Footy IQ: How well do you know Melbourne’s footy ovals?

Mike Hugo has put the challenge out to see if you can identify Melbourne’s Football Ovals.

Footy IQ: How well do you know Adelaide’s footy ovals?

One for the South Australians. Can you recognise these Adelaide ovals by their shape?

Get in line: The next 18 AFL Premiers

Mike Hugo has crunched the numbers and had a look into the crystal ball to find our next 18 premiers. Lean patch for the Hawks coming up

Almanac Art: Remastering an 8-bit classic – Swans v Dogs

Mike Hugo has remastered Swans and Bulldogs characters into eight bit digital art.

SANFL Flashback: The Golden Men of Football ’82

Sit back, heat up a flapjack and enjoy this trip down memory lane with Mike Hugo.

Women’s AFL: AFL Women’s gets its new image

Mike Hugo discusses the AFL Women’s new logo just released. What are your thoughts?

Almanac Book Cover 2016: Light it up

Mike Hugo presents an alternative proposal for Footy Almanac 2016 cover.

AFL Z: Next-next generation football

With all the talk yesterday of ‘AFL X’, Mike Hugo offers up his suggestion of a shortened format of Australian Rules football, ‘AFL Z’. What are your thoughts/suggestions? Do we need another format?

2016: Officially the most boring home and away season in history**

The composition of the top 8 hasn’t changed since midway through Round 6 of 2016. Mike Hugo makes some historical comparisons and finds that this is the earliest in a season that this has occurred.

Round 10 – Melbourne v Port Adelaide: Familiar Territory

Mike Hugo questions Melbourne’s decision to sell home games to the Northern Territory. But he is happy for them to continue now that Port have the Demons’ measure up there.

Round 7 – Port Adelaide v Brisbane: The Sunday, Twilight, Mother’s Day Blockbuster

Mike Hugo wonders at the marvels of AFL scheduling as the Power bring home the chrysanthemums on Mother’s Day

Second Port of call: The Power’s best 22 from another club

Mike Hugo sits down at the selection table for Port Adelaide. How has he done?

Almanac Art: Footy Grandstands

More great artwork by Mike Hugo including Vic Park and EJ Whitten Stands

Boundary Writer: Graeme Hugo and the science of football recruiting zones

A fascinating tribute from Mike Hugo to his uncle, the late Professor Graeme Hugo AO and the ground breaking work of the Adelaide University Geography Department in bringing science to the vexed issue of football recruiting zones

A Draft Night in Adelaide

Missed the Draft the other night? Mike Hugo brings you all of the colour and movement from Adelaide’s night of nights.

Almanac Art: Footy grounds and their grandstands

Really interesting representations of iconic footy grounds from artist Mike Hugo. [Definitely worth a look – JTH]