Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 12: Drafting predators

A bit of John Lennon, a bit of Michael Clarke, a bit of IVA Richards and some theories of McGilchrist and Panksepp all make this piece, on predators and prey, in a sporting context, much food for thought.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 11: Drafting bastards but dodging dickheads

David Stiff looks at the young draftees and where they’re at and considers the place of bastardry, larrikinism and supremely talented dickheadness in sport (and other fields of endeavour). [Thought-provoking as always – JTH]

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 10: Your frame as the game

Perspective is very important and, as David Stiff argues, framing perspective has significant benefits. And all this affirmed when tackling the Grand Canyon. [Sage advice for all, but especially those working on major writing projects – JTH]

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 9: The place of the sauce in high-performance sport

David Stiff analyses Craig Dodson’s career-best innings and in doing so helps entrench the place of a night on the sauce in heightened performance. [Love it – JTH]

Sport as Entertainment – 5: Case Studies

Stainless has argued the trend of major sport is becoming predominantly a form of mass entertainment, and in this article he takes cricket and soccer – and analyses how each has changed in Australia in line with these trends.

Plenty of practice and empty heads- Part 8: 8…2%ers

The small acts in sport, the so called 1%ers, don’t often make the highlights package but highlight packages cannot exist without them. David Stiff discusses the importance of these acts as he continues his excellent series of articles related to the psychology of the development and implementation of skills in sports.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 7: Intuition in sport

To David Stiff, intuition is the evaluation of voluminous data points that lead to a resolution or course of action within the field of play. He examines the issue in this excellent article.

Sport as Entertainment – 4. Changing Lifestyles and Declining Participation

A major trend in the developed world of changing lifestyles and declining participation shows we’re doing less and less physical activity. Stainless continues his series on the topic of sport as entertainment with another thought provoking article.

Seminar – Lives of Sports Fans: Meaning in the Face of Inconsequence

Andy Fuller gives notice of an upcoming presentation at the University of Melbourne. PhD candidate Elena Balcaite will speak to her work into ‘the intersection of individual biography and grand narratives’.