Almanac Football: Vale Graham Arthur – Hawthorn’s first premiership captain

Hawthorn’s first premiership captain Graham Arthur passed away earlier this week. Rod Gillett pays a fitting tribute to the man known as ‘Mort’.

Balcony Banter: No reign on the parade

MCC Member Grant Fraser looks back over the recent fortunes of the Hawthorn Football Club for ‘Balcony Banter’.

Balcony Banter – Round 18 Geelong v Hawthorn: Puppy Love

MCC member and die-hard Hawk Grant Fraser took in Liam Shiel’s 200th game at the ‘G’ and was happy to see Hawthorn’s win over the Cats. Are the Hawks still a chance for the finals?

Round 1 1991 – Adelaide v Hawthorn: Off The Record

Swish found out in 1991 that even the Budgets were different.

We Were Nearly There

Anne Cahill Lambert goes whack at Hawthorn’s handling of the CEOship of Tracey Gaudry

Round 23 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: David Versus Goliath, The Rematch

Bulldog supporters hoped Bob Murhpy and Matthew Boyd would play forever. But they were wrong laments Neil Anderson.

Round 22 – Carlton v Hawthorn: Nemesis

Peter Fuller saw his Blues record an unexpected win against a hard to beat foe.

Round 14 – Adelaide v Hawthorn: The heart won’t follow where the head must go

Walking away from a club is easy to rationalise. It’s much harder to actually do

Round 14 – Adelaide v Hawthorn: Half a Chance

Rick Kane spots something; a little thing. And then another. And then another. How many half chances explain his re-building Hawks beating top-of-the-ladder Crows?

Round 11 – Port Adelaide v Hawthorn: From small things mama

Rick Kane sees Hawthorn’s second half phoenix stirring in the ashes of their first half at Adelaide Oval

AFLM Round 6 – Hawthorn v St Kilda: Traveling Well, thanks.

Yvette Wroby juggles babysitting with her commitment to watch her Saints play. She had wins on every front, as did all those Traveling Saints (both players and supporters).

Historical similarities

If Hawthorn is looking for a way out of the 2017 season they might need to look back 30 years or so to Matt Watson’s Kangaroos

Round 4 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Hard Times Come

It was quiet on the South Morang train as Rick Kane made his way back from the MCG on Easter Monday.

Round 2 – Hawthorn v Adelaide: The Pursuit of Happiness

Swish helped take Australian football to the world, or at least the Canadian bit. The Crows gained a new fan, the Hawks seemed to have lost one.

AFL Pre-season – North Melbourne v Hawthorn: Gasometers and Gum Trees

A return to Arden Street brings back strong memories of the ground in the 70s for Rob Chanter. His dad was even nice enough to take him to a lot of North games despite being a Bombers supporter himself.

Almanac Laws of the Game: the best rule in the book

What’s the most obscure rule you’ve seen an umpire use? The weirdest thing on a footy field? Dave Brown has a couple of favourites

Finals Week 1 – There is only now: Everybody needs somebody to love (Go Dogs)

E Regnans expresses his feelings for Footy and the emotional contests that he witnessed in Week 1 of the Finals.

Round 23 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: Not quite a Black Swan

John Ramsdale files the final 2016 match report for the Floreat Pica Society, on a near-Black Swan event. [Includes a 14-point list of things to look forward to in the off season – Ed].

Round 23 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: This is water

E.Regnans and the Buds journeyed to the MCG to see the sun set on the Magpies season. Hawks fans were wearing their traditional brown and gold grumpy pants. This is water.

Round 11 – Hawthorn v Melbourne: Flat and grey for most of the match

Alan Stewart watched Hawthorn maintain dominance over Melbourne with thirteenth win in a row against the Demons