhere. Jackson Clark offers insights into the next Rioli likely to make a name on the national footy scene.

Second Chance for Thorp

Former Hawk Mitch Thorp – taken between Boak and Selwood in the 2006 draft – could make an immediate impact next year if he finds a new home in this year’s draft, writes Jackson Clark.

Football’s helicopter parent syndrome

Despite numerous studies which report the negative consequences of helicopter parenting, the AFL is cosseting its clubs more than ever. Lop-sided fixturing, extra salary cap space, priority picks – is the AFL a professional competition or a form of welfare for clubs?

The elusive role that culture plays in a club’s success

There’s something that can’t be bottled, defined or imitated with the elusive thing that is culture, and that’s where the beauty lies, writes Sean Curtain,

A look at past drafts: What’s your top 5?

Sean Curtain says the draft should never have been seen as the the basis for an entire side or dynasty, as teams were only looking at a handful of selections overall, and only a small number in the elite category. Melbourne should have listened to him.

AFL USA Combine – no thanks

Last week the AFL boarded the A380 and headed to Los Angeles for the AFL USA Combine, I’m pretty sure they could have got a better result if they jumped on a Crop Duster and flew to Horsham.

A superior draft system

By Peter Zitterschlager Recently, under the auspices of a … ahem … sports company I formed, I proposed a draft system to the AFL. The system was developed by my associate (with enhancements by myself), and believing we had a winner, we were confident the AFL would be interested. Unfortunately, after repeated efforts to catch [Read more]

Let them tank

We’ve heard of tanking over recent years and started to hear a lot more of it lately as it’s started to be raised again as a big problem and everyone’s been saying their bit trying to come up with a solution. The AFL has come out trying to be all flair and nostrils by ‘launching [Read more]

Building of a Flawed Contender

PART ONE: HOW THE MYTH WAS BORN 2012 was looking like it would be a lot of fun for Hawthorn fans, as the season approached you were able to open a newspaper or watch one of the now ubiquitous football panel shows without being made aware that the Hawks were one of the favourites for [Read more]

GWS is a Menace

  by Dave Nadel It seems to me that Greater Western Sydney has taken a different approach to its pre-draft recruiting than Gold Coast did last year. The two best players that Gold Coast took, Ablett and Harbrow, were taken from clubs who had played off in the Preliminary Finals last year. Two other players, [Read more]

Recent AFL Rookie Drafts

It must be a terrible feeling on the National Draft day, when your name doesn’t get called out by any of the officials representing the 16 (now 18) clubs. There is hope a month later though, in the form of the Pre-Season and Rookie drafts. The fact is, most players taken in the latter draft [Read more]

SHORT DRAFT MEMORY (Must have a…..)

[I]”Conquistadors of Peel Thunder, West Adelaide and Northern Knights The Young Falcons of Old Geelong SHORT DRAFT MEMORY Young hopeful from Tasmania, a project player from Canberra Your club’s 2 minute deadline’s up SHORT DRAFT MEMORY Short draft memory must be a shoorrrt draft memory”[/I] Sorry, getting a little carried away with it all, or [Read more]

Jack Anthony leaves Danni (and Collingwood)

Sat –Nov 6th 11:26PM- a confirmation on the Herald Sun website reveals Jack Anthony has left Collingwood and will nominate for the pre-season draft. — Take a glass, throw it to the floor and smash to a billion pieces- that’s what happened to my heart. I had no awareness of anything around me, Jack left, [Read more]