Almanac Poetry: A Very Minor Composer Speaks

In this poem, the speaker is a third-rate music composer, who in football parlance, according to KD, ‘would be lucky to make it onto the bench in the reserves’. [These aren’t the droids you’re looking for – Ed.]

Confessions of an AFL talent spy

Les starts off draft week with this run down of the WAFL players who could feature on Friday.

Boost and Unleash Talents with Positive Thinking

Yoshi sees similarities between Chazz Palminteri’s quote about wasted talent and his early days as a railway electrician, before he began chasing his dream of becoming a journalist. [Go for it Yoshi – Paddy]

Crio’s Question: grand-genes

Nick Compton opened the batting for England in the First Test at Bangalore. He is the grandson of the great Denis Compton, the original Brylcreem boy, a champion cricketer and Arsenal footballer, kindred soul of Keith Miller and trailblazing professional sportsman. Can talent skip a generation?